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Gen 2 Recipe Prep ndi Storage Station

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1x Prepping Work Station **
6x Mini Containers
2x Small Containers
2x Medium Containers
3x Large Containers & Lids
1x XL Container & Lid
2x Storage/Scrap Drawers
1x Cutting Board **
1x Mobile Device Stand
1x Mandolin Slicer
1x madzi
1x Zester
1x Grater
1x 5-in-1 Peeler
1x Finger Guard
1x Accessory Holder

6 Mini Containers
– Great for spices, seasoning, oils, and condiments
– Measurements in teaspoons and tablespoons
Small & Medium Containers
– Stand-alone measuring containers that also nest inside the large container
– Measurements in cups, ounces & milliliters
Mobile Device Stand
– Clips onto back of central workstation
– Houses up to 12″ mobile device
5-in-1 Peeler
– Features peeler, julienne peeler, potato notch, green stripper and bottle opener
Zala Zam'manja
– Clips over other prepping tools to protect fingers
– Doubles as a garlic crusher
Prepping Work Station **
– Central hub
– Accommodates containers & other features
Juicer, Grater, Zester, Mandolin
– Clip directly to the large container
– Perfect for prepping ingredients
Large & XL Containers
– Lids included
– Measurement markings in cups, ounces & mililiters
Storage and Scraps Drawers
– Collect cutoffs. Removable for easy clean up
– Storage for utensils, knives or prepping tools
Chowonjezera Chothandizira
– Holds all of Prepdeck included prepping tools
– Removable
Cutting Board**
– Magnetically secured to the unit for easy cleaning
– Doubles as the systems enclosure
** Hand wash only.

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Kudula Bodi
Attaches to the unit with a strong magnetic strip. Simply guide the cutting board into the bottom of the unit and the magnet will securely attach it. Lightly pull the board
before use to ensure that it is in place. *Printed side is not to be used as a cutting surface. PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 1Accessories & Lids
Lids conveniently attach to the large & XL containers

  1. Tools clip directly onto the large container
  2. When desired, inset a medium and small containers inside the large prior to use

PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 2Finger Guard/ Garlic Crusher

  1. Place finger guard onto either the zester, slicer or garter
  2. Place the small items for slicing inside, then slide the finger guard up & down with downward pressure
  3. Continue to press down + hold down the sides of the lower to secure in position, move the guard slowly in both directions to prep your ingredientsPREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 3

Mobile Device Stand

  1. Place the stand in the slot located on the back of the Prepdeck unit
  2. Make sure that the colored strip is facing up
  3. Push down to lock it into place & it’s ready for use
    PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 4

5-in-1 peeler
The 5-in-1 peeler features a peeler, julienne peeler, potato eyer, green stripper and bottle opener.

  1. Push down the button in and rotate to switch from peeler to julienne peeler and vise versa.
  2. The bar will lock into place when the other peeler reached the correct position.
  3. Pull leafy herbs through the provided guides to remove leafs
    PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 5

Tips & Accessories Holder

The holder is built to fit in one of your storage drawers of the unit or can fit in most kitchen drawers with its low lying buildPREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 6

Medium containers can be stacked within the large & XL  containers. Small containers only fit in large containers.PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 7Kudula Bodi
When attaching a new board, make sure the bottom edge is aligned to the bottom edge of the work station
PREPDECK Gen 2 Recipe Prep and Storage Station - fig 8


For your peace of mind, Prepdeck purchases are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If a manufacturing defect is found, we will be happy to repair or replace the defective part, including all delivery charges.
A manufacturing defect is defined as any fault in the product’s materials or workmanship, which is present at time of receipt.
Damages caused as a result of the following conditions are not classed as manufacturing defects, and will not be covered by our guarantee:

  • Kuwonongeka mwangozi
  • Acceptable (normal) wear and tear
  • Damage caused by abuse or negligence
  • Staining caused by strongly coloured foods/spices
  • Melting caused by overheating
  • Scoring of boards

We do not guarantee products which:

  • Have not been used or maintained in accordance with the Care Instructions
  • Any product which has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Prepdeck
  • Were purchased as pre-owned, refurbished or sold as seen
  • Were purchased via an unauthorised reseller

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