KLIM ACE Wireless Gaming Mouse




mbewa Kutenga chingwe
Buku lophunzitsira 2.4G wireless receiver


1. Batani lakumanzere 7. Voliyumu +
2. Batani lakumanja 8. Mpukutu -
3. Scroll wheel (middle button) 9. Mphamvu yamagetsi
4. Batani la DPI 10. USB wolandila
5.Pita patsogolo 11. Doko la USB-C
6. Kubwerera 12. Gliding pads

Zokuthandizani: Remove the protective film from both sets of gliding pads under the mouse (12)


Njira yolumikizidwa
Connect the USB cable to the mouse’s USB-C port (11), and the other end to a USB port on your computer.

Mawonekedwe opanda zingwe

  1. Take the USB receiver underneath the mouse and plug it to a USB port in your computer
  2. Flick the power switch under the mouse to one of the two ON positions, as seen below.


Zindikirani: it is recommended to complete a full charging cycle before the first use in wireless mode


The light on the logo indicates the status of the battery:

  • Kuwala kofiyira (kuthwanima): betri yotsika
  • Kuwala kofiira: kulipira
  • Kuwala koyera: Batire yathunthu

When the mouse battery is low, connect the cable to your computer or an external power source (such as a USB charger) to charge your mouse. You may continue to use it while it charges.

Ntchito yopulumutsa mphamvu

In order to preserve battery life, the mouse sensor turns off after 1 minute of inactivity while on a wireless connection and the lights turn off after 3 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to reactivate the mouse.
Tip: lowering the brightness or switching off the RGB lighting completely significantly increases the battery life and reduces the frequency of charges.
Zindikirani: while in wired mode, the mouse lights might stay on even after the power is off due to the computer settings. If you prefer them to be turned off, check your ERP settings (advanced users only!), or contact our support team.


Miyeso Yokambirana – press and hold the middle (3) and right (2) buttons for 3 seconds to cycle through each Polling Rate setting. The wheel light briefly flashes to indicate the current setting: 1000 Hz (purple) – 500 Hz (green) – 250 Hz (blue).
DPI indicator – the logo on the mouse indicates the current DPI level: 800 (red) / 1200 (green) / 2000 (blue) / 3200 (cyan) / 5000 (purple).
Press and hold the middle button (3), then press the back button (6) to switch between the three available modes for the logo light: always on, breathing, neon.
Side RGB lights – press and hold the middle button (3), then click the forward button (5) to change the light effects.

Makonda mapulogalamu

Access to advanced customization options such as mouse key remapping, macros and multiple RGB effects and colors by downloading the drivers at www.klimtechs.com/drivers. Available for Windows only.
Important note for left-handed users: you may swap the side button’s functionality using these drivers to have forward/back accessible from your left thumb.


Kodi mukufuna thandizo lowonjezera ndi mankhwala anu? Lumikizanani nafe pa support@klimtechnologies.com. Gulu lathu la akatswiri lili ndi inu ndipo lidzayankha nthawi zonse mkati mwa maola 24!

vuto Anakonza


Khoswe sagwira ntchito

1.   Fully charge the battery or try wired mode.

2.     Ensure the switch under the mouse is in the right position.

3.     Make sure that the receiver is properly connected. Try plugging it to a different USB port.

4.     Contact our support team.



The cursor jitters

/ mouse stops working momentarily

1.   Check that there are no obstacles between the USB receiver and the mouse. Try plugging the receiver to a frontal USB port if available.

2.     Move the mouse closer to the receiver.

3.     Fully charge the battery.

4.     Place the mouse on a non-reflective surface such as a mouse pad.


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