Oomi Door/ Window Sensor FT112-K Manual

Learn how to set up and use the Oomi Door/Window Sensor (SKU: FT112-K) with your Z-Wave network. This secure and reliable alarm sensor is designed for use in PR China and supports over-the-air firmware updates. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use and disposal.

Oomi MultiSensor FT100-K Manual

Learn how to set up and use the Oomi MultiSensor FT100-K for your smart home with this user manual. This Z-Wave device provides intelligent readings for motion, temperature, humidity, light, Ultraviolet and Vibration. Follow the instructions to ensure safe and proper use of your secure Alarm Sensor ZC10-17095774.

Oomi Range Extender FT118-C15 Buku

Learn how to extend your Z-Wave network with the Oomi Range Extender (SKU: FT118-C15). This secure repeater supports AES 128 wireless commands and OTA firmware upgrades, making it a reliable addition to your smart home setup. Follow the instructions in the manual for safe and effective use.

Oomi Plug FT096-C16 Manual

Learn how to set up and use the Oomi Plug (FT096-C16) with Z-Wave technology by following the instructions provided in this user manual. The device is a low-cost, secure on/off power switch for CEPT (Europe) with a Smart RGB LED surface and immediate wattage consumption reporting capabilities. Upgrade the firmware via OTA feature for optimal performance.

Oomi Colour Strip FT121-K Manual

Learn about the Oomi Color Strip and its secure Light Dimmer function with the FT121-K SKU. Connect to your mains power supply and Z-Wave network with ease. Ensure safe usage by following instructions and dispose of equipment properly. Discover the benefits of Z-Wave communication and compatibility with other certified devices, like ZC10-18015934.

Oomi Mote FT130-K Manual

Learn how to set up and use the Oomi Mote Wall Controller with the FT130-K SKU and ZC10-18015933 protocol in your Smart Home. Follow the included quickstart guide and important safety information for reliable, secure communication. Discover the benefits of Z-Wave technology for your home automation system.

Oomi In-Wall Dimmer FT111-K Manual

This user manual provides instructions for the secure Oomi In-Wall Dimmer (SKU: FT111-K) for PR China, including how to add it to your Z-Wave network. Learn about Z-Wave protocol and important safety information. Use with other certified Z-Wave devices in the same frequency range.

Oomi Water Sensor FT122-K Manual

Learn about the Oomi Water Sensor with FT122-K SKU and ZC10-18015913 model numbers, a secure alarm sensor for PR China. Follow the quickstart guide and ensure safety with important information. Discover how Z-Wave technology works for reliable communication in the smart home.

Oomi Colour Strip FT169-K Manual

Learn how to properly use the Oomi Color Strip with the FT169-K SKU and ZC10-17125905 controller through this user manual. Follow the instructions and important safety information for a secure and reliable Smart Home communication using Z-Wave protocol.