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CBX17 Mainline Inspection System

Inspect your unit carefully upon receipt. Let us know right away of any damage you may note.
Included with your purchase are:
MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - icon 1WiFi Router (dongle) enables wireless connection to your phone or tablet (with our Viewer APP). Plugs in to USB port. See separate instructions for WiFi  operations.
MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - icon 2Removable USB (flash) drive

Please read these instructions and follow the steps in the PGR200, PGR400 Reel Set Up Guide before you use your system.
Do a test recording before you perform your first job in the field.

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 1

Malangizo Oyendera Information Systems

All products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase.
All products are individually tested prior to shipment. Damage due to negligence, abnormal usage, accidents,or alteration is not covered by this warranty. ExampZowonongeka zomwe sizinaphimbidwe ndi chitsimikizo:
Help prevent repairs, see our Care Tips back cover

Cholumikizira Chamutu cha Kamera Yowonongeka Kutha
For PGR systems: see back page for how to care for the camera head connection.
For our older systems with pin connectors on the camera head, we recommend keeping the head attached to the push rod at all times to avoid accidental damage.

Zolumikizira Zowonongeka kapena Zosweka
For current PGR systems with a patch cord:

  • See how to connect to control box, pg 1.
  • The patch cord should NOT be disconnected from the push rod reel. Check occasionally to make sure it is snug.

Zenera la safiro losweka
The sapphire is nearly as hard as diamond; however it can break with extreme impact, especially on sharp edges of broken concrete or clay tile. Using our IceBall, Snoball or  other protective guides greatly reduces impact to the camera head.

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 2

Pushrod Wowonongeka
The camera should not be forced through blockages. This can cause the wires inside the push rod to become kinked, buckled or severed. Guides and running water can help  reduce friction as you push the camera through a pipe.

Controls and Ports

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 3

Kugwiritsa ntchito System

We strongly recommend doing a test recording BEFORE you perform your first inspection in the field.
Keep the shipping caps that are on the ends of the camera head and the push rod. Use them to protect these connections whenever you remove the camera head in the future.


MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 4

ex: 20180205-02.mp4 – would be the third video recorded on Feb. 5, 2018 the first will be “20180205-00”, the second “20180205-01”, etc.

– Push POWER button. Blue light around switch will glow.
Wait about 30 seconds for MyTana logo to appear.
Recharge the internal battery by plugging the unit in to a standard wall outlet. Store the unit with half charge and in cool temperatures to extend battery life.
Transmit mode drains battery more quickly, use this only when locating 512Hz signal from camera head.MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 5


  • Push REC/PAUSE
  • Use the Control Panel arrow buttons▲▼ to choose the drive you want to record to: Internal, External or Both.
    If external, be sure to insert USB (flash) drive in USB port.
    You can copy or move recordings to a different drive later. (see File Management menu selections next pages)
  • Push MENU/OK to start recording.
    Red dot appears on screen and timer will start.
  • Push STOP/BACK to stop recording.

MUTE is the default setting for recording, meaning NO sound will be recorded (MUTE is ON if you see “MUTE” on the screen).
NG2 units have no speaker for playback, so sound can only be heard when playing back on a computer.
To Record Sound

  • Push UNMUTE and “MUTE” will disappear from the screen, the built-in microphone is now active.
    Make sure cover is removed, see image opposite page.
    If a wiFi dongle/router is in one of the USB ports, it could cause sound interference while recording to either the Internal or an external USB drive.
    Remove the dongle to prevent interference

– Press the SCREEN SHOT button if you want still shots, (not available while recording video)
See separate Viewer APP instruction sheet for using WiFi operations.

Mawonekedwe a Screen

Push MENU/OK on the control panel to bring up the Main Menu on the screen.MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 6

Press STOP/BACK repeatedly to exit any menu and return to previous screens.
Sewerani kanema
View recordings by selecting the drive that you recorded to, Internal or external.
Refer to pg 3 for file naming information.
Use the▲▼ buttons on the control panel to Fast Forward or REWIND during playback.

View Zosintha
Lets you see static (.jpg) images – if you took snapshots rather than full video. See page 3 for instructions on how to take snapshots.

Kuphatikiza (see pages 6-7)

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 7

File Management (see right)
This is the menu where you will work most with your files.
You can copy, move, or delete files.

Lets you change the time and date in the unit. Your unit will arrive preset. If you wish to reset or change the time:
Select Setup, then MENU/OK
Select Set Date/Time, then MENU/OK Use
and MENU/OK to set the date and time Push STOP/BACK repeatedly to exit menus
You can change the time format in the Overlay Menu, see pages 6-7


If an external (flash) drive is NOT inserted in one of the USB ports, this menu will show and you can only delete individual files from the internal drive.
ASUS AX201D2 Chromebook Laputopu - chithunzi 2When a USB flash drive is inserted into one of the ports, there will be new options to copy (or move) files from one drive to the other, and you will be able to work with a  group of files.

The default menu gives options to Copy or Delete files from the either the internal or external drive.

You can change the COPY option to MOVE ( read caution below ) Use the buttons to move the cursor to
> Toggle Copy or Move
Press MENU/OK Menu items will now say “Move video from…” etc.
Press STOP/BACK to return to previous screen.

COPYING files duplicates file(s) from one drive (internal or external) to the other.
The file(s) remain in the original location Recommended
KUYENDA files transfers file(s) from one drive (internal or external) to the other.
The file(s) are then automatically deleted from the original location.
Do this procedure with care

FIRMWARE VERSIONS These instructions are current for MyTana Firmware ver. 1755. Older versions may have slightly different options in the screen menus. To find your system’s version, follow this path: Main Menu > Setup > System Information > Firmware

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 8
MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 9

You can change INDIVIDUAL to GROUP so you can select multiple files to work with at the same time Use the buttons to move the cursor to> Select Files: Individual Press MENU/OK Menu changes to “Select Files: Group” Press STOP/BACK to return to previous screen.

There must be a flash drive inserted in the USB port to Copy or Move files.
Read information in previous section (left) before doing these procedures.
Copying/moving files from a selected drive (internal or external) automatically chooses the other drive as the destination.

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 10

Selecting an Individual file: (default)
Use the▲▼ buttons to move the cursor to the file you want to Copy/Move or Delete Press MENU/OK
File will automatically Copy/Move or be Deleted.
** Remember: if you MOVE a file, it will automatically be deleted from the original location (see CAUTION, opposite page).
Press STOP/BACK repeatedly to exit menus.

To select a GROUP of files:
Be sure the Menu shows “Select Files: Group” (see “change Individual to Group” left)

MyTana CBX17 Mainline Inspection System - Figure 11

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M—F | 7a mpaka 5p CST |

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