H Koenig PLX940 Gasi Plancha 4 Burners Malangizo Buku

This user manual provides important safety and technical information for the H Koenig PLX940 Gas Plancha 4 Burners. Users must read and follow the instructions carefully to prevent bodily injury and property damage. The manual includes details on country of destination, injector size, and heat input. Keep young children away from the appliance and use it outdoors only.

H Koenig GR20 Contact Grill Instruction Manual

The GR20 Contact Grill Instruction Manual provides important safety guidelines and usage instructions for H Koenig's popular GR20 grill. Suitable for household use only, the AC 220-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz grill features handles and knobs for safe operation. Caution is advised when using the appliance near children or persons with reduced capabilities. Unplug before cleaning and do not use outdoors or for commercial purposes. This manual is essential for proper use and maintenance of the GR20 Contact Grill.

H Koenig PLX1022 Gasi Plancha 2 Burners Malangizo Buku

Ensure your safety and protect your property with H Koenig PLX1022 Gas Plancha 2 Burners. Read the user manual carefully for proper installation, assembly, maintenance, and service. Use outdoors only and keep young children away from hot accessible parts. Technical details for gas, pressure, and heat input are included. Retain for future reference.

H Koenig AXO940 chotsukira chotsuka chopanda thumba la HEPA EEK A 2 lita ya Kuwongolera Buku

This instruction manual provides important safety warnings and guidelines for using the AXO940 bagless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter and 2-liter capacity. Designed by H Koenig, this cleaner has an EEK A rating and must be used with manufacturer-designated fittings. Learn how to avoid motor failure, blockages, and other hazards while using this powerful and efficient vacuum.

H Koenig KB12 Ice Machine

Read the H Koenig KB12 Ice Machine user manual before using it to ensure safety. Keep it in a secure place for future reference. Follow all safety messages to reduce the risk of injury. This portable ice maker must be positioned appropriately and connected to properly polarized outlets. Do not use the device outdoors or run the power cord over carpeting or other heat insulators. Unplug before cleaning, repairing or servicing. Keep a minimum distance of 10mm between the unit and the wall.

H Koenig UP680 Wopanda Mawaya Wotsuka Pamanja Buku Lalangizo

UP680 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ndi yankho la 2-in-1 pazosowa zanu zoyeretsa. Zosavuta kugwiritsa ntchito ndikusunga, zotsukirazi ndizoyenera ana azaka 8 ndi kupitilira apo, komanso anthu omwe ali ndi mphamvu zochepa. Ndikofunika kuwerenga malangizo musanagwiritse ntchito kuti mukhale otetezeka. Sungani chipangizo ndi zipangizo kutali ndi malo otentha ndi kusunga malo opanda zinthu.