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  • TrueLife SonicBrush T100
  • 2× T100 heads
  • Kutenga chingwe
  • Manual and Safety Instruction

Kamangidwe kazinthu

  • Removable sonic toothbrush head
  • Sonic toothbrush body
  • On / Off button and changing mode
  • Zizindikiro zamagetsi
  • Heads cover
  • Kutenga chingwe

Malangizo Ogwiritsira Ntchito

  • Place the cleaning head on the brush body.
  • Moisten the head and apply toothpaste to it.
  • Place the toothbrush on the teeth and then turn it on.
  • Press the button to select the cleaning mode. When doing this, press the button for less than 5 seconds or the brush will turn off. Choose one of three modes:
    • CLEAN – Basic mode for perfectly cleaned teeth
    • WHITEN – Polishing for teeth whitening bv
    • MASSAGE – Pulse mode for gentle gum massage
  • Move the bristles back and forth slowly and slowly move between teeth. At the same time, gently push the brush against the tooth.
  • For maximum efficiency, the cleaning is divided into 4 sections. Each section is given 30 seconds. After a 30 second cycle, the brush pauses and alerts you to move to the next section.
    After 2 minutes the brush switches itself off.
  • Rinse the head and body of the brush under


The TrueLife SonicBrush T100 is waterproof and safe to use and recharge in the bathroom. Never, however, immerse it under water.

Insert the plug into an electrical socket and connect the cable to the toothbrush. The mode indicators show the charging status. It will take 4 hours to charge a discharged battery to its full state. Under normal use, a fully charged battery will last 21 days.


Before cleaning, make sure the appliance is not plugged in.

  1. Remove the cleaning head.
  2. Use a soft cloth to wipe the dirt off all surfaces and return the brush back to the charging base. Do not immerse the entire body of the brush in water.
  3. Rinse the cleaning head and bristles after each use.
  4. Do not put the brush or its parts in the dishwasher. Recommendation: For hygiene reasons, we recommend changing the brush head at least every 3-4 months.


Zofunika ABS / TPE
Voltage 5V
Battery moyo 20-21 days (used twice a day for 2 minutes)
No. of movements 70 rpm
miyeso 24 × 21 × 193 mm
Kunenepa 81 ga

Manufacturer‘s Responsibility
TrueLife products are subject to a warranty for manufacturing defects. It is the responsibility of elem6 s.r.o. to repair or replace the defective part or product for a similar part or product at its sole discretion in the event of such defects. Conversion, alteration or other unauthorized tampering of the product exceeds the scope of this warranty. This is even the case if a fault, negligence,or other error in the product results in its loss or damage. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from use, accident or common wear. Elem6 s.r.o. assumes no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, death, loss or other requirements related to the product or resulting from the use of this product. Under no circumstances is elem6 s.r.o. liable for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of this product or any of its components. Repayment or replacement of spare parts and/or products may be subject to charges for transportation, handling, replacement and/or replenishment.

Zolakwika zosindikiza ndi zosintha zasungidwa.


  1. Carefully read the safety information leaflet.
  2. For the correct handling of the product, read the current version of the manual, which is available for download at
  3. Zolakwika zosindikiza ndi zosintha zasungidwa.

elem6 sro, Braškovská 15, 16100 Prague 6, Czech Republic

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