SEGA Game Gear LCD Replacement MOD REV4.0
Quick Guide PCB Revision 837-7996 / 837-7719-01 VA0 (2 ASIC)

chisamaliro! Installing the LCD replacement is on your own risk! Your Game Gear could be damaged, if you are not able to do this modification!Liability impossible!

GG-kit, VGA connector with screws, 24 wires round about 15 cm (6 inches) length (old IDE cable)

Step: Remove not needed Parts and 5 Volt check


chisamaliro! Make sure that all power is off. Disconnect ALL cables.

  1. Remove R33, R34, R32, R30, R29, R41, R38, R44 and R43 (9 resistors)
  2. Remove L2 coil
  3. Remove Q6 and Q2 transistors; also remove Q3 and Q4 (see picture step 3)
  4. Remove C32 and C33 capacitors
  5. Remove LCD; peel off the ribbon cable carefully from the GG PCB like tape
  6. Remove middle plastic screw-mounting of the upper housing with pliers
  7. Remove CFL Lamp and fuses FU1 and FU2
    !!! Now check the 5 Volt with a voltmeter at VCC / GND of the Game Gear. If the voltage exceeds 5.45 Volt, repair your GG ! Otherwise the GG mod will be damaged !!!SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-1

2. Step: VGA connector (if needed)


Connect the pins 6, 7 and 8 together. Solder 6 wires to the pins 1, 2, 3, 13, 14 and (6, 7, 8) to the VGA connector.SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-3

Now solder the other side of the wires to the GG mod.SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-4

!!! chisamaliro !!!
Don’t damage the ribbon cable / FPC of the LCD !You may disconnect the FPC, but don’t forget to connect it correct after soldering.!!! Use hot glue for the internal screws of VGA connector. Otherwise the screws may cause short circuit !!!

3. Step: Slide the GG mod onto the GG PCB and solder data lines


First solder 1 wire to VCC of the GG mod and 1 wire to GND of the GG mod and leave the other ends. Now slide the GG mod onto the Game Gear PCB and solder the 2 wires VCC and GND of the GG mod to the Game Gear PCB. DON’T MIX THEM UP!!!Solder 1 wire from T10 to T11 on the Game Gear Board.SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-6

Now solder 1 wire from CLK_32MHz of the GG mod to FB1 on the Game Gear PCB. Then solder 1 wire from GG / SMS of the GG mod to PIN 42 of the Game Gear cartridge port.SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-7

Solder also 1 wire from TV of the GG mod kit to PIN 43 of the Game Gear cartridge port. Solder 4 wires from BUT1, BUT2, BUT3 and BUT_UP of the GG mod to BUT1, BUT2, BUT3 and BUT_UP of the Game Gear PCB. (If you don’t use the VGA out, you don’t need to solder the wire BUT_UP). Solder 1 wire from BACKLIGHT (BL left) of the GG mod to PIN1 of the thumbwheel and 1 wire from BACKLIGHT (BL right) of the GG mod to PIN 2 of the thumbwheel.  Then solder 1 wire from CSync of the GG mod to T2 of the GG PCB. Last step is to solder 6 wires from the old LCD ribbon CL2 (PIN9), D1 (PIN16), D0 (PIN18), DW (PIN20), D2 (PIN39) and D3 (PIN57) to CL2, D1, D0, DW, D2 and D3 of the GG mod. !!! At last check all connections again !!! You can switch scanlines, retro-style and scaling ON / OFF by pressing the buttons START, FIRE1 and FIRE2 together and hold. For switching to VGA mode you need to hold START and button UP.

BTW: If you want to use an 3.5″ IPS LCD, put a solder blob onto jumper JMP1! —SEGA-GG-MCW-Game-Gear-LCD-Mod-FIG-8

If you made everything correct, you’ll love it!

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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