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  • Mtundu: Trust
  • Nambala yachitsanzo: 23890
  • mtundu; Black
  • Mafoni ogwirizana: Kompyuta Yanu
  • Series: Primo
  • Miyeso yachinthu L x W x H: 7.9 x 6.4 x 1.6 centimita
  • Kukula & Kulemera
    • Depth of main product (in mm) 79 mm
    • Width of the main product (in mm) 64 mm
    • Height of the main product (in mm) 16 mm
    • Chinthu cholemetsa: 46 g
  • Platform ya Hardware: ‎Windows, Mac OS
  • Operating System: ‎MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher, Windows 10/ 8/ 7
  • Kodi Mabatire Akuphatikizidwa: Ayi
  • Lithium Battery: Packaging ‎Batteries packed with equipment
  • unsembe: Installation type external
  • Kuyanjana: Mtundu wa USB 2.0
  • Chingwe chachikulu kutalika kwa chingwe: 100 masentimita
  • ngakhale: Smart card compatibility SLE4418, SLE4428, SLE4432, SLE4442, SLE4436, SLE5536, SLE6636, AT88SC1608, AT45D041
  • Smart card: works with CNS-TS, CRS, DNI 3.0
  • Compatible cards: DNI, smartcard Compatible Device Types laptop, PC Compatible Software Platforms MacOS, Windows: Zambiri
  • Khodi ya EAN: 8713439238907
  • chitsimikizo: 1 chaka
  • Zamkatimu zili mkati: Smartcard reader User guide
  • Zofunikira zadongosolo: Windows 10, 11 macOS 10.15, 11 or 12 USB port

Choli mu bokosi

  • Smartcard reader



Confide in Primo Smartcard Reader convenient for online and government administration personal identification Universally compatible with DNI smartcards. For secure login to government websites, use FIPS 201, FIPS TAA, and ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C-compliant browsers. The slim setup fits comfortably on your desk with a 100-cm cable.

  • Simple to connect: just connect the USB cable to your laptop or computer. Rubber feet with anti-slip properties for easy card positioning
  • Smartcard Reader 23890: Smartcard ID reader for personal identification on websites and with public administrations


zinthu zikuluzikulu
  • Convenient for personal identification on websites and with public administrations
  • Compatible with all DNI smartcards
  • FIPS 201, FIPS TAA, and ISO 7816 Class A, B, C compliant, for secure login to government webmalo
  • Slim setup with 100cm cable sits easily on your desk
  • Easy to connect: simply plug the USB cable into your PC or laptop
  • Anti-skid rubber feet for convenient card placement

Secure Entry

Trust-Primo-23890-Smart-Card-Reader-fig-2 All DNI smartcards are compatible with the Primo Smartcard Reader. It is ideal for securely logging into government websites because it complies with the majority of Personal Identity Verification requirements, including FIPS 201, FIPS TAA, and ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C.

Within Sight


You’ll want to keep the Primo Smartcard Reader on your desk at all times because of its small size. You’ll have easy access to your protected work surroundings if you keep it close at hand. It includes rubber anti-skid feet to keep it in place, and the 1m USB cord gives you enough flexibility to put it wherever you like.

The Ingenious Approach

Trust-Primo-23890-Smart-Card-Reader-fig-4More businesses rely on smartcards every day to identify employees and grant access to websites, secure locations, and public authorities. With the Primo Smartcard Reader, you have a dependable method to access these places with your PC or laptop via a USB port.

amafuna System

  • Windows 10/8/7
  • MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher
  • USB doko


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Can you trust smart card readers?

Most of the inexpensive smart card readers that can be bought online might be a security concern, endangering data and potentially constituting a threat to national security.

Are card readers Bluetooth-enabled?

Bluetooth can be used to wirelessly connect your card reader to an Apple or Android device. You can accept card payments anywhere you open the free Square point-of-sale app.

Anyone can use a card reader.

All users who want to get the most out of Online Banking require a card reader as a security tool. It functions in conjunction with your online banking service to add an additional layer of security against online fraud.

How is a card reader cleaned?

Employ a disinfectant wipe or a wipe with 75% ethyl alcohol that won’t harm touchscreens or other delicate surfaces. Never spray liquid cleanser onto a device directly. Gently wipe the device’s hard, nonporous surfaces, paying close attention to the display, keypad, and any other potentially touched outside surfaces.

Is there a battery in a card reader?

Remove the battery compartment found at the card reader’s bottom in order to change the batteries.

Does a card reader need WiFi?

Although your customers’ purchases will be processed online, the card reader itself doesn’t require WiFi to function. A card reader can be used with a wireless network, a wired internet connection, or both.

What is the smart card process?

Smart cards that make physical touch with a smart card reader are called contact smart cards. On the other hand, contactless smart cards feature an antenna built right into the card, allowing for non-contact communication with the reader. To pay, simply tap. Contactless is simple and practical.

Do all cards work with card readers?

Yes, even if it’s from a different bank, you should be able to use someone else’s card reader, but you can only use your own bank card and PIN. You should only use a card reader from a reputable vendor, and make sure the label on the back is undamaged, for your own security.

How can I tell whether my smart card reader is functional?

Click Computer with the right mouse button, then click Properties. Choose Device Manager under Tasks. Expand Smart card readers in Device Manager, choose the name of the smart card reader you wish to inspect, and then choose Properties.

Can I read smart cards on my phone?

Both real and virtual smartcards can be read by the Go Smart App for Android. Your device must have Near Field Communications and Android 6.0 or later in order to read a physical smartcard (NFC). For most devices, NFC options can be found in the “settings” section.

How can I set my smart card reader to active?

Wait for the card reader software to launch after inserting the card into the device. When you insert the card into the reader for the first time, the card reader software will immediately begin the activation procedure. Input the basic PIN twice, the activation code in the letter, and the letter (PIN1).

How can my smart card reader be tested?

Go to the computer. Click Computer with the right mouse button, then click Properties. Choose Device Manager under Tasks. Expand Smart card readers in Device Manager, choose the name of the smart card reader you wish to inspect, and then choose Properties.

What is the purpose of a smart card reader?

Smart Card Readers are frequently employed in a variety of electronic operations, including personal identity, financial transactions (EMV credit card, debit card, or stored value), access control (physical access and logical access), authentication, loyalty, hospitality, and gaming.

A smart card reader is what kind of gadget?

An electronic device known as a “smart card reader” can be found in the following shapes: card readers incorporated into keyboards. For personal computers, there are both external devices and internal drive bay card readers (PC).

How many different kinds of card readers exist?

Key card readers come in two different varieties: magnetic stripe key card readers and proximity card readers.

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