SUMMERCOVE A102018600 11-ft x 13-ft Gray Metal Rectangle Gazebo with Steel Roof




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Chenjezo! To reduce the risk of serious injury, read the following safety instructions before assembling and using the gazebo. Please check with your local governing authority/local municipal codes regarding installation of structures before assembly.

Chenjezo! Proper placement of your gazebo is essential. Do not place the product underneath electrical lines. Keep children away during assembly. This product contains small parts which can be swallowed by children. Keep fingers away from the places where they can be pinched or trapped. Do not attempt to assemble the gazebo if any parts are missing.

  • Izi zidapangidwa kuti zizigwiritsidwa ntchito panja panja.
  • Chogulitsiracho chiyenera kuyikidwa pamtunda wosalala, wopingasa.
  • Ensure enough clearance around the product. Before assembling the product, find level ground not less than 6′ (1.8 m) away from any structures or obstructions, such as fences, garages, houses, overhanging branches, laundry lines, or electrical wires.
  • This gazebo is not to be regarded as part of a building/house structure. The gazebo is to be anchored onto the ground for added safety. Do not assemble the gazebo onto soil/earth ground. It is best advisable to have the gazebo built onto a wooden deck or concrete ground for stability. If it is to be build onto a wooden deck/ground, do ensure that the wooden deck/ground has a strong foundation. It is advisable to use appropriate floor plugs (not provided) to anchor the gazebo onto the wooden/concrete ground.
  • Some structures may require two or more people to install safely. Check for underground utilities before digging or driving stakes into the ground.
  • Poikapo, tsatirani machenjezo onse otetezedwa operekedwa ndi zida zanu, ndipo gwiritsani ntchito magalasi otetezera.
  • In case you set up more than one gazebo, keep a minimum distance of 10′ (3 m) between the gazebos.
  • Msonkhano uliwonse kapena kukonza kwa mankhwalawa kuyenera kuchitidwa ndi akuluakulu okha.
  • Konzani antchito ofunikira posonkhanitsa kapena kusuntha katunduyo.
  • Mbali zina zimakhala ndi m'mbali mwake. Valani magolovesi oteteza ngati kuli kofunikira.
  • Sungani ana ndi ziweto kutali pamene mukukonza gazebo.
  • Yang'anani mtedza ndi ma bolts nthawi ndi nthawi kuti muwonetsetse kuti mabawuti/mtedza wakhazikika.
  • Kukonza ndi kusintha mbali ziyenera kuchitidwa ndi katswiri wodziwa ntchito yake.
  • This gazebo is intended for decorative and sunshade purposes only, and it is not designed to withstand harsh weather, including high winds, rain, and snow.
  • Do not light any fires inside or near the product!
  • Khalani chete ngati moto wabuka. Sakani potuluka pafupi. Musabwerere ku gazebo kale
  • ozimitsa moto amakulolani kutero.
  • Osapachika zolemera zolemera padenga.
  • Osakwera padenga la gazebo. Kugwa pa gazebo kumatha kuvulaza kwambiri.
  • Retain the original packaging to store the gazebo


  • Please read and understand this manual before any assembly. Before beginning the assembly of the product, make sure all parts are present. Compare parts with packaging contents list.
  • Posonkhanitsa matabwa, musawonjeze mabawuti kuti musagawe matabwa. Onani chithunzithunzi.
  • Ikani zigawo zonse kuchokera m'bokosi pamalo oyeretsedwa ndikuziyika pansi patsogolo panu.
  • Chotsani zida zonse zolongedza ndikuzibwezeretsanso m'bokosi. Osataya zinthu zolongedza katunduyo mpaka msonkhano utatha.
  • Zofunikira pakuphatikiza: (Zida zotsatirazi sizikuphatikizidwa)SUMMERCOVE-A102018600-11-ft-x-13-ft-Gray-Metal-Rectangle-Gazebo-with-Steel-Roof-fig-2



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Kusamalira ndi Kusamalira

Our steel components for garden accessories and furniture are treated with rust-inhibiting paint that protects it from rusting. However, due to the nature of steel, surface oxidation (rusting) will occur once these protective coatings are scratched. This is not a defect and thus not covered by the warranty. To minimize this condition, we recommend care when assembling & handling the product to prevent scratching the paint. Should any scratching or damage occur, we recommend immediate touch-up with rust-inhibiting paint. Surface rust can also be easily removed with a very light application of common cooking oil. If surface oxidation (rusting) occurs and if no measure is taken to prevent this, the oxidation may start dripping on to deck or patio and cause damaging stains, which may be difficult to remove. This can be prevented if the above-mentioned measures are taken to keep the product from oxidizing. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the stains as quickly as possible. If necessary, wash with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Periodically check and ensure that all bolts are well-tighten during use

Chitsimikizo Chaopanga Chocheperako

Sunjoy Group warrants to the original purchaser that this item is free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, provided the item was factory-sealed at the time of purchase and is maintained with care and used only for personal, residential purposes. Should any manufacturing defect arise within this warranty period, Sunjoy Group will replace (at our option) any defective merchandise or parts upon proof of purchase; however, transportation and delivery costs, as well as payments to a third party for assembly or disassembly of the item, remain the responsibility of the purchaser. A purchaser of an “open box,” previously returned, or “clearance” item, as well as original purchasers outside of the warranty period, may obtain replacement parts from Sunjoy Group for products in current production, at a nominal cost.


Items used for commercial, contract, or other non-residential purposes, or items damaged due to acts of nature, vandalism, misuse, or improper assembly are not covered. Corrosion or rusting of hardware is not covered. Proof of purchase (dated register receipt) is required for warranty claims. The warranty is to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Any replacement of warranted items will be in the original style and color, or a similar style and color if the original is unavailable or has been discontinued. As some states do not allow exclusions or limitations on an implied warranty, the above exclusions and limitations may not apply. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

  • Dziko lakochokera: China
  • Production Number: Kutchina

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SUMMERCOVE A102018600 11-ft x 13-ft Gray Metal Rectangle Gazebo with Steel Roof [pdf] Buku la Malangizo
A102018600 11-ft x 13-ft Gray Metal Rectangle Gazebo with Steel Roof, A102018600, 11-ft x 13-ft Gray Metal Rectangle Gazebo with Steel Roof, Gazebo with Steel Roof


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