SONOS ONE Integration Smart Speakers Installation Guide
SONOS ONE Integration Smart speaker

Sonos smart speakers can be added to an ecosystem to include audio automation as part of a smart home or business experience. Using the Customer app, users can control playback on their Sonos speakers, wherever they are.


Zindikirani: Some music streaming services (e.g., Spotify) require premium memberships to use with Sonos. For more information about which services require a premium membership, refer to the Sonos manufacturer.

  • Compatible mobile versions:
    •  iOS device with firmware version 8.0+
    • Android device with firmware version 2.1+
    • mobile app version 4.10.4+
  • Current versions of the Sonos mobile app and speaker software
  • Audio Integration service package add-on


  • Play audio (e.g., music or playlists) from a list of Favorites*
  • Control audio playback (i.e., play/pause, adjust volume, mute/un-mute)
  • Play audio on all speakers or speaker groups* (e.g., Dining Room)

*Zindikirani: Launch the Sonos app directly from the app for additional controls including audio source selection (e.g., stereo, Spotify, iTunes, etc.), speaker group management, and adding playlists or radio stations to your Favorites for playback in the app.


It is also possible to incorporate audio into Scenes to combine music, temperature control, and lighting to create the perfect ambiance. For more information about Scenes, see Scenes.
Malangizo a App

To integrate Sonos with

Zindikirani: customer accounts only support one Sonos household (i.e., account) at a time. For information about hardware installation, contact Sonos.

  1. Log into the Customer app.
  2. Dinani.
  3. Tap Audio
    Malangizo a App
  4. Using the dropdown menu, select Sonos and tap Start.
    Malangizo a App
  5. Dinani Pitilizani.

    Malangizo a App

  6. Enter the Sonos account information, then tap Sign In.
    Important: These credentials may differ from the customer’s login credentials.
    Malangizo a App
  7. Tap Okay.
    Malangizo a App
  8. Proceed through the rest of the on-screen instructions.

To play audio in the app

Important: In order to play audio within the app, it must be added to My Sonos. Once added, audio can be played normally or incorporated into Scenes.

  1. Log into the Customer app.
  2. Dinani.
  3. Dinani Audio.
  4. Dinani.
  5. Tap Open Sonos App.
  6. Tap next to any album, song, artist, podcast, etc.
  7. Tap Add [content] to My Sonos.
  8. Audio can now be played in the Audio card on the home screen.
    Malangizo a App

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