GAOHAILONG GP70 LED Mini Home Cinema Projector



  • Mtundu: GAOHAILONG
  • Chitsanzo: GP70
  • Kulumikizana Technology: VGA, USB, HDMI
  • Kuwonetsa: 800 × 480
  • Onetsani Kusintha Kwambiri: 1920 × 1080
  • Mtundu Wowonetsa: LCD
  • Optical Engine: Technology of single LCD+LED
  • Kukhazikika Kwathupi: 800*480, support 1080P
  • Kuwala: 1800 Lumens
  • Kusiyanitsa: 600: 1
  • Chiwerengero cha chiwerengero: 16: 9
  • Picture flip: 360 digiri flip
  • Njira yowonetsera: front/ ceiling
  • Kukula kwa Zithunzi: 18-150 inchi
  • Chitsulo: ± 15 °
  • Lamp: lamp life more than 20000 hours
  • Kulowetsa: HDMI, USB, 3 in 1AV, VGA, SD, IR, 3.5mm Audio out.
  • Kukula kwa Mtengo:3 * 23 * 15.5 masentimita
  • Kulemera kwa katundu:88 makilogalamu

Nchiyani mu bokosi?


  1. Box pack Projector
  2. Chipewa cha lens
  3. akutali Control
  4. Chingwe cha 3-in-1 AV
  5. Chingwe cha HDMI
  6. Wogwiritsa Ntchito


The GAOHAILONG GP70 Mini Home Cinema Projector has a lamp life of up to 20000 hours, so if you use it for 8 hours every day, you may go up to 6 years without changing the lamp. This feature is absent from standard projectors. The HD display quality of the GAOHAILONG GP70 projector enhances your home theatre because it also has a built-in speaker. This portable multimedia projector comes with a comprehensive user interface and a variety of connectors, including 2x HDMI ports, VGA/PC-RGB, AV/Video, USB, SD card-ready, TV Tuner (ATV or DTV) Chowonekera mawonekedwe: 3.5mm stereo / audio out. Your image can also be manually adjusted to focus.

Zamalonda Zathaview

Multi-interface contains

Chiyanjano cholowera: 2x HDMI ports, VGA/PC-RGB, AV/Video, USB, SD card-ready, TV Tuner (ATV or DTV)

Chowonekera mawonekedwe: 3.5mm stereo/audio out


Top view



  • Chiyankhulo: This projector has broad interface 2 HDMI, USB, Headphone 3.0, AV ports through this feature you can connect various kinds of smart devices.
  • Home Theatre: The high definition home theatre, private theatre, huge screen private theatre, business presentations, small meetings, multimedia teaching, KTV video entertainment, nightclubs, party entertainment, etc. are all appropriate uses for this projector.
  • Native Resolution and Lumens: Its 800*480 native resolution and 1800 Lumens brightness offer great display quality.
  • Chiyanjano Chosiyana: With 16:9 aspect ratios, lower power consumption and a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours for LEDs.GAOHAILONG-‎GP70-LED-Mini-Home-Cinema-Projector-FIG-4
  • Large display: This projector has wide display up to 130” that’s perfect for home cinema or for gaming purpose.



What characteristics ought an HD projector to have?

Before buying a projector, consider the following ten factors: In terms of brightness and light output, contrast ratio, pixel density, color reproduction, inputs, and portability, lamps, LEDs, and lasers are pricey.

How long does the LED projector GAOHAILONG GP70 last?

Despite the fact that projectors are built to last a long time, the type of bulb will largely determine longevity. The lamp life of the GAOHAILONG GP70 projector is 20,000 hours, compared to the 3,000 hours of halide bulbs.

Before usage, should GAOHAILONG GP70 LED projectors warm up?

When they are turned on or off, LEDs don’t need to warm up or cool down. This will reduce the time it takes for the GAOHAILONG GP70 projector to start up.

What resolution for a projector is advised?

The most common aspect ratio for video (such cable/satellite feeds, streaming content, etc.) in home theatre projector settings is 16:9. Home users should consider the resolutions 1080p and 4k UHD in light of this.

Tell us about HD resolution.

Full HD refers to a monitor having 1920 pixels across the top and 1080 pixels down the bottom, often known as 1920×1080 or 1920x1080p.

How does projector distance impact picture quality?

A projector “throws” light onto the screen to display images. The distance between the projector and the screen affects the size and clarity of the image. The image will appear small on the screen if you approach it too closely. When taken too far, an image may overflow the screen or suffer from poor color and resolution.

How much electricity does a projector use?

Zofunikira zamagetsi zamagetsi zimadziwika kuti ndizosintha kwambiri; nthawi zambiri amachokera ku 50W kwa ma projekiti ang'onoang'ono mpaka 150-800 Watts kwa zazikulu zowoneka bwino.

What HD can the human eye see?

According to scientist and photographer Dr. Roger Clark, the human eye has a resolution of 576 megapixels.

Do LED lights need batteries?

Although LED strip lights can run on batteries, you should probably wire them instead. The most important consideration is matching the voltage of the strip since too many volts will damage the strip. If there are too few, it won’t work. The operating time of a 3-meter strip powered by 8 AA batteries is roughly 20 hours.

Is a projector’s lumen requirement of 200 adequate?

If you need ambient lighting while using the projector, a model with greater lumens will produce better results. A projector with a projected brightness of between 1500 and 2000 lumens is ideal for watching movies on a 100- to 120-inch screen when ambient lighting is not present.

What is the Hz of the ‎GAOHAILONG ‎GP70 projector?

The ‎GAOHAILONG ‎GP70 refresh at a rate of 60Hz rather than the 30Hz of earlier models.

Which LED color consumes the least power?

As one might expect, darker colors require less energy to illuminate, with black needing the least and white needing the most.

Can the projector’s aspect ratio be changed to 4:3? Since I intend to use it as a golf simulator, I prefer a squarer screen versus a widescreen one.

By simply pushing the “aspect ratio” button on the remote control, you may switch the aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9.

Certainly supports rear projection.

It does have a back projection.

What is the shortest projection distance of the projector?

Pafupifupi mamita 1.9

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