odwala kunyumbaHomedics SS-2000G-AMZ SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine



  • ZOLEMBERA: Silver
  • Mtundu: Achinyamata
  • SOURCE YA MPHAMVU: Batesi Yogwiritsidwa Ntchito
  • MUSIC TRACKS: Phokoso Loyera
  • Kulemera kwake:Mapera a 5
  • ZOKHUDZA KWAMBIRI:5 x 6 x 2 mainchesi; 8 Oyang'anira
  • ZOCHITIKA: Mabatire 4 AA amafunika.


The Homedics White Noise Sound Machine comes with 6 calming sounds that were digitally produced and mimicked the sounds of nature: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. This portable acoustic device is small, lightweight, and conveniently transportable in a bag, purse, or suitcase. These rhythmic sounds are the ideal baby sound machine and a must-have for any baby registry. They can help your baby fall asleep more easily and remain asleep longer. Choose between the continuous playback of soothing sounds on this ambient sound machine or the auto-off timer, which has three choices: Easily change the volume with the simple volume control buttons for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.


Thank you for purchasing SoundSpa®, the HoMedics acoustic relaxation machine.
Izi, monga mzere wonse wazogulitsa wa HoMedics, zimamangidwa mwaluso kwambiri kuti zikupatseni zaka zodalirika. Tikukhulupirira kuti mupeza kuti ndi chinthu chabwino kwambiri pamtundu wake.
SoundSpa helps create your perfect sleep environment. You can fall asleep to any of its six calming sounds. SoundSpa can also mask distractions to improve your concentration while you read, work or study.


  • 6 nature sounds: Thunder, Ocean, Brook, Summer Night, Rain, and White Noise
  • Chojambulira chokha chimakupatsani mwayi wosankha momwe mumamvera nthawi yayitali - 15, 30, 60 mphindi kapena mosalekeza
  • Kuwongolera voliyumu kumasintha kamvekedwe ka mawu
  • Yaying'ono komanso yopepuka poyenda


  1. Unpack the product and check to make sure the adapter is included (Fig. 1).
  2. This unit is powered by an AC adapter, (included) or 4 “AA” batteries, which are not included.
  3. Attach the AC adapter jack to the base of the unit and insert the cord into a 120-volt household outlet.
  4. To install batteries, remove compartment cover. Insert 4 “AA” batteries into the compartment on the bottom according to the polarity direction indicated. Replace cover and snap into place.


  • Osasakaniza mabatire akale ndi atsopano.
  • Gwiritsani kokha kukula ndi mtundu wa mabatire otchulidwa.
  • Osataya mabatire pamoto. Mabatire amatha kuphulika kapena kutayikira.
  • Mukayika mabatire, yang'anirani +/- polarities yoyenera. Kukhazikitsa kosayenera kwa batri kumatha kuwononga mayunitsi.
  • Osasakaniza mabatire amchere, muyezo (carbon-zinc), kapena rechargeable (Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, etc.).
  • Sambani ma batri olumikizirana ndi mabatire komanso makinawo musanayike batri.
  • Remove depleted batteries promptly
  • Ngati chipangizocho sichingagwiritsidwe ntchito kwakanthawi, chotsani mabatire kuti muchepetse kuwonongeka chifukwa cha kutayika kwa batri.
  • Bwezeraninso kapena kutaya moyenera molingana ndi malamulo amdera, chigawo, chigawo, ndi dziko.


  1. Limbikitsani chipangizocho potembenuza kachingwe ka VOLUME mozungulira.
  2. Press the button of the sound you wish to listen to (Fig. 2). The green POWER LED will indicate the unit is on (Fig. 3).
  3. Kuti musinthe voliyumu, tembenuzani chingwe cha VOLUME (mkuyu 3) mulingo womwe mukufuna.
  4. When finished listening to the sounds, you may turn them off by turning the VOLUME knob to the off position (Fig. 3).

ZINDIKIRANI: Chipangizocho chikayatsidwa, nthawi zonse chimakhala chokhazikika pamawu omaliza omwe agwiritsidwa ntchito.

Chenjezo: Kugwiritsa ntchito mankhwala onsewa kuyenera kuchitidwa ndi okhawo ovomerezeka a HoMedics Service.


  1. Mphamvu zikayatsidwa ndipo mukumvera mawu achilengedwe, mutha kukhazikitsa choyimira nthawi kuti chipangizocho chimazimitsidwe.
  2. Toggle through the TIMER button (Fig. 3) until the corresponding LED illuminates next to the time of your choice — 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The unit will automatically shut off after the selected time and the POWER LED (Fig. 3) will remain lit showing you it is still in timer mode. If you choose to listen to another timed sound, press the timer button to select a desired time. Or if you choose to listen to the sounds continuously, turn the unit off and then back on.

ZINDIKIRANI: Osasankha batani la TIMER ngati mukufuna kumvera mawu mosalekeza.



Mutha kusiya chipangizocho powonekera, kapena mutha kuchisunga m'bokosi lake kapena pamalo ozizira, owuma.


Pukutani fumbi ndi malondaamp cloth. NEVER use liquids or abrasive cleaners. Modifications not authorized by the manufacturer may void user’s authority to operate this device.


Chida ichi chimatsatira gawo la 15 la Malamulo a FCC. Ntchito ikugwirizana ndi izi:

  1. Chida ichi sichingayambitse mavuto, ndipo
  2.  chipangizochi chiyenera kuvomereza kusokonezedwa kulikonse komwe kulandiridwa, kuphatikiza kusokonezedwa komwe kungayambitse ntchito yosafunikira.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules and CAN ICES-3 (B)/NMB-3 (B). These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Chidachi chimapanga, chimagwiritsa ntchito ndipo chimatha kutulutsa mphamvu zamagetsi ndipo, ngati sichinaikidwe ndikugwiritsidwa ntchito mogwirizana ndi malangizo, zitha kusokoneza kuyankhulana kwawailesi. Komabe, palibe chitsimikizo kuti kusokonezedwa sikungachitike pakukhazikitsa kwina. Ngati chipangizochi chikuyambitsa vuto pakulandila wailesi kapena wailesi yakanema, zomwe zingadziwike mwa kuzimitsa zida zonse, wogwiritsa ntchito amalimbikitsidwa kuti ayesere kusokoneza mwa njira imodzi kapena zingapo izi:

  • Konzaninso kapena sinthani antenna yolandila.
  • Lonjezani kupatukana pakati pazida ndi wolandila.
  • Lumikizani zida zogulitsira pa dera losiyana ndi lomwe wolandirayo walumikizidwa.
  • Funsani wogulitsayo kapena waluso pa TV / TV kuti akuthandizeni.

Wopanga sakhala ndi vuto pakulowererapo kwa wailesi kapena TV chifukwa chosinthidwa kosavomerezeka pazida izi. Zosinthazi zitha kupangitsa kuti wosuta azigwiritsa ntchito zida zake.


Is it possible to run the machine all night, without the auto-off? I am looking for a machine that can run for hours, without having to turn on repeat

I have run mine 24 hours a day for over 7 years now!! I turn it off when I’m out of town…maybe 3 or 4 weeks a year. Nice reliable little machine.

Does this machine emit light (e.g., LEDs) during operation? If so, how bright is it?

Yes, and I find it very bright. So much so that I have to cover it with something because it illuminates the area next to my bed and around the device. (It’s the only thing I don’t like about it and I wonder why they put the light on the machine – if the machine is making noise, it’s obviously on!) I put a piece of black electrical tape over it.

Are the sounds realistic and does it make clicking noises, quick loop, etc.? will it drown out a light snorer…or marpac for $54?

the “Rain” setting has a very definite loop. The showering sound is nice, but then there are about 4 plopping sounds and you hear that repeat about every 6-7 seconds. I found it very annoying. The “white noise” setting has a fairly nice quality, but I would have had to turn it up so loud in order to drown out my husband’s snoring that the “white noise” itself would have been too loud for my comfort. It’s an ok machine, but if you are sensitive to the looping, this machine will bother you.

Can you plug it into an electrical outlet or does it have to be used w/ batteries?

We use the outlet but also have batteries in it in case the power goes out. That way it doesn’t shut off and wake the kids.

Does the ocean sound have the seagulls as well looking for one with just the ocean no birds.

The version I have has seagulls in it. They’re obnoxious and why I never use the ocean setting. I bought mine in 2011, though, so maybe it has changed since then.

Also, I don’t see a plug. does it plug in or use batteries? If so, how long is the charge? Thanks.

It comes with an adapter to plug into 120vac wall outlet. It also runs on 4-aa batteries if you want. I use the wall adapter so I don’t know how long the batteries would last.

How long is the A/C cord the product comes with?

about four feet, it reaches from the top of a tall dresser all the way to the extension cord on the floor.

can it default to white sound and come on when powered on?

No, if the power goes out, it turns on again on its default when power returns. I set mine to white noise, but the default is something else (Rain or Summer Night, don’t recall at the moment), that isn’t as sleep-conducive for me, so I have to reset it (which is as simple as pushing button for white noise) if the power goes out.

I usually set the timer on mine for one hour at night. In the morning though the power light is still on. Is this usual or should the light be off ?

It is normal for the power light to be on. The sound stops but the power stays on until the volume button is turned off.

helpful for tinnitus?

I have severe tinnitus. This or any other sound generating device is very helpful to distract from the irritating sound of tinnitus.

is there a light that does not shut off

Yes, green power light stays on. Did not find that it interfered with sleep.

Is there a head-phone/ear phone jack?

No there isn’t. Only an adapter jack for the option if plugging the machine into the wall or using batteries.

Does it run a constant sound and it on a loop?

I’m not sure that this is what you’re looking for, but it does run constantly if you just turn it on normally. There are a few different sounds. There are also timer settings so the sound will automatically shut off after a specified amount of time.

Would you describe this machine as loud? Can you add an external speaker?

The volume goes fairly loud. You cannot add external speaker.

I keep hearing a light dinging every couple of seconds on the white noise sound. Is that just me?

I have two of these machines. You are correct. This is not pure “white noise”, but some kind of cycling in the noise. I find that within a week or so, the brain will filter this noise out and you only occasionally hear it. This has been true of other “white noise” machines we have owned.



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