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Setup and User Manual

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  1. Chikwama
  2. Maginito Stand
  3. 65W USB-C Power Supply

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 1

4. Lathyathyathya
5. Tilted (with Magnetic Stand)

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 2

Cable Management With Stand
Route cable through the stand and out the bottom.

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 3

Mphamvu Yoyatsa
6. Plug USB-C cable into 65W USB-C power supply
7. Plug power supply into power outlet.

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 4

Malizitsani Zida

Place devices flat on Alcantara surface.

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 5

Device Not Charging
Devices placed over the aluminum frame will not charge.

TESLA 1799799 Wireless Charging Platform - FIGURE 6

Chizindikiro Chachikhalidwe cha LED

LED on bottom side of front edge indicates status.

Start of Charge 5 sec illumunation then dim
kulipiritsa Constant dim
Kuchotsa Chipangizo
Chipangizo cha 1
Zida Zambiri
LED idachoka
LED off and then reilluminate
Vuto Lopereka Mphamvu Kuphethira kofulumira
Vuto Ladongosolo Rapid 3 blink burst
Metal Object Detected Slow pulsating blink

*Learn more by reviewing Foreign Objects description in last section
FreePower Wireless Charging
FreePower wireless charging is the technology inside that powers the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform.
To learn more about FreePower, visit www.freepower.io

USB-C PD Any 15V 3A USB-C PD power supply
USB-C Cable Length (in) No Stand: 60   |   With Stand: 56
Product Weight (g) No Stand: 747   |   With stand: 1,026
Mankhwala Makulidwe (mm) No stand: 220L x 130W x 20H   |   With stand: 220L x 117W x 70H
Charge Performance Wireless charging performance may vary. For best results, keep charger out of direct sunlight and warm environments, use a thin phone case or no phone case.
Safety This product is intended for home and office use only. Prevent cable from being pinched or damaged. Unplug the product if not used for an extended period of time. Use in dry locations. Do not place metal objects, or non Qi-enabled wirless power receiving devices on the charging surface. Do not disamble the charger.
Zinthu Zachilendo If a metal object is detected between the wireless charger and a device charging, the object may start to hear up, in order to prevent this, the charger will stop transmitting power and the LED status indicator will show a slow pulsating blink. Remove device and ensure there are no metal objects attached to the device or on the surface on the charger before resuming normal operation.
Compatibiliy Qi Certified devices, including smartphones and accessories from Apple, Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers.
Chizindikiro cha Tesla Product of Tesla, IncChizindikiro cha Tesla
1 Tesla Road, Austin, TX 78725
FreePower Logo Product of Aira, IncTESLA LOGO 2
2048 N 44th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Number Part 1799799
Kuthandizira Kuthandizira OnlineOrders@Tesla.com
IP Rating IPX2


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