Mafelemu a MirrorMate a Magalasi Osambira aku Bathroom Malangizo


You are about to transform your plain mirror into a beautiful, decorative accent. We want you to be delighted with the outcome, so follow these instructions carefully.
We also encourage you to watch our 3-minute installation video – just scan the QR code to the right.

What’s included with your order:

  • 4 frame legs
  • Mowa umapukuta
  • Wood guluu
  • Marker (for select styles)
  • 8-12 frame connectors (may be short and/or long)
  • 2-3 placement corner blocks
  • Replacement clip pack (if requested)
  • Damp chiguduli
  • Hammer
  • Mulingo (ngati mukufuna)

If anything is missing or you have questions contact us at 866-304-6283 or
Monday – Friday 9-5 EST. View our Troubleshooting Guide at


  1. Lay frame sections FACE DOWN and position as shown. Slide something flat under each corner that you won’t mind getting glue on (ex. cardboard, drop cloth).
  2. If a marker is included, color the upper edge of all 8 “raw” edges. This will reduce join lines at the corners. If no marker is included this step is not necessary
  3. Most frames include short and long connectors (a few include two of the same size). The holes are the same shape but the interior hole is deeper for the longer connectors. Identify connectors now
  4. One corner at a time, lightly apply glue to one side and spread a thin coat evenly. Lay the frame flat. Align glued ends together to form first corner.
  5. Insert connectors into first glued corner starting ith the SHORT connector in the OUTER slot. If you ave a rounded or ornate frame, hold the corner in
    your hand as shown. Tap connector lightly with a hammer until flush. Don’t over hammer. Next, insert the interior, long connector. If you have three connectors per corner, hammer in now. Run  your hand along front of the frame to ensure the corner is well-aligned. Adjust if necessary. Repeat for each corner.
  6. Once all connectors are in, turn the frame over by placing your hands equal distance from the center of the longer side.
  7. Inspect each corner for alignment. If necessary, maneuver the legs so there are no gaps at corners and the surfaces meet evenly. You may have to turn the frame back over and hammer connectors fully flush. Within 10 minutes of application, wipe off any excess glue from the front of the frame with a damp rag before glue sets.
  8. Let your frame dry at least 20 minutes. While you wait, clean your mirror where the frame will apply using included alcohol wipes. Allow to dry for five minutes so the mounting tape will adhere
    properly. Do NOT use any cleaning agents other than rubbing alcohol as this can compromise adhesion.
  9. Prepare to test fit the frame to the mirror. Locate placement corner locks and remove tape backing  from the blocks. (Do not yet  remove tape backing from the frame.) Now lift frame into place. The frame must fully cover the mirror surface evenly on all sides and lay flush. If the frame fits and makes full contact with the mirror, proceed to step 10. If not, see below

    If your clips are too large and prevent frame from fitting flush to the mirror, replace old clips one by one, with replacement clips you ordered. Make sure these new clips are securely
    anchored to the wall, preferably into wall studs.

    If you have a towel bar, light, etc. that prevents you from putting frame straight on, please call us at 866-304-6283 Monday-Friday from 9-5 EST or go to for help.

  10. When the frame is where you want it (use a level if you wish), press the placement corner blocks to both upper inside frame corners, as shown. If you were sent a 3rd corner, place it in the middle. You may reposition them as needed.
  11. While leaving placement corners on the mirror, take the frame down and peel off the frame’s tape backing.
  12. Without touching the frame to the mirror, guide the frame into place using the placement corner blocks. Push the rame towards the mirror starting
    with the top edge. Firmly run your hands along the entire surface of the frame to affix it permanently
  13. Remove placement corner blocks and clean any residue with rubbing alcohol if necessary. Stand back and look at your gorgeous, framed mirror!

Caring for your frame

Simply dust or wipe your frame with a damp cloth. To clean your mirror, spray glass cleaner to a cloth first,
not directly to the mirror. Never apply painter’s tape to your frame.


Werengani Zambiri Za Bukuli & Tsitsani PDF:

Zolemba / Zothandizira

MirrorMate Frames for Bathroom Mirrors [pdf] Buku la Malangizo
Frames for Bathroom Mirrors, Frames, Bathroom Mirrors


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