Sierra Comfort ‎SC-901 All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table



  • Read all instruction before assembly and use.
  • Thoroughly inspect your table prior to use.
  • Do not proceed in using the table if any parts are missing, broken, or misassembled.
  • Do not apply more than 450 lbs. (204.1 kg) of total weight (working weight) to your table. The total weight includes the downward weight added through the pressures applied during treatment.
  • Do not allow more than one person on the table at a time.
  • When moving on and off the table, do so with ease. Do not jump or stand on the table top.
  • All four table legs should be set at the same adjustable height and remain on a firm and level surface.


  1. Sierra Comfort guarantees that all new purchases, referred to hereinafter as the “product,” are free from any manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.
  2. This warranty is applicable only to defects in workmanship and material and does not apply to normal wear and tear; altered or removed parts; improper use; bad assembly; lack of maintenance; accidents; spills; exposure to extreme conditions; or incidental and consequential costs such as storage, telephone, rental, shipping, transportation, inconvenience, loss of income, loss of time, or other consequential damages.
  3. If a product is damaged in shipment or fails to function properly upon delivery, Sierra Comfort will replace the product in full. If a replacement part is needed, we will ship the associated part to the original purchaser at our expense. The customer is responsible for all warranty shipment costs and any product shipped by the purchaser for inspection or repair must be shipped with transportation costs prepaid.
  4. Our limited warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase and is applicable only to the original purchaser. This limited warranty covers all mechanical features, the table legs, head cradle assembly, arm sling, and all associated hardware.
  5. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing defective parts or replacing parts as necessary to remove malfunction from defects in material as covered by our warranty. Sierra Comfort reserves the right to improve the design of its product without any obligation to improve a product previously manufactured.


  1. Place the table on its side with the handle straps facing upward.
  2. Release the buckles on the end of the table. Open the table half-way and remove all accessories.
  3. Stand behind the table and grasp both handles. Pull the straps toward you so that the table straightens and the legs release.
  4. Turn the table upright by lifting up on the straps. Once all four table legs are positioned on the ground, push downward on the middle of the table so that it is level.


The table accessories are optional and may not have been included with your table. To view a full list of the accessories included with your model, or to purchase additional accessories, please visit our webtsamba pa

he headrest is the crescent shaped base that supports the face cushion at the end of your table. The headrest is adjustable in order to provide comfort for all unique individuals. Use the adjustment lever to lock / unlock the hinge and find the proper angle.

  1. Insert the tubular arms of the face cradle into the circular openings at the end of the table.
  2. Position the lock lever so that it extends out horizontally.
  3. Adjust the headrest as desired and then move the level downwards to lock into place.


 The side arm extensions add additional width and optional support at the sides of the table. The arms are secured by inserting the bars into the holes located on each side of the table.

To adjust the height of your table, unscrew all knobs located at each leg. Adjust all four legs evenly up or down and screw the knobs back into position to secure the height.

The armrest shelf is positioned below the headrest and is used as a support device for an individual’s forearms to rest. Using the straps attached, hang the armrest shelf from the headrest bars and adjust to the optimum height.

  1. Insert the headrest tubular arms through the loops of the two black arm shelf straps.
  2. Insert the headrest tubular arms into the headrest holes in the table.
  3. Place the remaining strap over the middle portion of the headrest.
  4. Thread the strap through its buckle.
  5. Adjust the arm shelf to the desired horizontal position and tighten all straps accordingly.
  6. Attach the headrest pillow to the headrest with the provided fasteners.


When moving onto the table, be sure to sit gently at its center before lying across. The maximum working weight of the table is 450 pounds. The working weight is the weight of the individual on the table plus the maximum amount of downward pressure being applied by the masseuse. Do not exceed the listed maximum working weight. Doing so may result in serious injury and/or damage to your table.

 When not in use, store the table in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not expose the table to extreme temperatures or moisture.


Remove daily dirt and grime from the table with a mild soap and warm water solution. Dry with soft, lint-free cloth. When disinfecting, use an isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) based hospital grade disinfectant cleaner. Be sure it is approved for use on polyurethane vinyl. For minor stains, use a mild non-abrasive cleaner on a damp nsalu. Pang'onopang'ono pukutani pamwamba kuti muchotse banga ndikutsuka bwino ndi madzi ofunda. Yanikani ndi nsalu yofewa yopanda lint.

Gome la kutikita minofu limapangidwa ndi matabwa olimba omwe amasankhidwa ndipo amamalizidwa ndi lacquer yomwe imasowa chisamaliro chapadera. Ngati mungafune, mutha kupukuta nthawi zina ndi zinthu zabwino zamatabwa.

Kuti mumve zambiri komanso mafunso okhudzana ndi malonda ndi/kapena ntchito zathu, chonde tiyendereni pa Kuti mupeze thandizo lina, mutha kulumikizana nafe pa

The recommendations and suggestions regarding the use, care, and assembly of our products are meant to serve as a guide and not guarantee the performance of any given product. Sierra Comfort does not reserve the right to control the use of its product. We are not responsible if our products are used in a way that is not intended and/or not in accordance with local, state, or federal law.

Sierra Comfort will not be held liable under any circumstance for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages including loss of profit, production, or malfunctioning of the product. There are inherent risks involved in using any product, including serious physical injury or death. We make no claims to the suitability of products on our website or our promotional material (print, radio, television, and web) with regard to product quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose and is free from any liability associated with the purchase. Buyer takes full responsibility and risk for the product upon submitting payment and releases Sierra Comfort from any and all personal injuries, loss, damage, or cost incurred as a result of buying or operating products.

This disclaimer is exclusive and replaces all others, oral or written, expressed or implied, and cannot be modified or extended by any Sierra Comfort employee, advertiser, or distributor. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liabilities for incidental or consequential damages and in such cases, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Mafunso Ofunsidwa Kawirikawiri

What is the difference between the SC-901 and the SC-905?

The SC-905 has a built in heat option.

What is the heaviest weight that this table can support?

The majority of massage tables can easily support 300 lbs. Adjust the legs to the lowest level if you are dealing with a heavier client to prevent strain on the leg joint.

What is the weight of the table?

It weighs roughly 33 lbs in total, and the handle and shoulder strap evenly distribute the weight. It is really well-made, durable, and simple to assemble and disassemble. I adore this table! My spouse was weighed both on and off the table. The 33 to 34 pound weight range, in my opinion, is a fine one. Not 40 to 50 as one commenter below said.

When being utilized, does this table creak? When someone gets on and off, is it silent or does it produce noise?

No, the table is excellent, quiet, and smells just normal. It is a great purchase.

Would this table be appropriate for face-down recovery?

That is the exact reason I bought this table. It’s not something I advise using for this. To fix a detached retina, I had a vitrectomy. This table was really unpleasant for face-down recovery, but I’m sure it would be fantastic for short-term use as a massage table.

Is this table cushion thick enough to prevent discomfort to a woman’s breasts when resting on it?

I can understand your query because I’m big-busted. On this table, I can settle in and stay there for a while. Using either the face piece or only the aperture in the main section of the table, it is a comfortable table to lay face down. No one has yet voiced any criticisms!

Is there a shoulder strap included with the carrying case? I decided to ask because it doesn’t seem to be the case.

It does, indeed! It also includes a strap that you can use to attach your hand that is approximately halfway down.

Is the height of the bed adjustable?

It is. provides excellent massage when standing or sitting thanks to its many height adjustments.

How long is this table when the face cradle is present?

It measures 82″ long when the face cradle is attached, according to the description.

Do the support bars really need to be installed? They make a sideward bow.

I just use mine approximately twice a week for evaluations in my personal training studio, so I don’t use it every day, but I don’t instal the safety bars, and I haven’t had any problems.

Is the face cradle tiltable and vertically adjustable?

Only up and down tilts the face cradle. No vertical adjustments are available.