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Philips N7506 Neckband PC Mahedifoni



  • BRAND Philips
  • DZINA LA Model N7506
  • COLOR Black
  • FOMU YOFUNIKA M'makutu
  • NEODYMIUM DRIVERS 13 mamilimita
  • phukusi miyeso 98 x 7.36 x 6.02 mainchesi
  • MITU YA NKHANI Ma 96 ounces
  • ZOCHITIKA 1 Mabatire a Lithium Polymer amafunikira.


  • Phokoso Kuletsa Mahedifoni


Philips N7506 Neckband Noise Canceling Flagship Headphones are designed for busy execs and frequent travelers. You get state-of-the-art noise canceling technology, combined with 13 mm neodymium drivers, Hi-Res Audio Wireless, and LDAC support. Apart from outstanding sound quality, you can also choose from 4 listening modes: noise reduction mode, ambient sound mode, adaptive mode, and normal mode. When you get an incoming call, the neckband gently vibrates. 4 noise-canceling microphones ensure crystal clear calls, whether you’re at the airport, out on the streets, or in a crowded cafe. You can mute your mic with one tap of the handy mute button if any disturbances occur. These neck-mount headphones are lightweight and fit for travel. You can easily slip them into your pocket, and the horseshoe-shaped collar fits snugly around your neck without interfering with your hands. Bluetooth multipoint pairing lets you connect two devices simultaneously to boost productivity, and you can use the touch panel on the neckband to wake your phone’s voice assistant.




  • FOCUS WITH NOISE CANCELING PRO: Two feed-forward mics and a back-feed noise-reduction mic detect and reduce real-time environmental noise, so you can enjoy a benchmark listening experience, wherever you are.
  • CRAFTED FOR LISTENING: These neck-mounted headphones are Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified with LDAC support. 13 mm neodymium drivers deliver superior audio quality, and you can choose from 4 custom listening modes.
  • LONG-WEARING COMFORT: Weighing just 84 grams, these headphones are purpose-built for traveling. You can easily bring them onto the plane with you, and the magnetic earbuds stick together conveniently to prevent entanglement.
  • CLEAR CALLS ANYWHERE: 4 noise-canceling microphones ensure excellent call clarity, while sidetone technology makes your voice sound more natural. If you’re having an important conference call at the airport or in a busy cafe, just press the mute button to tune out any background noise.
  • EFFORTLESS MULTITASKING WITH BLUETOOTH MULTIPOINT: Philips N7506 can boost productivity by connecting to your phone and your laptop simultaneously. For faster speed and more reliable connection, plug the included USB dongle directly into your laptop’s USB-C port.
  • WORRY-FREE WATER RESISTANCE: These IP54-rated water-resistant headphones are tough and unafraid of a little rain or dust.
  • SIMPLY ELEGANT: These wireless headphones boast a sleek and low-key appearance, with elegant curves and a beautiful iron gray finish. The horseshoe-shaped collar fits snugly around your neck without interfering with your busy hands.
  • LISTEN ALL DAY LONG: These headphones last up to 20 hours (15 hours with ANC), more than enough for your frequent flights and conference calls, and you can easily charge them via USB-C.
  • MALANGIZO OTHANDIZA: Tap your neckband to pause music, pick up calls, activate ANC, and mute your microphone. Use the left and right touch panels to turn on awareness mode and wake your voice assistant.

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How long do neckband headphones last?

The gadget has a 20-hour battery life on a single charge and is sweat- and splash-proof thanks to its IPX5 rating, making it perfect for your workouts.

What is the life of neckband earphones?

On a full charge, it has a playback time of 100 hours and a standby time of 360 days.

How do you maintain neckband headphones?

Take Care to store them. Your first line of defence should be to store your headphones properly. Keep the cable and earbuds clean. Check Connections; Use the Cleaning Tool; and Keep them dry, change the sleeves, invest in long-lasting listening products, and keep them dry.

Kodi tingagone ndi zomvera m'makutu?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to use headphones and get a decent night’s rest. In fact, falling asleep to your favourite music has a variety of advantages for your health, including: Relaxation – Various studies have demonstrated that the relaxation response is brought about by listening to the appropriate music.

Why do people wear neckband headphones?

First and foremost, fit and comfort are important considerations. The best neckband headphones take care of the headaches and stuffiness that can result from wearing traditional headphones over the head all day.

How do you take care of a Bluetooth neckband?

To drain the water that has accumulated inside the neckband speaker, wipe off the moisture from its surface and place the neckband speaker on a soft, dry surface. After that, dry the neckband speaker in a well-ventilated area until no moisture is left.

Do neckband earphones have mic?

These in-ear headphones feature a microphone and convenient in-line controls so you can take calls while you’re on the go. They also boast good audio quality.

Are neckband headphones durable?

The fact that most neckband headphones are easily breakable is a widespread problem. Because it is constructed of soft-stitched sheepskin nappa leather, the neckband itself is quite durable. These headphones are resilient and can withstand being folded or twisted.

Do noise canceling headphones really work?

Mwamwayi, mahedifoni oletsa phokoso ndi abwino kwambiri pochepetsa phokoso lozungulira ngakhale sakuimba nyimbo. Amatha kuchepetsa phokoso la misewu yodzaza ndi anthu kapena masitolo. Komabe, iwo amathandiza kwambiri phokoso lozungulira, lomwe limakhala phokoso lokhazikika komanso lobwerezabwereza.

How do you activate noise cancellation?

Speakers and microphones are used in Active Noise Cancellation to lessen ambient noise. The most popular kind, these are typically found in over-ear headphones. It is now possible to use technology in true wireless in-ear earphones because it has shrunk so much and become so battery-efficient.

How long do noise Cancelling headphones last?

The battery typically lasts for 16 hours when fully charged. When operating in noisy environments or at higher volume levels, battery life decreases more quickly.

Does noise cancelling damage?

No, in a nutshell, to that question. Some claim they initially hear a low hissing sound, but this sound quickly fades and won’t hurt your hearing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your volume and make sure it isn’t too loud.

Who benefits from noise-cancelling headphones?

Using noise-cancelling headphones will improve your ability to focus. When there is a lot of noise all around you, it is challenging to concentrate. If you want to be able to focus on your work, your studies, or anything else you are doing, turn down the noise around you.

Does noise cancelling work on calls?

During phone calls, noise cancellation doesn’t transfer. Although it shields the wearer of headphones from background noise, the call recipient is not shielded from it and will likely hear it.

Can I sleep with noise Cancelling headphones?

As long as you’re comfortable, you can use noise-canceling headphones instead of earplugs, which might be dangerous if worn at night. Noise-canceling headphones are a fantastic alternative.

Why is noise-cancelling not working?

If dirt or earwax accumulates in the region depicted below, Active Noise Cancellation may occasionally be compromised. If this occurs, you can encounter: a reduction in bass sound. a rise in ambient noise, such as traffic or aeroplane noise

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