MEMPHIS SRX18SPT SR Street Reference 8 Inch Bass Tube 

SRX18SPT 8″ Powered Bass Package

Memphis Audio built a 50 year legacy in the audio industry by engineering the highest quality products to produce the best possible listening experience for our fans and loyal supporters. To fully appreciate our products we recommend taking the time to read and follow the instructions in this manual. As always, we recommend all installations and service be performed by an authorized Memphis Audio dealer.

Kuti muchite bwino, Memphis amalimbikitsa kugwiritsa ntchito zida za Memphis Connection zokha. Kukonzekeretsa makina anu ndi mawaya akulu a Memphis Connection ndi zowonjezera zidzakulitsa luso lanu lomvera ndikuwonjezera kulimba kwa zinthu zanu za Memphis Audio.


Model NUMBER Chithunzi cha SRX18SPT


  • 8” SRX Subwoofer
  • Omangidwa ampwotsatsa
  • Vented enclosure
  • Carpeted embroidered enclosure
  • Bass level control included
  • High and low level inputs


Memphis Audio warranties this product for a period of 1 year form the date of original purchase. Warranty covers defects in material workmanship under normal use when installed by an authorized Memphis Audio dealer

AmpMalamulo a lifier

Kulowetsa Kwambiri: Use this input to connect and operate from a source that uses speaker level outputs. When installing in this manner you must
Sub Remote: The included bass level control knob can be attached to this port to control and adjust the level of bass produced by your SRX18SPT.
RCA Zolowetsa: Source units with RCA line level outputs can be connected to these inputs. The source unit will require a minimum of 100mV output to utilize the RCA inputs.
LPF - Ochepa Pass Filter: Adjustable from 50Hz to 200Hz. The LPF filter removes signals over the selected frequency allowing only signals below the filter point to pass. This removes high notes from above the selected point from being played through your subwoofer.
PRT – Protection Mode: When the amplifier enters protection mode this light illuminates RED
PWR - Power: When the PWR button illuminates blue, the amplifier is ON
Kupeza Mphamvu: The gain control knob allows you to set the input sensitivity of the amplifier to the source unit being used. The gain control is not a volume knob. See below for gain setting. The range varies from 100mv to 6V.
phindu Kusintha: Turn the gain control counter clockwise all the way to MIN Turn up the volume on your source unit up to approximately 75% of max volume. Increase the gain control knob clockwise towards MAX until distortion occurs Back down the gain control knob counterclockwise until distortion dissipates. Once the distortion is eliminated, the amplifier is set for use with your source unit.

Amplifier Controls Continued

12V:This is the power terminal for the amplifier. This should be connected directly to the +12V terminal of the battery. This power cable may cause unwanted noise in your system if it is ran parallel to RCA cables. It is always a best practice to avoid running this cable parallel to any RCA wires.
REM – Remote Terminal: Connect the remote turn on wire. This wire provides a signal to the amplifier to turn the power ON when the audio system is started.
GND: Ground Terminal: A proper ground is required for your amplifier to operate at peak performance. Use a matching gauge ground and +12V wire. Use a short ground wire and connect it directly to the vehicle’s chassis in a location that is free of paint, dirt and other items which may degrade the quality of the connection.
FUSE: This unit uses a 20A fuse


Memphis recommends installations be performed by trained Memphis audio authorized dealers. Installing this system yourself can result in damage to your vehicle and the system itself. Installation done by anyone other than an authorized Memphis Audio dealer may void the warranty.

  • Chotsani batiri
  • Locate a mounting location for your bass tube.
  • Install the +12V power cable from the battery. Always install a circuit breaker or fuse within 18″ of the battery. This lowers the risk of damage to your vehicle or the unit itself.
  • Locate a proper grounding location for the GND wire of the unit. Remove any paint and clean the surface where the ground wire will be connected. Connect your ground wire to the vehicle chassis and to the GND terminal of your SRX18PT.

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