SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera

SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera

The SJCAM SJB Dual-Screen Action camera is specifically designed to meet current demands and growing trends. Aside from the variety of functions like high-definition digital video recording. photo capture, and WiFi Remote control, it also features a removable battery, waterproof case. and other accessories that make the SJ8 Dual-Screen Camera perfect for various outdoor sports, vehicle sports. water sports activities, anywhere and anytime.
Please read the user manual carefully before using the camera for the first time.
Operating Safety Guide

  1.  This camera uses high-precision components. Do not drop.
    Keep the camera unit away from strong magnetic fields, such as magnets, electrical motors. and machinery that use strong radio waves.
  2. Only use a Class 10 or higher MicroSD card from popular brands. Maximum supported capacity is 128GB.
  3. This camera model is not waterproof without the waterproof housing. It is strongly advised to only use the camera near water when it is in the waterproof housing. The waterproof housing can go down to a maximum of 30 meters underwater.
  4. Do not remove the MicroSD card while the camera is on. Doing so may result in data corruption and your flies may not be recoverable.
  5. The camera may be hot during operation. this is normal especially when recording in ultra high resolutions.
    However, if the camera overheats, emits smoke, immediately remove the charger from the power source to prevent fre or injury.
  6. During charging. make sure to keep the unit and charger away from children. pets. and places with water. It is recommended to remove the charger once charging is finished.
  7. Never leave the camera in high-temperature areas. Electronics and optics can be damaged under prolonged exposure to heat.
  8. Little details of life: · Always check the waterproof housing’s seals for dirt. dust. or hair to keep water and moisture out. Damage resulting from water ingress is not covered in the warranty. • Always store extra batteries in a sealed compartment away from sharp metal objects and away from moisture.
    Dispose damaged batteries immediately in proper recycling facilities in your area.
    · Always store your camera in a cool, dry and dust-free place. Only use the included soft microfber cloth to clean the lens.

Do not disassemble the camera, this may damage internal components (swill automatically void vour warranty. For technical support, you may contact us by creating a ticket at

Mafotokozedwe Akatundu

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera

OK Button in Video mode: Starts and stops video recording.
OK Button in Photo mode: Takes pictures Power button: Long press the power button 3-5 seconds to turn the camera on or off.
Front display: 1.3″ inch LCD front screen Charging interface: The charging interface is USB Type-C
Display: High Definition 2.33″ inch IPS touch screen LCD Storage: MicroSD card up to 128GB, via the memory card slot found next to the battery inside the battery compartment. Your memory card may need to be formatted on the frst time you use it, and in cases when reinserting the card into the camera after being used in other devices. Go to Settings, look for Format, then confrm formatting on screen

Waterproof Housing Operating Instructions

Open the waterproof housing

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 9

  1. Place the camera inside the waterproof housing to make it waterproof.
  2. To open the waterproof housing for the first time, please follow the graphic tutorials to avoid damaging it (please refer to the above pictures).
  3. Test the waterproof housing before first use. Take out the camera from the waterproof housing, put a paper towel in, lock the back door, and and test it by submerging it completely in water.
  4. Always check whether the waterproof case is tightly closed before using the camera in water (press a few times after closing the cover).
  5. Before opening the waterproof housing after each use, always wipe off excess water on the outside of the waterproof housing to avoid water ingress.
  6. Do not expose the waterproof housing to the sun for prolonged periods. Make sure it is kept completely dry after each use.

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 1


Battery Compartment/Memory Card

Malangizo Ogwira Ntchito
@ Opening the battery compartment
@e Insert the memory card

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - FeaturedSJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 2Image


Chip Novatek 96675
kachipangizo SONY
kabowo Fl.6
Kutalika kwamtsogolo 3.08mm
Sewero 2.33″ main touch screen+1.3″ front screen
Kusintha kwavidiyo 4K(38402160)30FPS 2K(25601440)30FPS 1296P(23041296)30Fp5 1080P(1920 1080)30/60FPS
Audio 1 maikolofoni (Yogwirizana ndi maikolofoni akunja)
Maikolofoni yakunja Support
Mavidiyo a mtundu MP4
Kusunga makanema H.264 / H.265
Kusintha kwazithunzi 20M(51843888) 16M(46083456) 14M(43203240) 12M(40323024) 10M(36482736) 8M(32642448)
5M(2592’1944) 3M(20481536) 2M(16001200)
Chithunzi cha zithunzi JPG
Nthawi zambiri 50Hz / 60Hz
Battery maluso 1200mAh batire yochotseka
Kusakaniza kwa USB TYPE-C
yosungirako Khadi yaying'ono SD, chithandizo chachikulu cha 128GB
mphamvu 5V2A
Zotsatira zavidiyo AV
Kutalika kwa batri 4K30FPS / Pafupifupi 120mins
kulipiritsa nthawi Pafupifupi 130mins
gawo 62.5X41X28.Smm
Kunenepa 80g
Makina ogwira ntchito Windows 7.SX/ OS x·· 10.8 or higher
Language English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Simplified Chinese/ Japanese/ Traditional Chinese/ Russian/ Romanian/ Polish/ Czech/ Slovak/ Hungarian/ Danish/Dutch/ Turkish/ Thai/ Finnish

Front and Back Screen Switching Instructions

  1. While on power-on state, long press the OK button to switch between the front and back screens.
  2. While on standby, swipe down to display the drop-down menu. and click the small screen display icon to switch to the front screen.

Opaleshoni Guide

Drop Down Screen
Quick settings: WiFi connection. remote control, screen switching. lock screen function.

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 3

Pull up screen
Quick setting: video, photo mode

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 4

It will automatically enter the Video mode when it is turned on. Short press the OK button to start recording. You can also slide up the screen to enter the mode menu, click
the Video icon to enter the video mode, and short press the OK button to start recording.
Zindikirani: The camera will remember the last mode that was used when powering on.
After powering on, swipe the screen left or right to switch to Photo mode. You can also swipe the screen up to enter the modes menu. then tap the camera icon to enter the Photo mode. Short press the OK button to take photos.
When the camera is in the standby mode. click the Play SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Iconor El the lower left corner of the screen to view the videos or photos stored in the memory card.
Current Mode Settings Menu
Access the settings of the current mode you are in, and make changes that affects only the particular mode.
System setting menu: Click the System setting icon SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Icon 1 in the lower right corner to enter the camera system setting menu.
akutali Control
While on standby state, swipe down from the top of the screen to display a set of icons, click the Remote Control icon and click pairing. the camera will show you instructions and then press the Photo and Video buttons on the remote control at the same time. The camera will indicate when pairing is successful.
Zindikirani: Remote control imagulitsidwa mosiyana.

Kufotokozera Kwabatani Lakutali

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 4

  1. Power button: Turn the camera off
  2. Photo button Take photos
  3. WIFI button Turn WIFI on or off
  4. Recording button: Start or stop recording
    Zindikirani: Remote control imagulitsidwa mosiyana.

Kulumikizana kwa WiFi
This camera can be connected to smart phones and tablets via WiFi (Android or I0S), please follow the steps below.

  1. Install the “SJCAM Zone” app on your smart phone or tablet (Android or 105). You can scan the corresponding QR code on the manual. or you can visit the official download.
  2. Swipe down the screen after turning on the camera, the WiFi icon will appear on the screen. click to turn on WIFi
  3. Turn on the WiFi function on the device, search the camera WiFi name and connect. The initial password is 12345678. SJ8 Dual Screen WiFi Name: SJ8 DualScreen_XXXXXXXX
  4. After the Wifi connection is successful. start the SJ CAM Zone app.

Kutsitsa Kwa App

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera -QR

Scan the code and download the APP
This product can be connected to smart phones and tablets (Android or IOS system).

Mndandanda wazolongedza

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 4

Zina Zoyamba

3M double adhesive pads: These arc spare adhesive pads for mounting your camera to a flat or curved surface.
Lens cleaning cloth: For wiping dust off the lens
Helmet base: An accessory used to mount the camera on the helmet, which can be attached by using the adhesive pad at the bottom.
Protective lens cover: Put the protective lens cover the lens bezel when the camera is not in use to prevent scratches and from dust getting on the lens.
Chingwe cha USB: Used to charge the camera or connect to a computer for data transfer.

Accessories Installation Tutorial

Suitable for SJCAM sports cameras
SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 4*Please purchase separately according to the usage scenario.
Floater Bobber Installation

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 4

Wristband Installation

SJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Fig 9

Product features may change with product upgrades or updates, please refer to the actual product specifications.
For additional support requests or technical questions, please contact SJ CAM customer service.
Takulandirani kudzacheza ndi mkuluyu website of SJCAM or call the service hotline: +086-18118714563

Made by Shenzhen ZhenCheng Technology Co .. Ltd.
3/F Building C, NO.2 Road 1, Shangxue Indust rialArea Bantian,
Longgang District, Shenzhen, China Technical Support Official
webtsamba: Chopangidwa ku ChinaSJCAM SJ8 Dual Screen Action Camera - Icon 2

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