TECO TANK TK-3000 Quarium Chiller


Chenjezo: This product is not suitable for children under eight years of age. It is essential to ensure that children do not play with the device. This device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensorial or mental abilities, or lacking in experience and know-how unless supervision or instructions for using the device are provided by the person responsible for their safety. Cleaning and maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.


Mfundo Zofunika
All rights of reproduction of this manual are reserved by TECO Srl. This manual cannot be inspected by a third party without prior written authorisation of TECO Srl The text of this manual cannot be used in other printed matter without written authorisation of TECO Srl. Descriptions and illustrations in this publication are not binding, while the chiller and air conditioner ‘s essential characteristics remain the same. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifi cations considered appropriate to improve the product or for requirements of a constructional or commercial nature, at any time and without undertaking to update this publication immediately.Please visit the webtsamba "www.tecoonline.eu/resources” for updated version of this manual. THIS MANUAL IS PROPERTY OF TECO S.r.l. ANY REPRODUCTION, EVEN PARTIAL, IS PROHIBITED. ©TECO S.r.l.

NOTE: Please keep these instructions for future reference.

  • To avoid the possibility of personal injury from the rotating fan blades, never insert your fi ngers or any foreign bodies into the air outlet grille.
  • Do not cut, trap, damage or pull the power supply cord.
  • If you detect any anomalies (such as a burning smell etc.) disconnect the power plug and contact your dealer. Fire or breakage may occur if you continue to operate the unit in a damaged state.
  • If the power supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, the dealer or a qualifi ed technician in order to avoid the risk of damage or personal injury.
  • Repairs should be carried out only by qualifi ed persons to prevent a risk of electric shocks, burns and fi res.
  • Make sure that the unit is unplugged from its power supply before performing any maintenance to the aquarium.
  • Do not expose the device to atmospheric agents or to direct heat sources. The device can be used within an ambient temperature range of 5°C and 38°C (41°F – 100°F). Make sure that the power supply requirements correspond to those indicated on the label “technical data” affi xed to the device (see related paragraph).

Chenjezo: Unauthorized modifi cations or repairs carried out by the user without written authorization by TECO Srl will void the warranty and discharge TECO Srl from liability for damages caused by defective products. The same considerations apply if you use non-original spare parts or other than those explicitly specifi ed by TECO Srl.
Chenjezo: Provide adequate ventilation for the chiller, and do not obstruct the free fl ow of air around the chiller.
Chenjezo: Musati muwononge dera la refrigerant.
Chenjezo: Make sure that the operator can check from any point he has access that the plug remains disconnected.

The appliance manufactured by TECO S.r.l. are covered by warranty by the dealer through wich the product were purchased, as provided for in the laws of the country in which they are sold. If an equipment malfunction or failure, as listed in the warranty conditions, occurs during the warrany period, the authorised dealer will inspect the unit, and will repair or replace any defective parts. In order for the warrany to be recognised it is necessary to submit documentation according to the requirements of the law of the country in which the device is sold and according to the conditions of the dealer or the TECO authorized service centre.

The appliance is suitable for water conditioning of the water contained in domestic and/or commercial aquariums such as fi sh shop/market and restaurant etc.. It is compatible with fresh or salt water and with livestock such as fi shes, plants, live rocks, etc. The conditioner should not be used for purposes other than those provided for and specifi ed above. Any other use than that for which the product was intended may cause damage or personal injury.
Zamkatimu Zamkatimu
Open the box and verify that the following accessories are present (Fig. 5):
Malangizo Buku 1
Hosetail fittings (including gaskets) 2
Check the technical plate of the unit (Ref. E) to make sure that the device contained in the package matches the model purchased.
The manual is divided into chapters, each corresponding to main topics, that provide information required to use the product without any risk.
In this manual the following symbols are used to highlight specifi c information and warnings:
Chenjezo: This symbol indicates safety regulations for the operator and/or for people who may be exposed.
Chenjezo: This symbol indicates that there is a possibility of damage to the product and/or its components.
NOTES: This symbol indicates useful information.
Kukhazikitsa ndi kugwira ntchito
Chenjezo: Do not turn the box or the appliance upside down. Keep the packaging box and materials in case the device need to be moved or transported.

  1. Open the package by pulling out the box upwards and remove the bag containing the accessories
  2. Remove the polystyrene side protections
  3. Remove the plastic bag


  1. Do not install and do not try to repair the product if it was damaged during transport.
  2. Do not connect the power cord to the power supply, unless specifi cally required.
  3. In order to ensure the correct working of the device in safe conditions, it is absolutely forbidden to expose the product to atmospheric agents and to direct heat sources. The temperature of the installation
    environment has to be between 5 °C and 38 °C (41 °F – 100 °F).
  4. Choose the place foreseen for the installation of the device. It must have the following features:
    • It must have openings that allow change of air with the outside.
    • The air change must be such to dissipate the heat of the device.
    • Make sure that the room temperature does not exceed 38 °C (100 °F) during operation.
  5. Place the device by taking into consideration the minimum recommended distances TECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG1
    Tab. 1-1
    Air outlet side (Ref. B) >500 mm – 19.7 in
    Filter side (Ref. A) >300 mm – 11.8 in
    Electrical power supply cable side (Ref. F) >60 mm – 2.3 in
  6. Lay the tubes as follows:
    • Insert the fi tting (supplied in the package, including gasket and ring) inside the pipe, screw clockwise the fi tting orienting it as needed and tighten fi rmly.
    • In connecting the pipes, check that the pipe coming from the pump and/or from the fi lter group (not supplied as standard) is connected in the position indicated with INLET (Ref.C) and that the return pipe to the aquarium is connected in the position indicated with OUTLET (Ref.D).
  7. Install the appliance in the chosen location allowing for access to the control and maintenance of the air fi lter.
  8. Start the pump and make sure that the water circulates regularly within the circuit without any leaks. In case of abnormalities of the hydraulic circuit or leaks thereof, inspect the connections.
  9. CAUTION:Make sure that the water that reaches the device is fi ltered.
  10. Make sure that the electrical power supply requirements correspond to those shown on the technical data plate, applied on the rear of the device.
  11. With the pump in operation, insert the electrical power supply cable in the electrical current socket and by displacing the electrical switch in position “1”, your device will start operating. The temperature of water is indicated on the display. To view the temperature to be reached, press the SET key; to return to the water temperature, press once again the SET key or wait for 5 seconds.
  12. CAUTION: A 2-minutes delay was added to prevent compressor failure at the fi rst start.
  13. To stop the device, displace the electrical switch in position “0”.

Chenjezo: The appliance must be installed at a lower level than the water level.
Chenjezo: To prevent damages, the unit cannot operate without water fl ow (pump off ).
Chenjezo: Do not place the appliance on top of the tank or in a position that allows salty air to be sucked up into the condenser. CAUTION: Only TK9000 and TK9000H. Connect to the electrical mains using a circuit breaker as required by current applicable standards. The equipment shall be connected to a supply having a system impedance lower than 0,24 Ω.
Chenjezo: Mukayika chidebecho, onetsetsani kuti chingwe chogulira sichikutsekedwa kapena kuwonongeka.
Chenjezo: Osapeza malo ogulitsira angapo kapena magetsi kunyamula kumbuyo kwa chipangizocho.

Zambiri zowonetsera

  • “Green light”TECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG2 On unit in cooling mode
  • “Red light”TECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG3 On unit in heating mode
  • “Green light”TECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG2 Flashing light: unit ready for cooling
  • “Red light”TECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG3 Flashing light: unit ready for heating

Zokonda pa Thermostat
Refer to fi gure 15 for buttons detection.

  1. To change the temperature of the water:
    • Press the SET key, the value currently set is displayed. The value starts blinking
    • Change the value by using theTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG4 ndiTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG5 makiyi
    • Press the SET key to confi rm the set value or wait 5 seconds, the value is stored
  2. Changing the hysteresis value of operation
    • Press for 10 seconds the SET key
    • On the display will appear the hysteresis value currently set. The value will start blinking. It is advisable not to change this value
    • Change the value by using theTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG4 ndiTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG5 makiyi
    • Press the SET key to confi rm the set value or wait 5 seconds, the value is stored
  3. Adjustment of the temperature viewed on the display In the event that the temperature viewed on the display is diff erent than that taken inside the aquarium, proceed as follows:
    • Press for 10 seconds the SET key
    • On the display will appear the hysteresis value currently set. The value will start blinking
    • Press once again the SET key
    • On the display will appear the value of the temperature currently read by the probe. The value will start blinking
    • Change the value by using theTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG4 ndiTECO-TANK-TK-3000-Quarium-Chiller-FIG5 makiyi
    • Press the SET key to confi rm the set value or by waiting 5 seconds, the value is stored
  4. Change of the unit of measurement of the temperature viewed on the display
    • Press simultaneously the and keys
    • On the display will appear the writing C – F (from Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees) or F – C (from Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees). The temperature will be displayed with the new unit of measurement

The conditioner must be handled carefully in a vertical position using the handles. It is recommended to placed it on a fl at surface.

The crossed-out wheelie bin label that can be found on your products, indicates that the product may not be treated as household waste. By ensuring that this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of these products. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city offi ce, your household waste disposal or the dealer where you purchased this product. This information only applies to customers in the European Union, according to the Directive of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and legislation transposing and implementing it info the various national legal systems. For other countries, please contact your local government to investigate the possibility of recycling your product.


Cleaning of the filter is carried out with the frequency of at least once a month and anyhow according to the degree of dustiness of the installation environment. Remove the metal grille, positioned in the front part (Ref. A) by rotating the screw by one-fourth of a revolution in the anticlockwise direction and pull out the fi lter. Clean the fi lter by washing it with lukewarm water.
Chenjezo: Do not use hard brushes or blunt instruments to avoid damaging the filter. Reposition the fi lter and close the metal grille by turning the screw anticlockwise by one-fourth of a revolution.


vuto Chifukwa mankhwala
The display light up sakutero  

Lack of electric



Check that the plug is fully inserted in the electrical current sock- et.

Check that the switch is in position “1”






Insufficient cooling







Insufficient water flow. Check the proper operation of the pump (not supplied)
Insufficient insulation. Insulate the walls of the aquarium and the pipes to reduce heat


Fyuluta yakuda Clean the air filter following the instruction (Chapter Maintenance)
Ambient temperature too


Re-establish the optimal ambient conditions

The maximum ambient temperature allowed is 38°C (100°F)

Outgoing    air    from   the

ventilation grid at room temperature

Lack of gas in the compressor, contact the TECO S.r.l area retai- ler or distributor


mpweya wabwino Free the grate or place the unit in a suitable ambient
Broken ventilation system Contact the TECO S.r.l area retailer or distributor
Insufficient heating madzi Insufficient water flow Check the correct operation of the pump (not supplied)
Chotenthetsera cholakwika Contact the TECO S.r.l area retailer or distributor
On  the  display  ap-

pears    the             message “E1”

Damage of the water’s temperature probe  

Contact the TECO S.r.l area retailer or distributor

On the display ap- pears      the             message


Damage of the overheat- ing temperature probe  

Contact the TECO S.r.l area retailer or distributor


On the display ap- pears the message “AL1”

Fyuluta yakuda Clean the filter as indicated in Chapter 6, Maintenance
Room temperature is too


Restore the optimal environmental conditions. The maximum al-

lowed room temperature is 38 °C (100 °F)



mpweya wabwino Release the ventilation grille or place the air-conditioner in a suit-

able environment

Failed ventilation system Contact the TECO S.r.l area retailer or distributor


The temperature dis- played is not the real one

The water does not circu- late correctly inside the

hydraulic circuit

Check eventually pipes obstructions
Check the efficiency of the aquarium’s pump (not supplied)
Long and not insulated


Reduce the pipe lenght as much as possible, and insulate them
Temperature sensor not

calibrated correctly

Calibrate the temperature sensor as described in paragraph

1.5.4 Thermostat Settings


zofunika lachitsanzo
TK 3000 TK 3000H TK 6000 TK 6000H TK 9000 TK 9000H


230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

230V - 50Hz

230V - 60Hz

115V - 60Hz

Power consumption (cooling) 750 W 750 W 900 W 900 W 1200 W 1200 W
Power consumption (heating) - 800 W - 1200 W - 1200 W
Water inlet / outlet 25 mm – 1 in
Minimum / maximum flow rate² 3000 l/h – 780 gal/h / 4000 l/h – 1057 gal/h
Kupanikizika Kwambiri 1 bar 14,5 PSI
Kunenepa 39kg – 86 lb 40kg – 88 lb 47kg – 104 lb
miyeso 395 x 600 x 565 (h) mm

15.55 x 23.62 x 22.24 (h) in

Gas inside the refrigerator/condi- tioner Verify which gas is present in the model purchased (see plate) Ref. E

All data are approximate and may be changed without notice by TECO.
¹See the technical data label Ref.E to check the characteristics. Please contact TECO for other power supplies.
²The indicated water flow is the actual value, not the maximum fl ow rate that the pump can generate. Contact the distributor to choose the pump fl ow rate.
Tab. 3-1
The device can contain fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol.
Gas R410A type, value GWP: 2088

Kulengeza Zogwirizana


EN 60335 – 1 / EN 60335 – 2 – 55 AND SUBSEQUENT AMENDMENTS
Kugwirizana Kwamagetsi
Code of the Standard used:
The person authorized to draw up this statement:
Name: Bubani Stelio Via G. Ricci Curbastro, 8 – 48124 Fornace Zarattini, RAVENNA


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