Skywin SW-PSVR-CDS PS4 Controller Charger Station



  • phukusi miyeso 15 x 8.9 x 3.31 mainchesi; Mapaundi a 2.2
  • KUMANGA Masewero a Video
  • BRAND Skywin
  • MITU YA NKHANI Makilogalamu 2


PSVR Charging Display Stand in One. Charge all four controllers at the same time. Each individual move and Dualshock Controller has an LED charge indicator. Display and charge your PSVR and controllers. PlayStation, PSVR, PS4 Dualshock Controller, and PS Move are all compatible. Separately sold controller





Organize and show any PS4 version, Dualshock Controllers, Move Controllers, Headphones, PSVR Processing Unit, and PSVR Headset.



Two Dualshock Controllers and two PlayStation Move Controllers must be charged.



The vertical stand also includes two high-speed ventilation fans that, when activated, can keep your gaming equipment cool and prolong its life.



LED indicators indicate charging status, and a front-facing 4-port USB HUB connects your other gaming accessories.

Mmene Mungagwiritsire ntchito

Connect the charging station to one or two wireless controllers. Align the controller’s charging terminals with the charging connector on the charging station. Hold down the controller button until it clicks. While the controller charges, the light bar on the controller slowly blinks orange.

Mafunso Ofunsidwa Kawirikawiri

Does the station charge the PlayStation Move Controllers?

No, the station is designed for the PlayStation Dualshock Controller and PlayStation Move.

Kodi miyeso ya charger ndi yotani?

The dimensions are 15 x 8.9 x 3.31 inches; 2.2 Pounds

Is this charging station compatible with PS4 Pro?

Yes, it is compatible with PS4 Pro.

Is this charging station compatible with PS VR?

Yes, it is compatible with PS VR.

Where can I obtain a user guide? This does not come with one, which is perplexing.

I received an email from the seller regarding my satisfaction shortly after purchasing it. You could try contacting them. This was purchased as a Christmas gift and has yet to be opened.

Will it be able to hold the original PlayStation 4s? Or only the most recent models?

Yes, it can accommodate the original PlayStation 4. I have the original, which fits perfectly.

Will it accommodate the slim PS4?

It houses all PlayStation 4 gaming systems. It works, but keep in mind that the image you’re looking at doesn’t include any wires. It works and holds everything together, but it is quite tall.

Are the move controller charging ports compatible with the original move controller port design, or are they only compatible with the updated move controller ports?

The original PS Move controllers (PS3 era) had “USB Mini” ports, whereas the new PSVR controllers have “USB Micro” ports. This stand features the new “USB Micro” for the PSVR’s updated controllers.

Will the processing unit and everything else fit in my original PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation VR 2?

The new version includes an insert for the second version of the VR processor unit, which fits perfectly.

Will this stand to support my first-generation PlayStation 4?

Yes. The stand features a spring mechanism that holds the original PS4 in place.

How do the indicator lights function? My devices do not appear to be charging, despite the fact that all of the indicator lights are blue.

Charging is indicated by red, and if blue, the controller is already charged.

When the VR headset is resting on it, how tall is it?

18in. If you show it like in the photo. It’s preferable to store the VR separately.

Is it necessary to connect both USB cables to the PS4?

Only one of the two USB cables is required.

I have the new PS VR and was wondering if it will charge the new PS move.

This will be ideal for use with the new PSVR equipment.

I’m completely perplexed. Is it necessary to turn it on in order to charge the controllers?

It’s strange because we connected it directly to the PS4 using the USB provided, and two of the four charging light indicators lit up, despite the fact that there are four controllers on the chargers. When you move one, the lights begin to blink on and off. They do not stay in place. We also tried directly connecting it to a power source, and I got the same result. Maybe mine was defective, but I doubt I’d buy it again. I also dislike the stand that holds the VR headset. It’s not very sturdy.

What are the dimensions of the stand? W x D x H?

8 1/4 x 14 x14.

I’m just looking for someone to tell me about the optional plug… Are there any links?

The power supply comes in two varieties: a circle plug that plugs into an external outlet to power the tower without using the PS4; and a rectangular plug that charges your remotes without turning on the PS4. The split chord is used to power the tower directly from the PS4, eliminating the need for additional power chords and fans to cool the PS4.

Is it possible to play the PlayStation while it is on this stand?

My husband did it once. But because he is sitting quite far away from where he sits to play, charging it while playing is a bit of a hassle for him.

What kind of AC adapter do I require for this?

I’ve been looking for the right one. The issue is the size of the pin connecting to the stand. As long as the pin is the correct size, any AC-to-DC converter that outputs 5 volts and can handle 2 to 3 amps will work. The pins on the ones I tried were too wide.

In the meantime, I’m using a Monster wall plug with a USB connector for tablets and phones. Then I got a USB cable extender (which has a male and female connector on one end). One end is plugged into the wall, and the other is connected to the USB that is hanging out.


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