MEDIA SHOP Livington PRIME Tsiku ndi Tsiku Lopanda Zingwe Zamanja Zovundikira
MEDIA SHOP Livington PRIME Tsiku ndi Tsiku Lopanda Zingwe Zamanja Zovundikira

Scope of delivery and description of the parts (# 1):

Scope of delivery and description

  1. Malo osungira
  2. Chigawo chachikulu
  3. Mtsinje wamtsinje
  4. Burashi nozzle
  5. a. Long flexi nozzle pole
    b. Long flexi nozzle endpiece
    c. Long flexi nozzle connector
  6. LED display (charge level, operating light)
  7. +/- batani
  8. Batani / Yotseka
  9. Release button for dust collector removal
  10. Chophimba chosonkhanitsa fumbi
  11. Wosonkhanitsa fumbi
  12. Rapid emptying button
  13. Batani lotulutsa batri
  14. Chizindikiro cha batri
  15. Adzapereke zitsulo
  16. Fyuluta ya Hepa
  17. Fyuluta yachitsulo chosapanga dzimbiri
  18. USB chingwe
  19. Wopanga adapita





Chonde werengani malangizowa mosamala musanagwiritse ntchito.

Please follow these instructions carefully, as improper handling can lead to injuries and damage the device.

Small parts in this box must not be used as toys.
Always keep plastic bags away from babies and children – risk of suffocation.

mphamvu chakudya

  1. Please do not use any other power supply connection for this device.
  2. If the cable or plug is damaged in any way, please cease using the product.
    Please contact our customer service for a replacement.
  3. Never pull the power unit out of the socket by the cable, always hold the plug.
  4. Keep the device, cable, power adapter and storage station away from hot surfaces and flames.
  5. Place the storage station on a flat surface; it is not suitable for wall mounting.
  6. Musasiye chipangizocho mosasamala panthawi yogwira ntchito.
  7. Never intentionally place any objects in the universal vacuum cleaner.
  8. Make sure your hands are dry when disconnecting the cable – risk of electric shock!
  9. Please disconnect the device after it has been fully charged in order to avoid a shortened battery life and loss of performance.
  10. Never disassemble the device; never dispose of in a fire, danger of explosion.
  11. Do not open the casing; do not store the battery in a damp or hot place.
    Areas of application & use:
  12. This product is for household use only, and must not be used outdoors or commercially. It should not be used on clothing, the hands, head or hair, people or animals. This is an electronic device; to avoid device malfunctions, do not expose it to rain, water, excessive heat or moisture (e.g. in a bathroom, laundry room, or similar).
  13. The device sucks in air while it is in operation – keep hair and clothing away from the openings to avoid unwanted suction.
  14. Never use the device to suck up liquids.
    Do not use the device in a potentially dangerous environment, e.g. near gas facilities, oil tanks, chemicals or other flammable and explosive substances.
    Do not use this device to collect ashes, burning cigarettes or matches – risk of fire.
  15. Do not vacuum cement or other fine-pored, reactive substances.
  16. Only ever use the universal vacuum if both filters are correctly attached.
  17. Never cover ventilation openings on the device while it is in operation.
  18. Do not pour any liquids into the device housing.
  19. Do not use the device if parts are cracked or the cable is damaged.
  20. This device should only be used by children aged 8 years and over, as well as by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge, if they are supervised or have been instructed on the safe use of the device and understand the dangers associated with its use. Children must never be allowed to play with the device.
    Cleaning and user maintenance must never be performed by children without supervision.

Gwiritsani ntchito

Before first use: remove all packaging material and protective films. Do not remove the type shield from the product. Check that the delivery contents are complete, and ensure that there is no damage to the product and that it is assembled correctly. If any damage is evident, refrain from using the device and contact our customer services (see details on the back).

Charging (# 2 + 3)

  1. Make sure that the device is turned off.
  2. Connect the narrow end of the USB cable to the USB socket on the universal vacuum cleaner, and connect the wide end of the USB cable to the power adapter.
    Ikani adapter yamagetsi mu magetsi.
  3. During the charging process, the LED indicator and the battery charge indicator will flash blue (charging time: approx. 3-4 hours)
  4. As soon as the battery is fully charged, both indicators light up continuously in blue and the device can be disconnected from the power supply


  • As soon as the battery charge is low, the LED display will start to flash. You should charge the device as soon as possible.
  • If the device is not used for a long time, the battery charge level drops; please charge the battery once or twice every six months.

Switching on & off and regulating the power

  1. Switching on: Press the On/Off button to switch on the universal vacuum cleaner. The blue operating light comes on. The device will run at the first power level. Note: After you have pressed the On/Off button, there will be a 1-2 second delay before the motor develops its full power. This is a safety measure, and is not a defect.
  2. Controlling the power: Press the +/- button once to activate the higher power level. To switch back to the initial power level, press the +/- button again.
  3. Switching off: Press the On/Off button again to switch off the device. The operating LED switches off with the device.


Crevice nozzle (#4) / Brush nozzle (#5) / Long flexi nozzle (#6)

  1. Insert the desired attachment into the suction opening of the device, pushing it as far as it will go.
    Crevice nozzle: cleaning of joints, chair slats, car interiors, corners, etc.
    Brush nozzle: cleaning of sofas, armchairs, scratching posts, animal beds, sensitive surfaces, etc.
    Long flexi nozzle: To assemble the flexi nozzle, slide the end piece onto one end and the connector onto  the other end of the flexi nozzle pole. Make sure that both parts are firmly fastened. Tip: If you are having problems attaching the parts, try briefly immersing the pole in warm water to slightly soften the material.
    The water should not be too hot, to avoid deformation of the pole. Dry the pole before assembling the flexi nozzle.
    The flexi nozzle is suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as curtain rods, narrow spaces etc.
  2. Switch on the device at the desired power level. We recommend the lower power level for the cleaning of upholstered furniture.
  3. Switch the vacuum cleaner off after use and remove the nozzle. Remove any dirt residue such as hair and lint from the brush nozzle immediately after use.
    The crevice nozzle and brush nozzle can be easily attached to the storage station.


Zindikirani: To prevent blockages and a decrease in the suction power, we recommend emptying the dust collector after each use

Rapid emptying (# 7+8)

  1. Chotsani chipangizochi.
  2. Hold the vacuum cleaner with the suction opening facing down over a waste bin.
  3. Press the rapid emptying button on the container to easily and conveniently empty the dust collector.
  4. Fold the lid of the dust collector back down again until it firmly clicks into place. Make sure that the container is tightly closed.

Dust collector removal (# 9)

To entirely remove coarse, stubborn dirt from the dust collector, you can remove the entire container and rinse itoff. Make sure that the container is completely dry before you re-attach it to the device.

  1. Switch off the universal vacuum cleaner.
  2. Hold the vacuum cleaner with the suction opening facing up.
  3. Press the release button once, and remove the dust collector.
  4. Now grasp the small metal bracket on the filter unit and pull the unit out. Now simply empty the container, and rinse if necessary. Alternatively, you can also press the rapid emptying button.
    Zindikirani: Only rinse the dust collector after the filter unit has been removed.


  1. Onetsetsani kuti chipangizocho chizimitsidwa.
  2. Remove the dust collector from the device as described above.
  3. Now remove the filter unit from the container by folding up the small metal bracket on the unit and pulling on it.
  4. Separating the filter: Hold the metal bracket with one finger; the plastic cover of the stainless steel filter should face upwards. Paying attention to the markings on the stainless steel filter, turn the  stainless steel filter slightly to the left (direction „open lock“) and separate the filters. Now you can remove the hepa filter and clean the filters.
  5. Inserting a new hepa filter: To insert a new hepa filter, place it in the stainless steel filter (pay attention to the brackets inside the stainless steel filter). Now turn the filter clockwise until you hear it click into place. We recommend replacing the hepa filter every 6 months, or more regularly for frequent use.


  1. Chotsani chipangizochi.
  2. Press the battery release button on the bottom of the device.
  3. Grasp the golden cap by the handle, and pull the battery out of the device.
  4. Insert the new battery. Make sure that the battery clips into place.


Before cleaning, make sure that the device is disconnected from the power supply and switched off.
The following cleaning recommendations for the various components apply:
Device & storage station: Wipe with a damp, soft cotton cloth (with water or a neutral detergent), while not allowing water or detergent to penetrate and cause damage.

Hepa filter (#13):

  1. Tap the filter carefully, or clean it with a soft brush. ALWAYS clean the filter after vacuuming fine dusts, such as flour.
  2. Clean the filter under running water, and allow it to dry completely before using again. Never use a damp fyuluta!

Stainless steel filter: Gwiritsani malondaamp cloth to clean the stainless steel filter or rinse it under running water. The filter must be completely dry before it is re-inserted into the device.


Store the device in a cool and dry place when not in use. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or moisture.
Insert the universal vacuum cleaner in the storage station with the suction opening facing down, alongside the crevice nozzle and the brush nozzle.


Zindikirani: If you experience any of the following problems, please turn off the device immediately to avoid causing further issues or damage.
Dust escapes during operationThe filter is damaged

Issue                         Problem                            Solution
No longer runs Batri lotsika Limbikitsani batri
Chipangizo chazimitsidwa Switch on the device using the On/Off button
Zogulitsa mphamvu imachepa Dust collector is full Sakanizani wokhometsa fumbi
Suction opening clogged Chotsani chotchinga
Zosefera zatsekedwa Sambani fyuluta
Switch off the device and replace the filter
Dust collector not inserted correctly Re-insert dust collector


Chida cha katundu: Rechargeable BLDC vacuum cleaner Mtundu wa mankhwala VC1903R
Dzinalo voltage 7,4V Njinga mphamvu 90W
Chikwama voltage & magawo Kulipira doko: USB-C

Lowetsani: 1A

Mulingo wamawu ≤ 65dB
Battery 2000 mAH mphamvu 300ml
Kunenepa 520 ga Kupitirira ntchito Mphindi 12

(power level 2)

17 mins (

power level 1)

Kutaya CHITSANZO Osataya mankhwalawa kumapeto kwa moyo wake wautumiki pogwiritsa ntchito zinyalala zapakhomo.
It has to be disposed through a collection agency that recycles electric and electronic devices. This is pointed out by the symbol on the product, in the instruction manual, and on the packaging. Please inquire about local collection agencies that may be operated by your distributor or your municipal administration. By recycling, making use of the materials, or other forms of recycling old units you are making an important contribution to protecting
chilengedwe chathu.

Chithunzi cha CEICON Chogulitsachi chikugwirizana ndi malangizo aku Europe

Protection Rating II Protection Rating II

Batteries icon Mabatire sakhala mu zinyalala zapakhomo. Mukukakamizika mwalamulo kubweza mabatire ndi mabatire omwe amatha kuchangidwanso kumalo ogulitsira mukatha kuwagwiritsa ntchito kuti athe kutayidwa molingana ndi chilengedwe, komanso kuti zida zomwe zili nazo zibwezeretsedwenso. Kubwereranso kwa mabatire ndi mabatire omwe amatha kuchajitsidwa kwaulere. Kugwiritsiridwa ntchitonso ndi kukonzanso kwa mabatire ogwiritsidwa ntchito kumathandizira kwambiri pachitetezo cha chilengedwe chathu, chifukwa zosakaniza zina ndizowopsa komanso zowononga chilengedwe. Zinthu zimenezi zimatha kulowa m’thupi la munthu kudzera m’njira ya chakudya. Mabatire ogwiritsidwa ntchito omwe ali ndi lithiamu amakhala pachiwopsezo chamoto chifukwa cha mafupi amkati ndi akunja. Chonde jambulani materminal musanatayidwe kuti mupewe njira yayifupi yakunja. Mabatire ndi mabatire omwe amatha kuchangidwanso omwe sanayikidwe mpaka kalekale ayenera kuchotsedwa ndikutayidwa padera. Mabatire ndi mabatire omwe amatha kuchajitsidwa amayenera kubwezeredwa pokhapokha atatsitsidwa.



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