TICWELL LS-758H Professional Steamer for Clothes

TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-product


Thank you for purchasing of TICWELL garment steamer. Please refer to the actual product for details. Please read this User’s Manual carefully before operating and keep it properly for future reference


  1. Please use appropriate power supply voltage
  2. Osagawana magetsi ofanana ndi zida zina zamphamvu kwambiri.
  3. To prevent electric leakage and other hazards, please use the machine as described in this Manual.
  4. Do not immerse the iron and plug of the machine in water.
  5. When this machine is running, kindly always pay attention to avoid any accidents.
  6. Keep children away from this machine so as to avoid burns
  7. ill in water before using the machine and always pay attention to the water level during operating.
  8. Do not place the power cord on the ground or bend it excessively.
  9. When using, do not touch the bottom part of steam iron in order to ävoid scalding.
  10. Before storing the machine, allow it to cool for at least half an hour and drain the water
  11. Unplug the power before filling or draining water
  12. Do not place the machine near any flammables.
  13. Do not use the machine when it is found that the plug has any defect or power cord is damaged.
  14. Turn off the power switch and hold the plug to pull it out.
  15. Use the power socket correctly in order to avoid the risk of fire caused by excessive load.
  16. Do not add any detergent to the water, or else it will damage the machine, it is recom mended to use water that does not contain mineral water or distilled water.
  17. When using the machine, be careful to prevent the hazards caused by steam splashing.
  18. After ironing, place the steam head on the steam head holder.


  1. To prevent electric leakage and other hazards, please cut off the power after operating
  2. Stop operating immediately if the machine or power cord has any damage.
  3. Only qualified person are allowed to repair.

Chithunzi chazogulitsa

Nyumba ya ndege mbedza
Steam Head Holder Lock
Kuwala kwa Chizindikiro cha Steam
Nthunzi choyambitsa
Steam Head Holder
Steam Head Handle
Mpweya wotentha
Transport Support
Stainless Steel Pole
Kondomu yokhazikika
Cholumikizira payipi
ON/OFF Switch and Power Selection Dial
Kuwala Koyimira Mphamvu
Rotation Support
Pakakhala Tank Water
Tanki Yamadzi
Ma Wheel Oyendera
Gudumu Lonse
Nthunzi Mutu
Rotation Controlled Button
Trouser Stretcher
No.l Stainless Steel Pole
No-2 Stainless Steel Pole
No.3 Stainless Steel Pole

TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-2TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-1

Zogulitsa katunduTICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-3

Steam Control

  • Steam Preheating Time: 20-30s
  • Description: I -II-II
    Steam from small to large, shifting gears need to preheat for 20s every time.
  • Yoyezedwa voltage: 110-120V (US/CA) 220-240V(EU/UK)
  • Rated frequency:60Hz(US/CA) 50/60Hz(EU/UK)
  • Yoyendera Mphamvu: 1600W
  • Mphamvu Yamadzi Amadzi: 2.4L
  • Maximum Temperature of Soleplate: 140 C
  • Maximum Temperature of Steam: 150 C

Garment Steamer Assembly

  1. Pole assembly:
    • Place the steamer machine and the spare parts on the filoor.
    • Unscrew the fastening lock from the base of the steamer. (Fig.2)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-4
    • Insert the No.1 stainless steel pole and tighten the pole’s fastening lock by turning in a clockwise direction until the fastener is securely in place. (Fig.3)

Locking the Pole:

  1. Insert the transport support into the No.1 stainless steel pole(Fig. 5), then connect the No. 2 stainless steel pole into the pole case and screw until firmly stick into place. (Fig. 6)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-5
  2. Place the cap on the No.2 stainless steel pole and insert the No. 3 stainless steel into the cap by turning in a clockwise direction until the pole is securely into place.(Fig.7)TIacCWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-6
  3. Insert vertically the hanger into the hook until it’s firmly fixed. (Fig.8)
  4. Place the head support/hook on the middle of the pole and near the transport support. (Fig.8)
  5. Please hang the steam head on the steam head holder. (Fig.9)


  1. Please make sure the stainless steel pole was screwed firmly into place to prevent the unstable.
  2. Please don’t twist and pull the connecting wire excessively during assembly.
  3. It’s a must to place it on a flat ground when assembling and using.


Kudzaza Tank Yamadzi

  1. What water to use? Your appliance has been designed to use tap watec If your water is very hard, Ticwel recommends you to use distilled or demineralized water to reduce scaling. Never use water containing additives tstarch, perfüme, aromatic substances, softeners, etc) or condensation water (for example water from tumble dryers, water from refriger- ators, water from air conditioning units, rainwater). This water contains organic waste materials or minerals that concentrate under the effect of heat and cause spitting, brown colouring or premature ageing of your appliance.
  2. Ensure that the steamer is unplugged. Remove the water tank from the base of the appliance by pulling the handle upwards (Fig. 10) Unscrew the cap located at the bottom of the tank and fill with water, (fig.11) Replace the cap and place the water tank back on to the base. (Fig 12)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-8
    CHENJEZO Always be sure that the water tank is full before using your Tiowell garment steamer.

How to rotate steam head

Hold the steam head handle with one hand while pressing the Rotation Controlled Button, with the other hand pinching the Rotation Support of the steam head, rotate it 90 degrees. You can switch between Horizontal Ironing Mode (Fig. 13) and Vertical Ironing mode. (Fig. 14)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-9



  1. Do not rotate the steam head until the soleplate of the garment steamer cool down completely to prevent high temperature burns.
  2. Do not twist the steam hose excessively which will damage the steam hose, may cause danger.
  3. Do not over-stretch the steam hose which will peeled off the hose connector, may cause water leakage and electricity leakage.
  4. Please keep the children far away when the garment steamer in use to prevent burning.
  5. Please make sure the steam head put on the steam head holder, not to be A placed at will after ironing completed.

How to iron vertically

  1. Put garment onto the hanger or use your own hanger on the hook for quick steaming (Fig. 15)
  2. Plug in the power cod and turn on the ON/OFF switch which also can be used to adjust the amount of steam by selecting the setting.(I – II-m)
  3. The unit will produce steam in 20-30 seconds at maximum wattage after preheating9. Press the steam trigger, the steam come out. Release the steam trigger, no steam. Press the steam trigger and back slide the steam self-lock button as well, you can get continuous steamTICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-10

Kugwiritsa Ntchito Bwino

Grasp the steam head handle with the steam head pointing away from you. Start steaming by touching material lightly with steam head and moving in an up/down motion. The steam head must be in contact with the garment. (Fig.16)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-11

The garment must be stretched while steaming. You can use the trouser stretcher or simply use your free hand to stretch the garment. (Fig 18) TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-12
How to iron horizontally

  1. LRotate the steam head to horizontal ironing mode. (Fig. 19)
  2. Put the clothes on the ironing board or the thick and flat surface. (Fig.20)
  3. Plug in the power cord and turn on the ON/OFF switch which also can be used to adjust the amount of steam by selecting the setting (I – I-m
  4. The appliance will produce steam in 20-30 seconds at maximum wattage after preheating. Press the steam trigger, the steam come out. Release the steam trigger no steam. Press the steam trigger and back slide the steam self-lock button as well, you can get continuous steam.TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-13


During use, the hose may make a gurgling noise. This is a normal occurrence due to condensation. If you hear the gurgling noise, hold the hose up to direct the condensation back into the appliance.  Tips for better performance with your Ticwell Garment Steamer

  1. Sort your laundry by material. Different materials require different means of ironing Acetate, rayon, silk, and wool should all be ironed at a low setting. For rayon and silk, turn the items inside out prior to ironing. For wool items, place a damp cloth between the item and the steamer. Medium heat should be used for polyester, and high heat should be used for cotton. Both fabrics should be slightly damp prior to ironing.
  2. Gwiritsani malondaamp cloth when ironing lace and wool Delicate fabrics should not have direct contact with the steamer. Lace and wool should not be ironed directly. Use a damp cloth when ironing these types of fabrics.
  3. Make sure cotton and polyester fabrics are damp prior to ironing. Cotton and polyes- ter should not be ironed dry. Make sure items made from these materials are slightly damp prior to ironing.
  4. Turn delicate fabrics inside out prior to ironing. Some fabrics are very delicate. Ironing the surface can cause the fabric to look burnt or damaged. If you’re working with any of the following fabrics, turn the clothing items inside out prior to ironing. Such as cordu- roy, linen, rayon, satin, silk
  5. Regardless of horizontal ironing or vertical ironing, as long as the steam trigger on the handle is not pressed, the appliance can be üsed for dry ironing.
  6. The garment steamer can not only be used to remove wrinkles for dothes, but also to Kill bacteria for toys, sofa, bed, curtain or other textile.
  7. If you want to iron bed sheets or curtain, don’t stretch the hose excessively to reach it in case of the danger of burns. Please take it apart to iron within the hose’s reach.

CHENJEZO! Don’t stretch the hose excessively to use it.

How to use the Self-Cleaning Function

  1. Turn the dial to ‘clean’ (Fig.21)TICWELL Professional Steamer for Clothes-14
  2. Press the steam trigger on the steam head handle and steam will now begin to build up. At this time, the appliance will have ‘clack, dlack, clacking.. sound which is normal. (Fig.22)
  3. Hot water will emerge from the soleplate rinsing dirt and scale particles out of the chamber. You can hear the ‘di di. beep once clean completed.
  4. Turn off the garment steamer and set the steam head on the hook and wait for the remaining water to evaporate from the soleplate.
  5. Unplug the garment steamer and allow it to fully cool down. Once cool, wipe soleplate with a damp cloth or sponge as required.
    Zokuthandizani: use the self cleaning function every 2 weeks.

Pambuyo ntchito

CHENJEZO Never touch the steam head until it has cooled down completely.

  1. After using the garment steamer, please switch the power off. The power indicator light will go off, and you can unplug the device.
  2. Hang the steam head on the steam h ead holder when not in use. (Fig.1)
  3. Always empty the water tank before storage.
  4. Do not carry or transport the garment steamer by the water tank handle which will remove the water tank and the appliance will fall down to the floor.


Always make sure the pole is firmly attached to the base unit before lifting up the devicelsee ašsembly instructions).

  1. Your Tiwell garment steamer has four wheels for ease of transport. Grasp the pole and pull gently to move.
  2. You can also lift up the device in order to move.


It’s preferable to use distilled or demineralized water to reduce scaling. To maintain maximum performance, your Ticwell garment steamer must be descaled occasionally. The time between descaling operations depends on the quality of the water and the frequency with which you use. On average, the appliance must be descaled after 30 hours of use.

Kusaka zolakwika

Problems Possible Zinapangitsa Solutions
Palibe nthunzi Chipangizochi sichinayatsidwe. Make sure that the appliance has been plugged in correctly. Next turn on the ON/OFF switch, the power indicator light located at the front of the appliance will come on.
Paipiyo yatsekedwa. Onetsetsani kuti payipiyo siinapindike kapena kupindika.
Mulibe madzi otsala mu thanki yamadzi. Switch off the device and fill the water tank.
Nthunzi sinakonzekerebe. The appliance will produce steam about 20-30 seconds after it has been switched on.
Kuthamanga kwa nthunzi kumakhala kochepa. Sitima yanu imakhala ndi sikelo yambiri chifukwa sinachapidwe pafupipafupi. See descaling process (Self­ Cleaning Function paragraph).
Paipiyo yatsekedwa. Onetsetsani kuti payipiyo siinapindike kapena kupindika.
Mulibe madzi otsala mu thanki yamadzi. Zimitsani chipangizocho ndikudzaza tanki yamadzi.
Madzi amayenda m'mabowo a mutu wa nthunzi. Pali condensation mu payipi. Hold the hose vertically outstretched and wait for the condensed water to return to the steamer.
Sitimayo imatenga nthawi yayitali kutentha ndi/kapena kutulutsa tinthu toyera. Sitima yanu imakhala ndi kuchuluka kwa sikelo chifukwa sinasinthidwe pafupipafupi. See descaling process (Self-Cleaning Function paragraph}.

Ataphunzira malonda Service

We do hope you are satisfied with Ticwell garment steamer! The Ticwell team is committed to providing customers with high-quality garment steamer We have spent countless efforts to design and manufacture products, and strive to achieve the utimate product with zero defects. Ticwell, it’s inevitable to have one or two defective products in mass production and packaging. Meanwhile, it’s inevitable that some items are damaged during large-scale cross-border transportation. We appreciate your understanding! If you unfortunately received a product with missing accessories, broken water tank, broken body, leaking water, or no steam, please be patient, don’t get angry.
Please contact us via email in time and attach pictures and videos of product problems, we will give you a satisfied solution soon. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.
Thank you for your attention and patience!


Does this unit have an auto shutoff feature?

No, if you are talking about auto shutoff to power.

Does the hose detach from the handle?

Ayi sizimatero.

How long can it be used continuously?


Does the pole rotate?

Yes, as does the hanger on top and the holder for the steam head.

Does this come with a crease attachment?


Does it work with 220 v?

No, it’s 120V.

Does it spit water?

It will never spit water! I highly recommend their upright clothes steamer, best one I’ve ever used, never had a spit up

I would like to order one that can be used horizontally and vertically as I need to iron my tablecloths, will this work well?


Do I correctly assume that this steamer can be used horizontally? I need to get the wrinkles out a comforter that was packed and folded.

Yes I used it to press table cloths

How tall does this get?

It is about 5’5”.

Can I use it as a regular iron without steam?

No. It doesn’t heat up. 

Kodi amapangira kuti?


how long is the hose?

Long enough to Iron on the stand or on a Ironing board.



Kusiya ndemanga

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