iBELL TY 350DJ Portable Trolley Speaker

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Technology evolves at an amazing pace, surprising us with gadgets surpassing our imagination. To stay in sync with changing times and present customers with the latest innovations at affordable prices assert the competence of a company. iBell, the consumer durables brand from India, has earned the recognition and trust of millions of customers by presenting them with the newest in home appliances. The brand provides high quality, long, lasting products at favorable prices and effective after-service.
Mosiyana ndi mitundu ina yambiri iBell ili ndi zinthu zosiyanasiyana zomwe zili pansi pa chizindikiro chake, kuyambira pamagetsi mpaka ku kitchenware. Mtunduwu ukusinthanso mizere yazogulitsa kuti ikwaniritse zofunikira zonse zabanja.

Gulu lapamwamba


  • Mayankho pafupipafupi: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Kuchuluka kwa S/N:> 75dB
  • *Separation:>50dB
  • Speaker:10’x 1 + 1X1
  • *Output Power:50W
  • Zowonjezera Mphamvu: DC 15V 2A


  1. The power cord cannot be squeezed, pulled, bent, knotted, hanging heavy objects or trampling. To prevent the insulating layer of the power cord getting damaged and cause electric shock.
  2. Do not place non-liquid or flammable materials around machine or moisturized the machine to prevent electric shock, fire, explosion or other dangerous.
  3. Never try to block the cooling holes of the machine to cause heat adverse and affect the service life of the machine.
  4. If the machine suddenly smokes or other anomalies, please unplug the power cord quickly, to avoid causing an accident, and contact your local dealer for repair.
  5. Without using the machine for a long time ,please unplug the power cord to prevent lightning stroke to get burned.
Mkati Phukusi
  • Trolley Speaker 1pc
  • User’s Manual Remote 1pc
  • Wireless microphone 1pc
  • Chitsimikizo cha khadi 1pc
Momwe mungagwiritsire ntchito BT
  1. Select the audio input to BT status.
  2. Search BT device with name “IBELL”
  3. Connect the BT.
  4. Ngati chipangizo chanu cha BT chili pansipa 2.0, lowetsani mawu achinsinsi "0000" mukalumikiza.

Gulu lapamwamba

  • AUX- AUX input.
  • U DISK——-USB socket.
  • TF CARD—— TF Card socket.
  • GUITAR IN—-Guitar Input.
  • MIC 1——–MIC 1 socket.
  • MIC 2— —MIC 2 socket.
  • DC IN——–DC input.
  • POWER—- — Power switch.
  • TREBLE—— TREBLE Volume to boost & attenuation of the key.
  • MASTER VOL–Volume to boost & attenuation of the key.
  • BASS—- — BASS Volume to boost & attenuation of the key.
  • GUITAR VOL– GUITAR Volume to boost & attenuation of the key.
  • MIC VOL—– MIC Volume to boost & attenuation of the key.
  • ECHO- -ECHO Volume to b0ost & attenuation of the key.
How to Use the remote control

*If the Remote Control can not function, it is because the battery of remote control has been used up. Thank you.

Chithunzi cholumikizira dongosolo

FM ANT—. —-FM radio antenna
DC 12V IN—– — Direct Current 12 Input

Zindikirani: Move the antenna in various directions until the clearest signal is received. Keep the antenna as far away as possible from the TV,VCR or any radiation source to prevent unwanted noise.

How to use the recording function

Recording and playback function REC/REC PLAY

  1. Recording microphone:
    Plug in the microphone to the mic input or open the wireless microphone, insert U disk or TF card, and then press the “RECORD” switch on the machine or remote, the display will show recording seconds, and then displays the time recording state. (You can press the recording button to pause it).
  2. AUX input signal recording
    First insert U disk or TF card, then press INPUT/ST.BY button go the AUX mode, AUX input signal, and then press “RECORD” switch on the machine or remote, then U disk or TF card will correspond the recording state by flashing. After the completion of the recording, press the “REC_PLAY” key on the remote to play the recorded audio. Then press the “REC PLAY” key to exit the tape to play other songs.


  1. Only AUX input or karaoke mode, according to REC (sound recording) can be recorded, and then press REC_PLAY key to play the recording file. The other mode this button has no effect.
  2. MIC_PRIORITY: In karaoke mode press the MICPRIORITY key, will give priority to the microphone sound, other audio input will automatically become small voice; and then click the MIC_PRIORITY button, to cancel the microphone priority.

Zindikirani: During music play, using a microphone karaoke accompaniment, master volume reduced to half of the music,3 seconds without a sound. System will automatically back to the original music volume.

For any query or concerns related to the after sales service, you may please contact us on the number or email mentioned below Tel: 0484 – 2922600/2620012 1800 120 555 999 E-mail : service@ibellsworld.com
Web www.ibellsworld.com

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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