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Read this manual before installing. This product must be installed by qualified HVAC and electrical contractors and in compliance with local, state, federal, and governing codes. Improper installation can cause property damage, severe personal injury, or death as a result of electric shock, burns, or fire.
Read all cautions and instructions.
Read this manual before performing service or maintenance procedures on any part of the system. Failure to follow all cautions and instructions could produce the hazardous situations described, resulting in property damage, personal injury, or death. Failure to follow the instructions in this manual can cause moisture to accumulate, which can cause damage to structure and furnishings.

Musakhazikitse chinyezi kuposa momwe mukufunira. Condensation ikhoza kuwononga.

This steam humidification system has extremely hot surfaces. Water in steam canister, steam pipes, and dispersion tube can be as hot as 212°F (100°C). Discharged steam is not visible. Contact with hot surfaces, discharged hot water, or air into which steam has been discharged can cause severe personal injury. To avoid severe burns, follow procedures in this manual when performing service or maintenance procedures on any part of the system.

Disconnect electrical power before installing supply wiring or performing service or maintenance procedures on any part of the humidification system. Failure to disconnect electrical power could result in fire, electrical shock, and other hazardous conditions. These hazardous conditions could cause property damage, personal injury, or death. Contact with energized circuits can cause property damage, severe personal injury, or death as a result of electrical shock or fire. Do not remove access panels until electrical power is disconnected. Follow the shutdown procedure in this manual before performing service or maintenance procedures on any part of the system.

If the humidifier starts up responding to a call for humidity during maintenance, severe bodily injury or death from electrical shock could occur. Follow the procedures in this manual before performing service or maintenance procedures on this humidifier.

Supply water pressure greater than 120 psi may cause the humidifier to overflow.

AKUTI M'mphepete
Mphepete zakuthwa zimatha kuvulaza kwambiri chifukwa chodulidwa. Samalani pamene mukudula mipata ya plenum ndikugwira ma ductwork.


Thank you for your recent steam humidifier purchase. We appreciate your business and are pleased to add your name to our growing list of customers. You have invested in the highest quality equipment available. Your humidifier will require periodic maintenance to assure continued consistent performance. See page 10. Please take a few minutes and read this booklet. This will familiarize you with the benefits you will receive from the humidifier and help you understand the routine maintenance that will be required.
Replacement Steam Canisters are available from your installing contractor. Use only genuine replacement part number 8043RP or 8043LCRP.


The Steam Humidifier delivers humidity in the form of steam to the conditioned space via the HVAC system duct. The humidifier generates steam by energizing two electrodes that extend into a canister of water. Current flowing between the electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam. Water is introduced to the humidifier through a fill valve to a fill cup located in the top of the cabinet. The fill cup serves as an overflow reservoir and provides an air gap between the humidifier and water source. The steam canister is filled from the bottom. The canister is seated in a drain cup assembly which includes a drain valve. The drain and fill valves work together to maintain water level in the canister to deliver the rated steam capacity based on the electrical conductivity of the water and to temper drain water. TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 01 for representation of fill and drain system and canister. Steam is delivered into the airstream through a dispersion tube mounted in the HVAC system ductwork. Openings in the dispersion tube are fitted with “tubelets™” which extend into the center of the tube. The design of the dispersion tube and tubelets distribute steam over a wide area in the duct and direct any condensed moisture back into the steam hose.


When the Humidifier Control detects humidity below the set point, and provided the humidifier is turned on and the indoor unit blower is operating, the internal controller in the humidifier energizes the electrodes and measures the current flowing through the water between them. The controller adjusts water level in the canister via a fill valve and a drain valve to maintain a constant current. The operating water level in the canister depends on the mineral content of the water which determines conductivity. A relay is provided with the humidifier that will allow the control to turn on the indoor unit blower when a call is made for humidity.


Your Steam Humidifier can be installed to operate on 120 volts, 208 volts or 240 volts using 11.5 or 16.0 amps. Kukwera kwa voltage ndi amperage the higher the potential output.

Ampmkwiyo Voltage Kuchuluka kwa nthunzi (gal/tsiku)


120V 11.5
208V 20.5
240V 23.3


120V 16.0
208V 30.0
240V 34.6

It may take several days for the humidifier to reach rated capacity depending on the input voltage and the electrical conductivity of the water. 120 volt systems take longer to reach rated capacity than 240 volt systems. The humidifier should always be plumbed to cold water but the water can be softened or unsoftened. The water supply should have a conductivity between 125 and 1,250 uS/cm which correlates loosely to a hardness between 3 and 36 grains/gallon. The humidifier will make steam when plumbed to low-conductivity water but will take longer to reach nominal capacity. There are benefits and trade-offs to consider when both hard and softened water are available.
Madzi ovuta: The benefit of hard water is less frequent draining and filling than with soft water, which results in better energy and water efficiency and more consistent steam output. However, canister replacement could be more frequent with hard water because mineral deposits coat the electrodes. The harder the water, the more frequent the need for a new canister.
Softened water: The benefit of softened water is typically longer canister life than with hard water because softened water does not coat the electrodes nearly as much as hard water. However, softened water ions stay in solution to much higher concentrations than hard water ions. This requires more frequent draining and filling which results in lower efficiency, higher water consumption and less consistent steam output.
Two canisters are available, the Model 8043RP and Model 8043LCRP, optimized for different water types. Contact your HVAC dealer for canister selection.

Njira Zochitira

When the humidifier is powered and turned on, the “On/Off” light is illuminated green. When the canister is being filled or replenished with water, the “Fill” light illuminates green. When the canister is being drained, the “Drain” light illuminates green. During initial start up with a new canister, the humidifier may run through a series of fill/drain cycles until the conductivity of the water is in a range that allows normal operation. During this time, the “Steam” light illuminates green. If the humidifier cannot produce steam at the rated level after trying for 168 hours, the “Steam” light illuminates yellow. The humidifier continues to operate in this state until the rated output is reached. The conductivity of naturally soft water, hard water, and softened water changes as the water heats up, but the internal controller adjusts the water level to maintain a nominal current between the electrodes. Over the life of the canister, minerals that build up on the electrodes will reduce their effective surface area and affect the resistance between them. The operating water level will increase with use until it reaches the high water level probe. At that point, the “Service” light will flash red indicating that the canister needs to be replaced. The humidifier will continue to operate but with reduced output. When the humidifier begins a drain cycle, the fill valve opens to introduce cold water into the canister. This is done to prevent hot water from entering the drain. The drain valve remains open for four minutes to allow all water to drain from the canister. Any time power is disconnected or humidifier is turned off, the internal timer for start-up and drain cycles is reset. If the humidifier has operated 168 hours without a drain cycle, the drain valve will open and drain the canister. Normal operation will continue. If the humidifier is operating and a power failure occurs, once power is restored, the “On/Off” light will flash green for one minute, then the humidifier will turn on.

Ngati chonyezimira sichilandira kuyimba kuti chigwire ntchito mu maola 72, chowongolera cha humidifier chimakhetsa chitini. Kuwala kwa "Drain" kumakhalabe kuyatsa mpaka patakhala kuyimba kwa chinyezi kapena maola 24 adutsa. Chinyezicho chidzayambiranso kugwira ntchito yanthawi zonse pamene kuyitana kwa chinyezi kupangidwa.

TABLE 1 - Gulu Lowonetsera
chizindikiro kuwala ntchito
TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 02 Off Humidifier yazimitsidwa kapena sakulandira mphamvu.
olimba Green Chinyezimira chimayatsidwa.
Kuzizira Green Humidifier ikukonzekera kuyatsa. Zimachitika ngati mphamvu yachotsedwa, kenako imabwezeretsedwa ndi switch ON. Kuwala kwa miniti imodzi.
TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 03 olimba Green Normal Operation. Vavu yodzaza ndi mphamvu yolola madzi

kuyenderera mu canister kudzera pa fill cup. (Sizimaunikira pamene mukutenthetsa madzi panthawi ya kukhetsa.)

Kuzizira Green Fill and Drain Valves akuthamanga kuti achotse kuchuluka kwa mchere mu canister. Kuwala ka 10 mumasekondi anayi.
Wofiira Wolimba Fault Mode. Zimasonyeza kuti chitini chimafuna madzi koma sichingadzaze. Humidifier amazimitsa. (Zimachitika ngati kafukufuku wamadzi apamwamba sazindikira madzi pambuyo poti valavu yodzaza ndi mphamvu kwa mphindi 40.)
TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 04 olimba Green Normal Operation. Humidistat ikuyitanitsa nthunzi ndipo chinyontho chikugwira ntchito.
Chikasu Cholimba Humidifier ikugwira ntchito koma sikupereka nthunzi pamlingo wovotera. Zimachitika ngati humidifier yagwira ntchito kwa maola 168 pamlingo wocheperako chifukwa cha kuchepa kwa madzi. Kuwala kumasanduka kubiriwira kamodzi kokha kukhathamiritsa kwa madzi kukuwonjezeka ndipo humidifier ikupereka mphamvu yovotera.
TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 05 Kuzizira Green Humidifier ikukonzekera kukhetsa. (Vavu yodzaza ndi madzi otsegula otenthetsera mu canister.) Amapezeka pamene chinyezi chazimitsidwa, kumapeto kwa kukhetsa kwa nyengo (maola 72 osagwira ntchito) komanso panthawi yothira mokakamiza (maola 168 akugwira ntchito popanda kukhetsa.)
Fill and Drain Valves akuthamanga kuti achotse kuchuluka kwa mchere mu canister. Kuwala ka 10 mumasekondi anayi.
olimba Green Vavu yokhetsa imakhala yamphamvu komanso yotseguka, yokhetsa chimbudzi. Vavu imakhalabe mphamvu kwa mphindi zinayi.
Imawonetsa kutha kwa nyengo yotseka. Zimachitika ngati chonyezimira sichilandira kuyitana kwa chinyezi mu maola 72. Kuwala kumakhalabe kwa maola 24.
TRANE EHUMD800BSMLCBA Steam Humidifier 06 Kuzizira Red Canister yafika kumapeto kwa moyo wake ndipo ikufunika kusinthidwa. Zimachitika pambuyo poti humidifier yagwira ntchito kwa maola osachepera 168 komanso kwa maola owonjezera a 24 pamlingo wapano pansi pa 75% yazomwe zikugwira ntchito pano. Humidifier ikugwirabe ntchito, koma pakuchepa mphamvu.
Wofiira Wolimba Vuto la ntchito ndi humidifier. Humidifier amazimitsa. Zimachitika pamene unit izindikira mopitilira-pano yomwe ingayambitsidwe ndi kulephera kukhetsa kapena kulephera kwina kwadongosolo. Imbani foni kwa wogulitsa zotenthetsera ndi zoziziritsira kuti akuthandizeni.


The control provided with your humidifier is mounted either in your return air duct or on a wall in the living space. The control has a set of contacts which close when the RH is below the set point. That signal tells the humidifier to energize the electrodes in the canister to generate steam, provided the indoor unit blower is on. If the blower activation relay is installed, a call for humidity will turn on the indoor unit blower. It is important to anticipate changes in outdoor temperature and adjust the setting accordingly to avoid excessive condensation when outdoor temperature is low. For example, with an outdoor temperature of 20°F the correct setting will be 35%. If the temperature is expected to fall to 0°F that evening, then merely reduce the setting to 25% several hours prior to the temperature change. See Table 2 for the recommended settings. These settings, which are based on years of research, represent a compromise between humidity levels that would be most desirable for comfort and humidity levels that are suitable for protection of your home and to avoid condensation on your windows. For exampKomanso, chinyezi cham'nyengo yachisanu cha 50% chikhoza kuonedwa ngati choyenera kuti chitonthozedwe, koma mwatsoka, chikhoza kubweretsa condensation, yomwe ingawononge nyumba yanu. Kuwona milingo ya chinyezi yomwe ikulimbikitsidwa pa Humidifier Control yanu ndichitetezo chofunikira. Kuundana kwamadzi mkati mwa mazenera ngati chifunga kapena chisanu nthawi zambiri ndi chizindikiro cha chinyezi chambiri. Kukhazikika komweku kumatha kuchitika m'malo ena m'nyumba mwanu, mwina kubweretsa kuwonongeka.

TABLE 2 - Kutentha Kwakunja / Chinyezi Cham'nyumba Chachibale
Kutentha Kwakunja Analimbikitsa RH
+40°F 45%
+30°F 40%
+20°F 35%
+10°F 30%
0 ° F 25%
- 10 ° F 20%
- 20 ° F 15%

Tembenuzirani knob yowongolera kuti ikhale yayikulu kwambiri ya RH. Onetsetsani kuti valavu yachishalo chamadzi ndi yotseguka komanso kuti chinyezi chayatsa. Chowuzira chamkati chamkati chiyenera kukhala chikugwira ntchito kuti chinyontho chizigwira ntchito. Ntchito ya humidifier ikatsimikiziridwa, chepetsani mawonekedwe a Humidifier Control kukhala chinyezi chovomerezeka chamkati, kutengera kutentha kwakunja.

Onetsetsani kusunga poyatsira moto dampers closed when not in use. They provide an excellent escape route for heat, as well as humidity. On occasion, indoor moisture producing activities such as clothes drying, cooking, showers, etc., may raise the humidity level higher than it should be, even though the humidifier is not operating. Telltale indications are condensation or frost on cold surfaces such as windows, doors, walls, etc. If such condensation persists for several hours, your home should be ventilated to dissipate the potentially damaging excess moisture.


ZINDIKIRANI: The manufacturer of the device recommends that service be performed only by a qualified technician. Contact your installing contractor for service. See Cautions and Warnings on pages 2 and 3 prior to attempting these procedures.
Turn humidifier off and allow humidifier to drain. Disconnect power before servicing. Inspect humidifier at approximately 500 hour intervals or several times during the humidification season.

  • Yang'anani ntchito yamakina ndikuyang'ana kulumikizana konse kwa mapaipi ndi mapaipi kuti muwone ngati ming'alu kapena kutayikira.
  •  Inspect drain line to make sure it is not blocked and has constant downward slope. Clean or replace if necessary.
  • Inspect steam hose to make sure it has no low spots and has constant upward slope from humidifier to dispersion tube in duct. If dispersion tube is mounted below humidifier, inspect drip tee drain.
  •  Ma canisters awiri alipo kuti agwire bwino ntchito. Model 8043RP ndi yamadzi wamba pomwe Model 8043LCRP idapangidwa kuti ikhale yotsika komanso kuyika kwa 120V. 8043LCRP sayenera kugwiritsidwa ntchito ndi madzi ofewa.

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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