ZeeHOO PowerDrive CDC-40 Double Charging Coils Wireless Car Charger





  1. Chotsani mtedza, lolani mpira kudutsa mtedza.ZeeHOO-PowerDrive-CDC-40-Double-Charging-Coils-Wireless-Car-Charger-FIG-3
  2. Mangirirani mtedzawo pamwamba pozungulira ndikukankhira mtedzawo mokakamiza kulowa mu dzenje lozungulira, sinthani chokwera chagalimotocho kuti chikhale choyenera. viewing angle, ndiye sungani nati kuti muteteze.ZeeHOO-PowerDrive-CDC-40-Double-Charging-Coils-Wireless-Car-Charger-FIG-4ZeeHOO-PowerDrive-CDC-40-Double-Charging-Coils-Wireless-Car-Charger-FIG-5
    1. STEP 1 Clean the dashboard/windshield and peel the protective film from the suction cup bottom.
    2. STEP 2 Release the locker and then push the suction cup harder against the dashboard/windshield surface (Flat surface is preferred, if it isn’t, please use the sticky pad (NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE) to make it work better).
    3. STEP 3 Push the locker twice to the bottom to ensure firmly attached.
    4. STEP 4 The gel on the bottom is reusable, you can wash it with warm water and let it dry naturally to use again.
    5. STEP 5 Please do not remove the suction cup once it was set down, and please make sure there is no dust or hair on the gel surface





Air Vent Mounting Steps

  1. Unscrew the nut, let ball go through the nut. Fasten the nut into the spherical top and push the nut forcibly into the round hole, then tighten the nut to secure.ZeeHOO-PowerDrive-CDC-40-Double-Charging-Coils-Wireless-Car-Charger-FIG-8
  2. Insert the adjustable hook into the car’s vent blades, then rotate the tighten knob to make it bite the car vent firmly.ZeeHOO-PowerDrive-CDC-40-Double-Charging-Coils-Wireless-Car-Charger-FIG-9

Mtundu wakapangidwe kazomwe mumayendera


Round air vents type


Mtundu wowoneka bwino wa mpweya



  • For 15W,10W.7.5W fast charging mode, QC 3.0 car charger adapter is required as its power source.
  • Please kindly note: the QC 3.0 Car Adapter is not included in the package.
  • If the car mount charger is overheating, it will automatically turn off to let itself cool down before resuming charging.
  • The wireless charging function is sensitive to temperature.
  • The in-car high temperature may pause charging or slow down the charging speed, so it is recommended to turn on the cold air conditioner in your car to avoid overheating.

Smart Coil Alignment

There are two charging coils designed. You could adjust the bottom tray to make your phone’s charging coil to align with the 2 charging coils to get better charging performance


Supports most vent types


Do not place any foreign objects between your smartphone and the car mount. Metal objects, credit cards, door keys, coins or NFC cards will cause overheating issue.

Auto-Clamping & Release Function

Press the side button, the arms will open automatically. After putting your phone in the cradle, it will clamp your phone tightly. And you could take out your device by pressing the release button.


yamakono   Chojambulira galimoto   Mphamvu zochokera
Mafoni Ogwirizana Ndi Qi   SV = 2A   5W
iPhone13/13 mini/

13 Pro(Max)/12/12 mini/

12 Pro[Max)/11/11Pro

(Max) XS(Max)/XR/8/

  9V = 2A

12V = 1.5A

Fufuzani mwamsanga 3.0




8 Plus/X    
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3/        
Z Flip/ Z Folc:13/ Z Fold2/ S22/522•/S22 Ultra/S21/ S201S10/S9/S9+/S6/S6+/

S7 edgefs6 edget

9V = 2A

12V = 1.5A

Fufuzani mwamsanga 3.0



/Note 20/Note 10    
/Nota lQ♦jPlus)    
/Note 9/6/7/5,etc.    
LG VS0/V40/V30+

N30/V40 ThinQ

/GS ThinQ/GBS/

G7 ThinQ/G7


9V,:,, 2A


Fufuzani mwamsanga 3.0





Lowetsani DC12V-1.5A 9V-1.67A SV-2A
linanena bungwe 5W,7.5W,10W,15W
Size CL”W”HI 72.5 "56.5" 109mm
Zogulitsa Zambiri Qi
Kulipira Kutalikirana Kwambiri :i!:10mm
Adzapereke Mwachangu 80%
Zofunika ABS + Tempered Glass

Mkhalidwe wa LED

Chizindikiro cha LED chikuwonetsa momwe galimoto ikukwera.

kachirombo Chizindikiro cha LEO
Charging mobile device/ Fully charged Buluu wolimba
Yembekezera Wobiriwira wolimba
Metal or other foreign objects detected

Using an incompatible car charger or cable

Kuthwanima buluu ndi wobiriwira
Kutentha kwambiri, vuto lakanthawi kochepa lapezeka Chotsani

Malangizo Ofunika a Chitetezo

  • Pewani kugwa.
  • Osasokoneza.
  • Do not threw it into water or fire.
  • Osagwiritsa ntchito m'malo achinyezi.
  • Do not use it once the maximum ambient temperature exceed 40° C.
  • Do not put items containing magnets or chips (ID card, Bankcard) on, or they may become invalid.
  • Do not put metal or coin on it while charging, will cause over-heating.
  • Do not place open flame sources on it, such as candles.
  • Osayika mukuyendetsa.

Thank You for purchasing a ZEEHO0 product. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisified with your purchase. Please contact us at any time 24/7/365 if you have any questions, concerns or need to submit warranty request.

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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