Phoenix FS0440 SERIES Fire FighterPhoenix-FS0440-SERIES-Fire-Fighter-product

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sets new standards for fire and security protection and is an ideal safe for small to medium-sized enterprises.

  • FIRE PROTECTION (PAPER) – Tested to Swedish NT Fire 017-90 Paper (FS0441 & FS0442), NT Fire 017-120 Paper (FS0444), providing up to 120 minutes of fire protection for paper documents.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (DIGITAL MEDIA) – Tested to MTC DIP120-60DM fire test standard, providing 60 minutes fire protection for digital media, DVDs, USB’s, memory sticks and hard drives.
  • SECURITY PROTECTION – The safe is recommended for an overnight cash risk of £2,500 or £25,000 valuables*.
  • DROP TEST – Fire and impact tested from 9.1 metres for resistance to the impact of falling through the burning floors of a building.
  • FITTINGS – Each safe comes complete with height adjustable shelf and lockable cash/valuables drawer.
  • LOCKING – FS0440K – Fitted with a high quality key lock supplied with two keys. FS0440E – Fitted with an advanced high security electronic lock with clear LED display, dual control, hidden code & scrambled code that can be programmed as standard.
    • FS0440F – Fitted with an advanced high security touchscreen keypad & fingerprint lock with clear LED display, internal alarm, dual control, hidden code and scrambled code that can be programmed as standard with up to 128 fingerprints.
  • FIXING – Ready prepared for floor fixing with fixing bolts for concrete supplied.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES – Fitted with automatic slam shut door locking.
  • COLOUR – Finished in a high quality scratch resistant white paint RAL9003.
  • GDPR - Maintain GDPR Compliance at home or in the office by keeping your company’s vital and important records secure and protected.Phoenix-FS0440-SERIES-Fire-Fighter-fig-1Phoenix-FS0440-SERIES-Fire-Fighter-fig-2
  • This information is provided as a guide only. Actual capacities may vary depending on the storage method or shelving used.+ The internal drawer reduces internal height by 95mm


Ratings are approximate only and may vary due to area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.

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