venTa ROLLWAGEN Trolley



  • Please read the safety instructions before assembling the trolley. Ensure that the safety instructions were also understood. Please retain these safety instructions / assembly instructions for later use.
  • The Venta trolley is a product solely intended for the transport of Venta devices (24, 24 Plus, 25, 25 Comfort Plus, 44, 44 Plus, 45, 45 Comfort Plus, AH530 / AH535 / AH550 / AH555 Original Connect). The trolley may only be used for the purpose intended whilst exercising due care and attention. There is a risk of injury in the event of improper use (e.g. when used as a climbing aid or to sit on).
  • This product is not intended for the transportation of people. Children should be supervised in order to ensure that they do not play with the product.
  • Proceed carefully during assembly. Keep out the reach of children.
  • Ensure that all moving parts are only operated cautiously in order to avoid crushing and other injuries.
  • This product is not suitable for high pile carpets.
  • The manufacturer assumes no liability for any personal injury and/or damage to property caused by improper or incorrect use.

Kuchuluka kwa Kutumiza

  • 1 × frame
  • 2 × handle for LW 25, LW 25 Comfort Plus, AH530, AH535 Original Connect
  • 2 × handle for LW 45, LW 45 Comfort Plus, AH550, AH555 Original Connect
  • 2 × handles for LW 24/44 (also suitable for LW 24 Plus/44 Plus)
  • 1 × operating instructions


  • Chithunzi 1: Place the suitable handle (depending upon the appliance type) onto the frame and clip into place. This ensures that the device is securely seated.venTa-ROLLWAGEN-Trolley-1
  • Chithunzi 2: Use the frame as it comes when using for LW24, LW24 Plus, LW25 Original, LW25 Comfort Plus and AH530, AH535 Original Connect models. When using for LW44, LW44 Plus, LW45 Original, LW45 Comfort Plus or AH,550, AH555 Original Connect, fully extend the frame.venTa-ROLLWAGEN-Trolley-2
  • Chithunzi 3: Place the device onto the trolley. Please ensure that the device is correctly locked into place (see circle).venTa-ROLLWAGEN-Trolley-3

UTUMIKI NDI Kuthandiza

UTUMIKI NDI Kuthandiza

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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