WIELAZER X5 HD Home Cinema Video Projector

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector


  • Mtundu: WIELAZER
  • Chitsanzo: X5
  • Ukadaulo wolumikizana: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
  • Miyeso yachinthu L x W x H: 9 x 20.5 x 10.6 centimita
  • Choyimira: zam'manja
  • Mtundu wokwera: Phiri Lophimba
  • mtundu; ZOYERA
  • Mtundu wowongolera: Remote Control, Touchpad Control
  • Mafoni ogwirizana: Laptop, Television, USB, HDMI, Smartphone
  • Wireless function: WiFi Bluetooth
  • Chalk: high-quality carrying case; remote control
  • Chisankho chachibadwidwe: native 1920×1080 (support 4K)
  • Chiyerekezo: 12000: 1
  • Mtundu wautoto: 130%
  • kulemera kwake:84kg
  • LED bulb life: hours 180,000
  • Chiyankhulo: 2*HDMI/2*USB/3.5mm audio port
  • 4 Points & ± 50° 4D keystone correction (horizontal and vertical)
  • Zolemba ntchito: 100% -50%
  • Chiwerengero cha chiwerengero: 4: 3 / 16: 9
  • The best projection screen size: 80-100 inches The best projection distance: 2.5m-3m)

Nchiyani mu bokosi?

Pulojekiti yokhala ndi zowonjezera


With high lumens and high light transmittance, DLP is mostly appropriate for commercial office display PPT because the overall image is whiter, the image is more dazzling (causing eye injury), and the colour saturation is lower. The WISELAZER projector uses LCD technology, which is perfect for playing movies in a dark setting (indoors or outdoors), just like you would in a movie theatre. Rich colors with strong color saturation can be seen in the projected image.

  • Zindikirani: This movie projector has a distinctive color temperature design that protects the eyes.
  • Ordinary sense: Eye protection is represented by the hue warm light yellow.

You can set the eye protection mode on your device just like you would on your typical mobile phone to efficiently prevent eye irritation. This home projector has a design that protects the eyes.

Malangizo Achikondi

  1. This wireless projection does not support Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu due to HDCP copyright. This means that when you link your phone with your projector, services like Netflix, Disney+, and others won’t work. Connect the TV Stick/TV Boxes, as recommended.
  2. It is not possible to connect projectors using a lightning data cable with Android, iPhone, or tablet devices. Please make use of screen mirroring.
  3. The usage of this projector is not advised for scenarios involving offices and is only recommended for use in dimly lit environments.
  4. Videos in 4K resolution cannot be played on USB devices or decoded. You can play 4K movies simply attaching an HDMI cable.
  5. In order to be recognized, USB flash drives larger than 32GB must convert their file system from the USB flash disc format to the NTFS format. (Place the USB flash disc in your computer, right-click it, choose “Format Change,” and then choose a new file system format.)
  6. Videos cannot be transmitted using Bluetooth; only audio can. Please use the screen mirror feature on the homepage if you wish to cast the screen of your device.
  7. The WISELAZER Brand only permits WISELAZER-EU to sell our projectors; other retailers are not permitted. Please refrain from purchasing counterfeit or used goods from other retailers. We are not liable for purchases made from other merchants.

Mirror Synchronization for iOS and Android

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-1

Android mirroring

  1. Select “Miracast” on the projection image
  2. Turn on the wireless projection function of your Android phone
  3. Select “NEWLINK-XXX” from the lsist

iOS mirroring

  1. Connect the projector to the same network as you iOS device
  2. Select “HummingBird-Cast” on the projection image
  3. On your iOS device, turn on “Screen Mirroring”
  4. Select “BirdCast-XXXX” from the list


Native 1920*1080P resolution

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-2Please don’t be fooled; “native 1080P” is not the same as “full HD 1080P”; it refers to the actual 1920 x 1080 resolution. The “native 1080P” projector supports 4K signal input via HDMI and has a detail ratio of 400% of “native 720P” (some people also refer to it as “full HD 1080P”). The Full HD home theatre projector’s high resolution produces sharper visuals.


WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-3

  • Made up of several ultra-low dispersion lenses with a high refractive index and great light transmission.
  • 100% focused
  • Projection screens don’t produce the same amount of electronic blue light as electronic screens do.

NTSC color gamut is 130%

The TV video projector combines a special color reduction function and super color technology, which results in more vivid, lifelike, and three-dimensional colors.

Brightness and contrast controls

The brightness and contrast can be changed when connected via HDMI and USB. When a video is playing on the projector, you can enter the settings by pressing the menu button on the remote control (it looks like a button with three horizontal lines), pick different modes, and change the brightness and contrast ratio. The RGB and color temperature cannot be changed.

Integrated Dust Filter

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-4

  • To keep dust from getting inside the home projector, a dust filter is built into the side.

An unblemished, pure image

  • The dust filter can be reused if it is cleaned with fresh water on a regular basis in accordance with the amount of time it is used. It should also be dried in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Please place the projector in an anti-dust bag while not in use to stop dust from getting inside the device.


WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-5

  • Remote control and buttons are yet another control method and option.

Fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Projector

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-6


There is no requirement to utilize an adapter cable when connecting your iOS or Android smartphone because it is equipped with the most recent mirroring and Airplay/Miracast technology. Please use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop/computer to the projector instead of using the Wi-Fi mirror feature. (The package includes an HDMI cable)


  • The Bluetooth connection on the full HD movie projector works with Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, and headphones but not with smartphones.
  • If you have trouble connecting to Bluetooth, please let me know.

4D50° keystone correction and 4-Point keystone

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-7

  • The four angles of the screen can each be altered individually using the 4Point Keystone Correction.
  • Adjust the vertical or horizontal direction for 4D keystone correction.
  • Zoom (from 50% to 100%)

Chikwama chonyamula

The mini portable projector is small, light, and comes with an impact-resistant carrying bag for portability when you’re out and about, likewise simple to store at home.

Installed on the ceiling

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-8

On the bottom of the tiny projector, there are 4 rubber pads on each of the 4 corners. Four “M5” screw holes are visible once the four rubber pads have been torn off.

Kugwirizana kwakukulu

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-9

A TV box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, DVD player, U disc, iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphone may all be connected with ease using the ports of 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and 3.5 mm audio.

Stereo hi-fi speakers (10W)

WISELAZER-X5-HD-Home Cinema-Video-Projector-fig-10

Superior sound clarity


What would be a suitable screen to use with this projector?

Any surface that is pure white will do. After dark, we utilized a white sheet outside that was mounted to a cabin wall for an excellent outdoor movie theatre with a sizable Bluetooth speaker.

Will a TV or Fire Stick be powered by USB?

The HDMI and two USB ports on this Full HD 1080p projector allow you to power a TV or Fire Stick using the USB interface.

Does this have to be affixed to the ceiling or can it just be set down on a table or shelf?

You may put this full HD projector upside-down (on the ceiling). The projector has four reversing holes, and the screws have a “M5” metric system specification. (A ceiling mount must be purchased separately; it is not included.)

How far back from the screen does this projector have to go to get a 100-inch image?

You might achieve a 100-inch image when the projection distance is about 3 meters.

Does the fan have a dB rating?

This home theatre video projector’s fan runs between 30 and 40 dB. When it comes to noise, our full HD projectors have been tested and found to be the quietest on the market for the same value.

Is this projector appropriate for video games? Why is there a delay?

It is possible to play games with this movie projector. The delay is 20ms, and the frame rate is 60Hz.

Does this function well during the day as well?

This projector works best in dimly lit or darker settings; it is not suitable for use during the day.

Can the RGB balance be set? It’s a bright yellow image!

The RGB settings and colour temperature can’t be changed on this native 1080p full HD projector.

Does this come with a warranty or guarantee, or can one be bought?

This projector’s 2-year guarantee covers native 1080p resolution.

How do I watch Amazon Prime movies while I don’t own a television, don’t watch live television, and don’t have a television licence for cultural reasons?

For Netflix and Prime Video, please use an HDMI cable to connect the firestick or TV stick. This type of video cannot be seen on other devices.

Does it have a hookup for a tripod?

Yes, I’ve used the height adjustment that is attached to a tripod connector to connect to a tripod.

How many lumens does this have?

There are 300ANSI lumens. This full HD projector is appropriate for usage in dimly lit areas.

Can I output audio via HDMI?

This movie projector’s audio output interface requires an audio cable.

Can I use the zoom tool to make the screen larger?

Yes, you can change the image’s zoom level from 50% to 100%.

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