YAESU FT-450D Transceivers


Rx Frequency Range: 30 kHz – 56 MHz (operating) 160 – 6 m (specified performance, Amateur bands only)
Tx Frequency Ranges: 160 – 6 m (Amateur bands only)
Khazikika Pakafupi: ±1 ppm/hour (@77° F /+25° C, after warm-up)
Kutentha zikugwira ntchito manambala: 14 ° F ~ 122 ° F (-10 ° C ~ + 50 ° C)
Emission Modes: A1A (CW), A3E (AM), J3E (LSB, USB), F3E (FM)
Frequency Steps: 1/10/20 Hz (SSB & CW), 100/200 Hz (AM & FM)
Kusokoneza kwa Antenna: 50 Ohms, yopanda malire
Kugwiritsa Ntchito Mphamvu: RX (signal present) 1.5 A TX(100W)22A
Wonjezerani Voltage: DC13.8V ± 10%
Miyeso (WxHxD): 9, x 3.3, x 8.5 (229 84 x 217 x XNUMX mm)
Kulemera (pafupifupi.): 8.8 lb (4.0 kg)
Zolemba Zamphamvu: 100 Watts (25 Watts AM carrier)
Modulation Types: J3E (SSB): Balanced A3E (AM): Low-Level (Early Stage) F3E (FM): Variable Reactance
Maximum FM Deviation: ±5.0 kHz/ ±2.5 kHz
Harmonic Radiation: Better than -60 dB (160 – 10 m Amateur bands) Better than -70 dB (6 m Amateur band)
SSB Carrier Suppression: Osachepera 60 dB pansi pazotulutsa zapamwamba
Undesired Sideband Suppression: Osachepera 60 dB pansi pazotulutsa zapamwamba
Audio Response (SSB): Not more than -6 dB from 300 to 2400 Hz
Kusokoneza Maikolofoni: 600 Ohms (200 to 10 k Ohms)
Mtundu Wozungulira: Double-conversion super heterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies: 1st IF 67.899 MHz/ 2nd IF 24 kHz
Sensitivity (IPO OFF, ATT: OFF) SSB (BW: 2.4 kHz, 10 dB S+N/N)
0.25 µV (1.8 – 2.0 MHz) 0.25 µV (3.5 – 30 MHz) 0.20 µV (50 – 54 MHz)
AM (BW: 6 kHz, 10 dB S+N/N,
30 % modulation @400 Hz) 2.00 µV (1.8 – 2.0 MHz) 2.00 µV (3.5 – 30 MHz) 1.00 µV (50 – 54 MHz)
FM (BW: 10 kHz, 12 dB SINAD) 0.50 µV (28 – 30 MHz) 0.30 µV (50 – 54 MHz)
Squelch Sensitivity: (IPO OFF, ATT: OFF) *There is no specification in frequency ranges not listed. SSB/CW/AM FM 2.50 µV (1.8 – 30 MHz) 1.00 µV (50 – 54 MHz) 0.32 µV (28 – 30 MHz) 0.16 µV (50 – 54 MHz)
Selectivity (-6/-60 dB): *There is no specification in frequency ranges not listed. Mode -6 dB -60 dB CW-N 0.25 kHz or better 0.7 kHz or less SSB 2.2 kHz or better 4.5 kHz or less AM 6 kHz or better 20 kHz or less FM 15 kHz or better 30 kHz or less FM-N 9 kHz or better 25 kHz or less
Kukana Kwazithunzi: 80 dB or better
IF Rejection: 80 dB or better (160- 10 m Amateur bands) 65 dB or better (6 m Amateur band)
Maximum Audio Output 2.2 W into 4 Ohms with 10 % THD
Kusokoneza Kutulutsa Kwamawu: 4 to 16 Ohms (8 Ohms: nominal)
Conducted Radiation: Less than 4000 µµW


  • MD-200ABX
    Desk -Top Dynamic Microphone
  • MD-100ABX
    Desk-Top Microphone
  • MH-31ABJ
    Maikolofoni pamanja
  • MH-36E8J
    DTMF Hand Microphone
  • YH-77STA
    Open-Air Stereo Headphone
  • FP-1023 (USA Only} External Power Supply (13.8 VDC 23 A)
  • Chithunzi cha FP-1030
    Kupereka Mphamvu Zakunja (13.8 VDC 25 A)
  • MMB-90
    Mobile Bracket
  • MHG-1
    Side Carry Handle
  • Chithunzi cha VL-1000
    Linear Amplifier 1 kW Power output (6 m: 500 W/USA version)
    Gawo VP-1000
    Chithunzi cha VL-1000 mphamvu Wonjezerani
    CT-118 Band Data Cable

Automatic Antenna Tuner (for Long wire antenna) The FC-40 is a microprocessor-controlled antenna impedance matching network designed to provide all-amateur-band transmitting capability with the FT -450/450D Series of transceivers, when used with an end-led random wire or long whip antenna.


  • Operating Frequency Range: 1.8 – 54 MHz with 66 fit (20+ m) end-fed wire, 7 – 54 MHz with 8 fit (2.5 m) Mobile Whip Antenna
  • Input Impedance: 50-0hms
  • Maximum Power: 100 Watts (3 minutes Maximum Continuous TX}
  • Matched SWR: 2.0:1 or less (if antenna is not a multiple of IJ2)
  • Tune- up Power: 4 W ~ 60 W
  • Tune-up Time: 8 seconds maximum
  • Impedance Matching Memories: 200channels
  • Power supply: 13.8 V DC±15 % (supplied from transceiver)
  • Case Size (WHD): 9″ x7″ x2.1″ (228 x 175 x 55 mm)
  • Kulemera kwake: 2.6 lbs. (1.2 makilogalamu)

ATAS-120A Active Tuning Antenna System
Yaesu’s patented ATAS'” (Active-Tuning Antenna System) provides 7/14/21/28/50 MHz band Coverage with automatic motorized tuning on FT-450D. Utilizing control signals from the transceiver’s microprocessor received via the coaxial cable, the ATAS internal motor adjusts the radiator length for best SWR.

Antenna Base Kit (for Base operation on 6 m Band)

The real DX Receiver The 76.899 MHz 4 pole roofling Filter (MCF) and 8 band filter at the RF stage provide excellent suppression of out of band interface

The interference-filtering begins in the “RF” stages, with a double conversion super heterodyne (1st IF 67.899 MHz/ 2nd IF 24 kHz) system. The 8 band-pass filters at the RF input help eliminate out-of-band interference, followed by the RF AMP (2SK520 x 2) that feed into the active DBM (1st local) assure excellent dynamic range. At the 1st IF stage, a powerful 4 pole roofing filter with a 10 kHz bandwidth and excellent shape factor, substantially reduces adjacent signal interference. Then, the YAESU high performance DSP at the 2nd IF stage I 24 kHz permits easy management of AGC, interference rejection, audio tone control, and noise reduction, for clear and quiet reception. The 20 dB ATT (Attenuator) and IPO (Intercept Point Optimization) feature allow the operator to optimize the characteristics of the receiver front end to improve receiver dynamic range.

World class performance in an easy to operate HF?50 MHz transceiver package with yaesu IF DSP.

The legendary YAESU IF DSP system, well regarded among top and world-class DX operators, is now available in an easy to operate package.
The new IF DSP system uses an ANALOG DEVICES, ADSP-BF531 SBST IC, with high speed 16-bit, floating point architecture.
Designed and programmed with the unique objective
of “Enhanced Transmit Signal Quality” and “Advanced Receiving Interference Suppression”.
These features now come in one easy to operate HF/50 MHz Transceiver, ideal for everyone, new licensee or serious DX operator.

  • Independent Fast IF SHIFT Control
    Vary the IF SHIFT higher or lower for effective interference elimination.
  • Functions for eliminating interference together with IF SHIFT
    Press one of the DSP operation buttons and adjust the function with the DSP/SEL knob.
  • CONTOUR Control Operation
    The Yaesu unique CONTOUR filter provides a gentle shaping of the passband. Specific frequency components may be suppressed or enhanced, to improve the sound and readability of the received signal with the DSP system.
    Highly effective system that can remove an interfering beat tone or signal.
  • Kuchepetsa Phokoso la Digito (DNR)
    The DNR system analyzes the profile of the noise found on the HF and 50 MHz bands. Random noise is reduced and the sound and readability of the object signal is enhanced.
    DSP IF WIDTH Tuning provides selectable IF passband widths to fight QRM. (SSB-1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 KHz) (CW – 300 Hz/ 500Hz/2.4 KHz)
  • Digital Microphone Equalizer
    FT-450D has a unique Digital Microphone Equalizer with 10 preset functions. The custom settings may be set to match your voice characteristics for maximum power and punch, designed for optimal DX operation.
  • DSP VOX Operation
    VOX operation is controlled by the DSP system! Enjoy smooth and seamless Voice Operated TX/RX control with this latest technology!
  • Two Voice Memories (SSB/AM/FM)
    Store up to 10 seconds of audio in each memory, for contesting and portable field operation. The DSP system now makes this feature easy to operate.
  • Digital Voice Announcement function
    FT-450D Voice Announcement Feature will announce the Frequency, Mode and S-meter readings.

Large information front panel display with convenient control knobs and switches

Even though it is a convenient compact size (9″x3.3″x8.5″ I 229 x 84 x 217 mm), the FT-450D has a large and bright display, almost 25 % of the front panel. The original LCD negative type display shows the Frequency, S-meter, a Graphical indication of RF to IF settings, and the DSP Interference Elimination settings (Contour, Notch, DNR, Width and Shift). The icons and large character key buttons are easy to identify and operate. KEY, MIC and PHONE jacks are provided on the front panel for handy access.

The Rugged aluminum die-cast chassis with large cooling fan is made for your heavy duty extended high power operation.

  • The newly designed push-pull power MOSFET (RDF1 00HHF1) amplifiers guarantee powerful and reliable 100 W output operation. The FT-450D’s rugged 490 cc aluminum die-cast chassis, with a large 2.8″ x 2.8″ (70 x 70 mm) quiet thermostatically controlled cooling fan, is a solid foundation of the power amplifier during long hours of field use or home contesting operation.

Outstanding CW Feature

  • Selectable 300 Hz/500 Hz/2.4 kHz CW IF Filters
  • Built-in Electronic Keyer
  • Speed adjustable between 4 WPM and 60 WPM
  • Weight (Dot:Dash Ratio) adjustable
  • CWT/R Recovery Delay programmable from 30 ms to 3000 ms
  • CW Beacon – Up to 118 characters using the CW message keyer 3 memory banks
  • CW Pitch Adjustment (between 400 to 800 Hz, in 100 Hz steps)
  • CW Spotting (Zero-Beating) function
  • CW Reverse – provides BFO injection from LSB-side instead of default USB-side
  • CW Sidetone Generator
  • CW Keying on SSB modes
  • CW Keying using Up/Down keys on the microphone
  • CW Training feature sends random Morse Code via the built-in side tone generator

Operate anywhere using optional internal or external antenna tuning system!

The FT-450D’s ATU (Automatic Antenna Tuner) includes 100 memories for quick tuning during field operation when using a folded dipole, etc. In addition, the YAESU original and unique Antenna Tuning systems, such as the External Automatic Antenna Tuner FC-40 or Active Tuning Antenna System ATAS-120 for mobiles, are ready to be automatically operated with the FT-450D front panel controls.

Additional feature to support FT-450Ds operation

  • Large, Easy-to-read digital S-meter with peak hold capability
  • QMB (Quick Memory Bank)
  • Kuunikira kofunikira
  • Versatile Memory System, up to 500 memory channels that may be separated into as many as 13 Memory Groups
  • TXW to monitor the transmit frequency when split frequency operation is engaged
  • Wowunikira
  • Built-in TCXO for incredible ±1 ppm/hour (@+77′ F / 25′ C, after warm up)
  • 20 second Digital Voice Recorder
  • Dedicated Data Jack for DATA operation (FSK RTTY available)
  • CTCSS Operation (FM)
  • My Band/My Mode functions – to recall your favorite operating environments
  • Ntchito yotseka
  • CS Switch to recall a favorite Menu Selection directly
  • TOT (Transmitter Time Out Timer)
  • Various Scan functions
  • CAT System (D-sub 9 pin) for Computer Programming
  • Cloning capability
  • MH-31ABJ Dynamic Microphone Included
  • Proven performance and technology with YAESU state-of-the-art IF DSP The ultimate compact HF/50 MHz transceiver – YAESU FT-450D

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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