TTK FG-BBOX Liquid Leak Detection Systems


Installation Notice FG-BBOX


The FG-BBOX is an external device of the FG-NET Digital Unit. It expands the FG-NET to manage two additional sense cable circuits. The FG-BBOX is moni-tored by FG-NET via a standard Ethernet network.

Mounting the FG-BBOX

  • Fix on the wall, taking care not to damage the motherboard (5 cable glands are provided for mounting the panel). As the FG-BBOX has no screen, it can be installed away from the FG-NET provided it can be reached on the network.
  • Open the cover of the FG-BBOX to access the motherboard.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-4

Electrical Connection 100-240V

Power supply 100-240 V AC 0.35 A 50/60 Hz 15 W. If possible, use a UPS power source. 3 x 16 AWG (1.5 mm²) multi-core electric cable.
To connect the grounding of the box to earth: use a standardized single-core 14 AWG (2.5 mm²) earth wire.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-2

Powering the FG-BBOX

Close the cover before powe-ring up:TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-3

IP Settings on FG-BBOX

Connect a computer to the FG-BBOX via an existing network, or make a direct connection with a crossover cable and manual IP set on the computer using those settings:

  • Computer IP:
  • Netmask:
  • Pachipata:

Tsegulani web browser (Firefox and Chrome preferred) and enter the FG-BBOX default IP in the address bar ( FG-BBOX will prompt for login/password: enter “admin” and “admin”.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-5

Kuchokera ku web interface, the IP settings can be changed according to needs; change the box name for easier identification, and change the box password.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-6

Pairing with F G-NET

A link must be created between FG-NET and FG-BBOX. Go to the “Setup” menu of FG-NET, and then, under the “FG-BBOX” tab, select one available field and enter the FG-BBOX IP or Mac address and password. Press the “enable” button; the FG-BBOX name will appear and the status will change to “online”.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-7

Sense Cable Settings

The setup of sense cables on FG-BBOX is similar to that of FG-NET. Go to the FG-NET home page, then go to the “Cables” menu. Click on the drop down menu and select FG-BBOX #N to view all cables connected.
The “Edit” button allows configurations (modify cable name, alarm delay time, set relays etc) on the corresponding sense cable.TTK-FG-BBOX-Liquid-Leak-Detection-Systems-FIG-8

Tests and Simulations of Leaks

Repeat steps 1 to 5 if more than one FG-BBOX is to be installed.
Once the installation is complete, carry out leak simulations on sense cables connected to FG-BBOX.
Check the response on FG-BBOX:

  • The relevant relay is activated;
  • The LED on the corresponding circuit changes from green to red.

Check the response on FG-NET:

  • An alarm appears on the touch screen;
  • Details of the leak: the location, date, time and floor level are displayed.

Acknowledge the alarm, dry the sense cable, and verify on FG-BBOX:

  • The relevant relay returns to its normal status;
  • The LED on the corresponding circuit changes to green.

Check on FG-NET:

  • The alarm is cleared and then disappears from the screen, but can be viewed in the «History» menu.
  • FG-NET reverts to monitoring mode.



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