PHILIPS TAB7207 2.1 Channel Soundbar yokhala ndi Maupangiri Ogwiritsa Ntchito Opanda zingwe a Subwoofer

Dziwani zambiri zamakanema ozama ndi Philips TAB7207 2.1 Channel Soundbar yokhala ndi Wireless Subwoofer. Dolby Digital Plus ndi 8" subwoofer imapereka mawu omveka bwino pomwe ma tweeter awiri owonjezera amakulitsa mawu.tage. Ndi njira zosiyanasiyana zolumikizirana ndi Stadium EQ Mode, choyimbira ichi chimapereka mwayi komanso chisangalalo.

PHILIPS TAB7207 Soundbar 2.1 yokhala ndi Buku Lolangiza la subwoofer opanda zingwe

The Philips TAB7207 Soundbar 2.1 with wireless subwoofer is the perfect addition to your home entertainment setup. With Dolby Digital Plus for incredible surround sound, and a wireless subwoofer for deeper bass, this soundbar delivers a cinema experience in your own living room. Conveniently connect all your favorite sources via HDMI ARC, Optical in, BT, Audio in, or USB. With distinctive looks and easy control, this soundbar is a must-have for any home.

PHILIPS TAB7207 7000 Series Soundbar User Manual

Learn how to install and connect your Philips TAB7207 7000 Series Soundbar with this user manual. Find safety information, wall mounting instructions, and ways to hear audio from your TV or other devices. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories, this soundbar provides high-quality sound for your entertainment needs. Visit for more information and updates.