HUMA H5 V4.1 15.6 Inchi Laputopu Yamalonda

Supplied Startup Guide
Welcome to the Monster Notebook Family. Below is the startup guide we have prepared for your new Huma.

  • Buku Lotsogolera
    Please read this guide first. You can find basic information, including connecting accessories to your Huma, setting up Windows, and connecting your Huma to the Internet.
  • Safety Guide/Recovery and Troubleshooting Guide
    Please be sure to read this guide. You can find information that helps you use your Huma safely, including troubleshooting FAQs as well as  instructions on recovering your Huma and creating recovery media.


  • Features and apps mentioned in these startup guide may not be available or preinstalled, depending on the model of your Huma.
  • With the latest Windows updates applied to your Huma, the operation procedures described in the startup guide may vary from the actual ones.
  • The visual contents, such as illustrations, photos, and screenshots, used in the manual may look different from what you actually see on your Huma.

Monster Notebook Support Webmalo
You can find the latest Huma support information.
When you need any help for using your Huma, visit our webtsamba loyamba.
European Union Regulatory Notices
Chidziwitso Chogwirizana
Product bearing the CE marking comply with one or more of the following EU directives as may be applicable.

  • Malangizo a EMC 2014/30 / EU
  • Kutsika VoltagMalangizo a 2014/35 / EU
  • Malangizo a Wailesi pa 2014/53 / EU
  • Malangizo a RoHS 2011/65 / EU
  • Eco Design Directive 2009/125/EC
  • Commission Regulation ErP 617/2013/EU

Zogulitsa ndi Radio Functionality (EMF)
This product incorporates a radio transmitting and receiving device.
For computers and notebook computers in normal use, a separation distance of 20 cm ensures that radio frequency exposure levels comply with EU  requirements.
Products designed to be operated at closer proximities, such as tablet computers, comply with applicable EU requirements in typical operating positions.
Products can be operated without maintaining a separation distance unless otherwise indicated in instructions specific to the product.

Zamkatimu ZA Bokosi

  • AC adaputala
  • Buku Lotsogolera
  • Buku la Waranti
  • Safety Guide/Recovery and Troubleshooting Guide
  • USB drive containing the drivers


  • Keep the shipping box of your Huma until you make sure that you have all the supplied items. If you notice a missing or damaged product, before  discarding the box contact our support specialists via our webmalo.
  • The supplied accessories were tested and found functional solely with your Huma.

MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon CAUTION Hot surface
To avoid burn, do not use the computer on your lap for a long time.


MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - fig

Poyamba View

  1. Mafonifoni awiri
  2. Kamera LED Indicator
  3. kamera
  4. Chophimba cha kamera
  5. Kukhudza Pad
  6. Chojambulajambula chazithunzi
  7. Batani lakumanzere / Kumanja
  8. Chithunzi cha LCD
  9. Olankhula stereo
  10. Bulu lamatsinje
  11. kiyibodi

MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - Frontal View

Kumanzere View

MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - Side View

  1. Mtundu wa C-USB
  2. USB 3.2 Doko
  3. USB 3.2 Doko
  4. HDMI Output port
  5. Ethernet Port

Kumanzere ViewMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - Left Side View

  1. Kensington® Lock Port
  2. Kulipiritsa Port
  3. Kutulutsa kwa Air Exhaust
  4. USB 2.0 doko
  5. SD Slot
  6. Mutu wa Jack


  1. Lumikizani ku Power Outlet
    Plug the AC adapter to the AC charging port on the Huma and connect the AC adapter and a power outlet with the supplied power cord.MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - Power Outlet• Even when you do not intend to use your Huma for an extended period of time, connect it to a power outlet at least every three months and charge  the battery to around 50% of capacity. If the computer is kept unplugged from a power outlet for an extended period of time, the battery  voltage will drop due to self-discharge to trigger the safety function and the battery may become unavailable for use. The time period before the  safety function is triggered varies depending on the ambient temperature.
  2. Turn On Your Huma
    Lift the LCD screen lid and press theMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon1power button on the computer.MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - Your Humazolemba
    • When lifting the LCD screen lid, do not grasp the area around the camera as it will cause malfunctions.
    • Do not turn off your Huma before the Windows Setup window appears.
  3. Set Up Windows (Initial Setup)
    Follow the instructions displayed on the Windows Setup window to make initial settings.

Please refer to Windows Help or Microsoft’s webTsamba kuti mumve zambiri.

Lumikizani pa intaneti
With your Huma, you can connect to the Internet either via a Wi-Fi {wireless LAN) or wired LAN network. Before connecting to the Internet, you need  to select a connection service, make a contract with an Internet service provider accordingly, and make the Internet connection settings on the computer.  For detailed information on the Internet connection settings and required network devices, refer to the manual from your service provider and the  manual that came with your device. Establishing a successful connection to the Internet completes Windows license authentication.

Connecting via a Wi-Fi network

  1.  SankhaniMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon3 (start), MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon2(Settings), Network ndi intanetindipo Wi-Fi, and then set Wi-Fi to On.
  2. Sankhani Show available networks.
  3. Select the desired Wi-Fi access point, and then select Lumikizani.

Connecting via a Wired LAN network

  1. Plug one end of a LAN cable {not supplied) to theMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon5.
    Ethernet port on your Huma and the other to your modem/router.

Kukhazikitsa Windows Update

  1. Sankhani MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon3(start), MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon2(Settings), and Windows Update, and then follow the on-screen instructions to update the Windows.

Updating Huma’s Software
The USB drive included in the box contains all the drivers you need.
However, please visit for the latest versions of the drivers.
Creating your own recovery media
Your Huma does not come with any recovery media.
Be sure to create your own recovery media with a USB flash drive before you first use the computer following your purchase. For more information, refer to the Safety Guide/ Recovery and Troubleshooting Guide.
Always be sure to use the AC adapter to connect your Huma to a power outlet before doing a recovery.
Turning off or placing your Huma into Sleep mode
Upon completion of the Windows setup, selectMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon3 (start), MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon4(Power}, and then Tsekani or Kugona.


You can use the fingerprint sensor to access the Windows Hello ntchito.
The Windows Hello functions include signing in with fingerprint authentication instead of password, to the Windows user account for which you have  enrolled your fingerprint.
For more information about the functions and setup of Windows Hello, onetsani ku Windows Hello help.
Enrolling your fingerprint Follow these steps to set up Windows Hello and enroll your fingerprint.

  1.  SankhaniMONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon3 (start), MONSTER HUMA H5 V4 1 15 6 Inch Business Laptop - icon2(Settings), and Accounts.
  2. Select Sign-in options and set your password. If you have already set your password, proceed to step 3.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for each fingerprint authentication to enroll your fingerprint. If you have not set a PIN, set it at the end of the procedure.


  • The fingerprint authentication technology does not assure complete verification of personal identity, nor do they guarantee absolute protection of  your data and hardware. Monster Notebook assumes no liabilities arising out of your use of or inability to use the fingerprint sensor.
  • The fingerprint recognition rate varies depending on your use of the fingerprint sensor.
    They are not consistent among individuals as well.
  • Keep the fingerprint sensor clean to prevent failures or malfunctions.
  • Please be aware that your enrolled data for fingerprint authentication and face recognition may be erased in the course of repair work to your Huma.
  • When you enroll fingerprints, be sure to enroll more than one finger, in case of injuries.
  • Depending on the state of your fingerprint or your use of the fingerprint sensor, enrollment or authentication of the fingerprint may fail. When  fingerprint authentication fails, try the following:
    – Use another finger.
    – Clean the finger.
    – Delete the fingerprint already enrolled, and then enroll it once again.
    – During a dry season, such as winter, be sure to touch a metal object to discharge static electricity from your body before scanning your fingerprint.  Static electricity may cause malfunctions of the fingerprint sensor.


Zolemba / Zothandizira

MONSTER HUMA H5 V4.1 15.6 Inch Business Laptop [pdf] Wogwiritsa Ntchito
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