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Common Faults, Possible Causes and Suggested Troubleshooting:

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Palibe Mphamvu

• Chosinthira magetsi sichimatsegulidwa.

• The amount of stored charge in the built in battery is insufficient.

•  Turn on the power switch.

•  Use a power adaptor to charge the battery.

  •  Input sound source has failed. •  Change the input source.

•  Reconnect.

•  Properly adjust the volume knob.

•  Inspect USB disk or audio switch.

•  Re-adjust or change input cord. Fully Insert the microphone jack into the slot.

  •  Failing to establish a sound signal.
Palibe Phokoso •  Main volume button kept low.
  •  USB disk interface plays no sound.
  •  Poor contact or damage of external input cord..

•  External microphone jack is not completely inserted into the slot.


•  Insert the jack properly and Check micro- phone’s switch.

External microphone has no sound •  The external wireless microphone switch is not switch on.

•  The volume knob of microphone is off.

•  Switch-on the wireless microphone.

•  Properly adjust the volume knob of microphone for the desired volume.

If the fault persists, please contact our customer service department on +91 9699605595 or email us your query at

Clubber 102 User Manual

Thank you for choosing Mobilla CLUBBER series of Party Speakers. The product comes with an installed battery which makes it suitable for outdoor singing, camping, wedding, party, meeting, Karaoke, advertisement, recreation and other activities. To fully understand the functioning of this product, we urge you to read this instruction manual carefully and learn the entire connection process for optimal use. Keep this copy with you for your future reference.

Functionality and Features

  • Kupotoza kopitilira muyeso amplifying circuit.
  • Built-in MP3 encoded USB port.
  • Specifically Designed for Outdoor Party and Celebration.
  • Professional treble and bass gain controlling circuit.
  • Built-in battery for outdoor activities.
  • Built-in professional wireless microphone system.
  • Professional highly-effective loud-speaking unit.
  • Compatible with DVD/VCD/PC and other sound sources.
  • Adaptor provided for charging.
  • Smart power switch – charging circuit which switches to power mode when plugged into the AC power socket.
  • The built-in battery requires a maximum of 1.5 to 2 hours of charge.

Instruction of USB port

To use the built-in MP3 encoding function, first format your USB disk (pen drive) in FAT32 format on computer and then transfer your music files in MP3 format. When USB disk detects the file, the device will play the MP3 files in the generated sequence. If you need to change the sequence of the songs you need to store the files in the required sequence. If the copied files to USB disk are not playing, please check if the files are in MP3 format or not. If not, please convert these files into MP3 format and then copy them to USB disk and then try playing the files. While transferring the MP3 files, make sure, you delete all unnecessary files from USB disk to avoid any kind of error while playing. Please choose the most reliable USB device for excellent transmission. During the playing process, please keep it far away from the places with high temperature, high magnetic field and high-frequency interference. In case of a crash, please close the power and restart the device.

Panel/Rear Plate/MP3 Function and Operation

  • POWER (Power Switch): Switch break-make power system takes individual control of the sound amplifier’s power. The connected adapter is controlled-free from the switch when the battery is charging.
  • MIC. TREBLE (Microphone treble): To take control of microphone treble.
  • MIC.IN (Microphone): To connect the plug interface of the wired microphone.
  • MIC. VOL (Microphone volume): To adjust the volume of the microphone.
  • ECHO (Microphone echo): Amagwiritsidwa ntchito kusintha kuya kwa echo kwa maikolofoni.
  • TF CARD interface: Insert MicroSD card with files in MP3 format for proper functioning of the card slot.


  • MIC. BASS (Microphone bass): To take full control of microphone bass.
  • CHARGING (Indicator lamp of battery power): The indicator light for charging flashes when the power adaptor is switched ON. When it gets fully charged indicator light will stays continously ON.
  • USB mawonekedwe: Please insert the USB disk with files in MP3 format for proper functioning of USB port.
  • AUX (External audio interface): it is used to connect the compatible audio equipment such as DVC or computer to the speaker.
  • DC9V/1.5A MU: Please always use the original or good quality adapter for external power.
  • 12V BATTERY IN (External DC 12V battery interface): Before connecting, please check for the correct polarity (anode and cathode) and that connected cable is not be smaller than 0.75 square meters. Also check that the connections are not loose and are properly secured.

How to Operate the Remote Function

  • Play/Pause Key : To Play and Pause Tracks.MOBILLA-Clubber-102-Party-Speaker-fig-2
  • Stop key : This key is to stop the overall playing session. In case of switching it to USB interface you can press the same STOP key.
  • VOL- key: Press this key to decrease the volume level.
  • VOL + kiyi: Press this key to increase the volume level.
  • RPT (Repetitive playing): Press this key for repetition of one particular track.
  • CH+ : Press this key to choose the next track.
  • CH- : Press this key to choose the previous track.

How to Operate the FM function

  • SCAN (Play/Pause Key) : Press this key to scan and find local FM stations near by and save it automatically.
  • CH+ : Press this key to choose the next FM station.
  • CH- : Press this key to choose the previous FM station.

Basic operation and function of wireless microphone

  • Insert the batteries in the microphone. Check if the polarity is rightly matched.
  • Turn ON the power switch of the microphone. If the power indicator lamp does not flash or it keeps flashing, inspect the battery’s voltage or check the  polarity to make sure whether it is installed properly or not.
  • Adjust the microphone volume to the desired levels, with the help of volume controlling knob on the audio ampwopititsa patsogolo ntchito.
  • If the wireless microphone is not in continuous use during singing, you can switch the microphone into mute status. When not in use switch the microphone off.
  • The effective distance of using this wireless microphone is 30 Meter. Beyond this range, the signal starts deteriorating. Avoid any obstructions between the microphone and its antenna. This may affect the performance dramatically.
  • To get the best singing effect, the distance between mouth and microphone should be around 5-15cms and the best suitable angle would be 45 degrees.
  • Never use the microphone in the same frequency point for singing within short distance. It may lead to silence or interference noise.
  • If you have purchased over two sets of active audio amplifiers matched with wireless microphone and intended to use them together, please select different frequencies. It will not be functional if two devices are tuned to same frequencies. Also maintain a distance of more than 10 M to avoid any sound interference.
  • To avoid interruption and other unnecessary troubles, never let this device connect to any VCD/CD/DVD and any other equipment with strong interference frequency, to avoid any kind of mutual interference. It can also weaken the signal of the wireless microphone.

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