MONACOR-ESP-232SW-ESP-232WS-PA-Speaker-System-Instruction-Manual-LOGOMONACOR ESP-232SW, ESP-232WS PA Speaker System


PA Speaker System for 100 V Operation or 8 Ω Operation

These instructions are intended for installers with sufficient knowledge of sound reproduction using 100 V technology. Please read the instructions carefully prior to installation and keep them for later reference.

This 2-way speaker system for wall mounting is specially designed for applications in PA systems. It is equipped with a transformer for operation in 100 V systems, but it can also directly be connected to a low-imped-ance amplifier output. The speaker system is weatherproof (IP 55) and is therefore also suitable for outdoor applications.

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The speaker system corresponds to all relevant directives of the EU and is therefore marked with . The speaker system corresponds to the relevant UK legislation and is therefore marked with UKCA.

  • Protect the speaker system against excessive heat and cold (admissible ambient tem-perature range −20 … +50 °C).
  •  For cleaning only use a soft cloth, dry or slightly damp; never use aggressive detergents or chemicals.
  •  No guarantee claims for the speaker system and no liability for any resulting per-sonal damage or material damage will be accepted if the speaker system is used for other purposes than originally intended, if it is not correctly installed or connected, or if it is overloaded.
  • If the speaker system is to be put out of operation definitively, dispose of the speaker system in accordance with local regulations.


During operation in 100 V systems, there is a hazard of contact with a voltage of up to 100 V at the speaker cable. The installation must be made by skilled personnel only. Observe the load of the PA ampzowongoleredwa ndi olankhula. Kuchulukitsitsa kumatha kuwononga ampwopulumutsa! Mphamvu yonse ya okamba onse olumikizidwa sayenera kupitilira the ampLifier mphamvu.

  1. Prior to the installation of the speaker system, switch off the PA ampLifier kwathunthu kotero kuti chingwe choyankhulira sichidzanyamula voltage!
  2.  For wall mounting, screw off the mounting bracket from the speaker system and fix the bracket at the desired place of the wall.
  3. Adjust the desired rated load (volume) with the switch (b) on the rear side or, for direct operation at a low-impedance amplifier output, set the switch to the posi-tion “8 Ω”.
    CHENJEZO! Never use the position “8 Ω” when the speaker is operated in a 100 V system. The speaker and possibly the amplifier will be damaged. Connect the speaker system via the connecting terminals (a) to the PA amplifier. When connecting multiple speakers, make sure that all speakers have the same polarity (e. g. black terminal = negative pole).
  4. Tightly screw the speaker system at the mounting bracket and align it to the desired sound zone.

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