FrSky TWIN X Lite, X Lite S



The TWIN X Lite / X Lite S is a powerful radio system that features dual 2.4G frequencies simultaneously on the same receiver in TW mode. The TW active-active protocol is different from the general active-standby redundan-cy solutions, with this protocol, dual 2.4G frequency bands are active on the TWIN series RF module and receiver at the same time. It has two 2.4G internal RF antennas mounted to provide multi-directional and wider coverage for transmitting signals compared to a single antenna design. Taking advantage of these features, the TWIN system can provide less latency and higher reliability at a faster data rate with confidence.
In addition to the TW mode, TWIN X Lite / X Lite S also supports ACCST D16, ACCESS, and ELRS 2.4G (Compatible) modes, this means users can benefit from a wide range of compatible receiver options to choose from and bind to when building the RC model.

The TWIN X Lite / X Lite S size and shape have been designed to make the radio compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. It adopts a 3.5-inch color touch slide screen, the sliding function saves space and ensures the comfort of using other functional trims, buttons, etc. By sliding out the screen, the hidden foldable tab will be exposed and can be used to attach the strap or other potentially more flexible uses.
In addition, TWIN X Lite S provides a high-brightness matte touch screen, which greatly enhances the visibility of users in strong outdoor sunlight.
The power button and 4 standard trims (for adjusting gimbal sticks) are positioned under the screen. The TWIN X Lite / X Lite S includes an additional 2 trims and 4 customizable buttons placed in a convenient location on the radio panel for real-time and frequent operation. For example, when flying an RC glider, you can use the extra trims to adjust the angle of the flaps/surface to adapt to the real-time air environment. The momentary buttons, sliders, and switches on the top are easier to reach. In addition, the momentary buttons have been redesigned and improved to withstand larger pressure, and the button cap areas are now more comfortable to press.

With the integrated 6-axis sensor unit, users can use the TWIN X Lite S as a motion-sensing controller to control the inputs of a model during flight or use it to point a camera in the desired direction.

In order to save the user the trouble of deciding the storage capacity, TWIN X Lite / X Lite S comes with a built-in 128MB / 512MB flash storage that offers plenty of file storage to meet all of your radio’s storage needs. And TWIN X Lite / X Lite S included a 2100mAh Li battery, its battery bay is easy to access for replacing the battery and also offers a Type-C port for recharging the battery.

paviewFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 1FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 2

  1. USB port is for upgrading, reading / writing Micro SD cards and internal memory of radio contents and charging. (Micro SD card is not provided with shipment.)
  2. Smart Port ndiyowonjezera firmware pazida zonse za FrSky S. Port.


  • Mzere: 197 * 131 * 68mm (L * W * H)
  • kulemera kwake: 392g (Battery Excl.) / 459g (Battery Incl.)
  • Opareting'i sisitimu: ETHOS
  • Internal RF Module: TW-ISRM
  • Chiwerengero cha Njira: Njira za 24
  • Opaleshoni Voltage manambala: 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-batri)
  • Zomwe Zikugwira Ntchito: 330mA@7.4V (typ.)
  • Kutentha Kwambiri: -10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F)
  • Battery Bay Size: 68*44.5*13mm (L*W*H)
  • Data Transmission & Charging Interface: Mtundu wa C-USB
  • Adapter ya USB Voltage ndi Zamakono: 5V+0.2V, >2.0A
  • Built-in Flash Storage: 128MB (TWIN X Lite) / 512MB (TWIN X Lite S)
  • LCD Touch-Screen Display Resolution: 480 × 320
  • ngakhale: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS (Compatible) / TW modes


  • Ergonomic and Compact Lightweight design
  • Slide Screen Design
  • 3.5” Color Touch-Screen Displays (TWIN X Lite)
  • 3.5” High Bright Matte Touch Screen (TWIN X Lite S)
  • 6 Trims & 4 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons
  • 2 Momentary Buttons & 2 Sliders & 4 Switches on the Top
  • Lite Type External Module Bay
  • Fordable Tab for Attaching Radio Strap
  • CNC Metal Gimbals with Integrated High-Precision Hall Sensor
  • Upgraded Gimbal Stick Ends (TWIN X Lite S)
  • Built-in 6-Axis Gyroscope Sensor (TWIN X Lite S)
  • Less Latency with More Range and Higher Reliability at a Faster Data Rate
  • Built-in Dual 2.4G Band Internal RF Module
    • Supports 4 RF protocols: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS (Compatible) / TW Mode
    • TW Mode
    • Highly resilient RF module providing dual 2.4G signals working simultaneously
    • Long-range control (Tens of kilometers, range varies based on the RF Power settings.)
    • Low-latency (<4ms) supporting full telemetry
  • Built-in 128MB (TWIN X Lite) / 512MB (TWIN X Lite S) Flash Storage
  • External TF card slot for storage extension
  • Zochenjeza za Haptic Vibration ndi Zotulutsa Mawu
  • Supports Recharge System for 2S Li-ion Battery
  • High-Speed PARA Wireless Training System
  • ETHOS Opaleshoni System
  • Multiple Optional Colors

2S Li-battery balance charging via USB-C

Chizindikiro cha Green LED chikuti:

Led on: in charging / Led off: end of charge /charge fault
Kukula kwa chipinda cha batri: 68 * 44.5 * 13mm (L*W*H)

Zindikirani: 1. Limbani batire ndi adaputala ya USB (Voltage: 5V + 0.2V Panopa:>2.0A) mukamagwiritsa ntchito USB charging ntchito.
2. Kutsitsa koyambira koyambiratage, bwino momwe chiwongolero chimakhalira ndi voltagMa cell amasiyana amapitilira 50 mV pakati pa awiriwo.

Zowongolera Navigation

The left navigation control does RTN, SYS, MDL, DISP, and Page UP/Down. The right navigation control does scroll and enter. Both navigation controls nd touch screen can be used  to control the systemFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 3


With ETHOS Suite,you can update the radio bootloader, firmware, SD card, flash, and also convert image format and audio format. Find the latest infomation and download the ETHOS Suite at,-X-Lite-S-FIG 4

Zindikirani: To use the ETHOS Suite application with a FrSky radio, please always keep the radio bootloader with the latest version.

ETHOS Opaleshoni System

Pangani chitsanzo

STEPI 1: FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 5

  1. Enter into Model Select, then select the model type.
  2. Create a new model.FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 6


  1. Configure the model channel.
  2. Name the model and set the model picture.

Model Setup Procedure – Internal Module
STEP1: Enable RF ModuleFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 6

  1. Enter the RF system menu by the touch-screen or use the navigation encoder key.
  2. Choose the Internal Module.

FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 8

Then turn the state of Internal RF to On. Set the binding mode for the Internal RF module corresponding to the receiver (ACCST D16, ACCESS, TW MODE.etc).

STEP2: Channel Range SettingFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 9

  1. TWIN X Lite / X Lite S Internal RF module supports 24 channels (CH1-8 / CH1-16 / CH1-24).
  2. The channel range is configurable by pressing the channel bars, please also make sure of the channel configuration before using the module.

STEP3: Model ID SettingFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 10

The system assigns the receiver a number for the receiver (Model ID) automatically while creating a new model. ( The Model ID can be set from 00 to 63, with the default ID being 1.)

STEP4: RegistrationFrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 11

  1. For TW Mode as an example, select the Set [Register] for getting the radio into Registration status in the RF System-Internal Module tool, then press the F/S button on the receiver and power the receiver on
  2. When the “RX Connected” page pops up, press the [REGISTER] to complete the Registration procedure and then power the receiver off.
    (The system automatically assigns the receiver a UID differently in the same model when you have several receivers to bind at the same time.)

STEP5: Automatic Binding (Smart Match)FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 12

  1. Move the cursor to RX1 [BIND], press it and repower the receiver.
  2. Click the RX to complete the binding after the receiver window pops up, the system will confirm “Bind succeed”.

Bwezeretsani: Registration procedure is not required to repeat anymore after the receiver was once registered even though the receiver is deleted. Pressing the [Reset] and repower the receiver can have the bound recovered.

How to bind the receiver in the ELRS mode

CHOCHITA1: FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 13

  1. Change the binding mode to [ELRS] under the [TW Lite] module menu
  2. And press [Config] to enter the binding menu.

CHOCHITA2: FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 14

  1. Power the ELRS receiver on and off 3 times, and the LED on the receiver will do a quick flash twice that indicating the receiver is in the binding mode.
  2. Click the [Bind] and if the receiver LED keeps lit, it means the receiver is bound successfully.

Mtundu Wowunika

A pre-flight range check should be done before every flight, in case the signal loss is caused by the reflection of the signal by the nearby metal fence or concrete, and the shading of the signal by buildings or trees during the actual flight. Under normal circumstances, in Range Check mode, the RSSI at 150m is about 45-50.

  1. Place the model at least 60 cm (2 feet) above the non-metal contaminated ground (such as on a wooden bench). The receiving antenna should be in a vertical position.
  2. Ener the ETHOS system, move to the “RF System”, scroll the Encoder to select “RANGE” mode and press Encoder. In range check mode, the effective distance will be decreased to 1/30.FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 14

How to set Failsafe

There are 3 failsafe modes when the setting is enabled: No Pulse, Hold, and Custom mode.

  • No Pulses Mode: On loss of signal, the receiver produces no pulses on any channel. To use this mode, select it in the menu and wait 9 seconds for the failsafe to take effect.
  • Hold Mode: The receiver continues to output the last positions before the signal was lost. To use this mode, select it in the menu and wait 9 seconds for the failsafe to take effect.
  • Custom Mode: Pre-set to required positions on the lost signal. Move the cursor to the failsafe mode of the channel and press Encoder, then choose the Custom mode. Move the cursor to the channel you want to set failsafe On and press Encoder. Then rotate the Encoder to set your failsafe for each channel and short-press the Encoder to finish the setting. Wait 9 seconds for the failsafe to take effect.FrSky-TWIN-X-Lite,-X-Lite-S-FIG 16


  • If the failsafe is not set, the model will always work with the last working status before the signal is lost. That could cause potential damage.
  • When the failsafe is disabled on the RF module side, the failsafe set on the receiver side will be applied.
  • SBUS port does not support the failsafe setting in No Pulses mode and always outputs signal. Please set “Hold” or “Custom” mode for the SBUS port.


Chida ichi chidayesedwa ndipo chapezeka kuti chikutsatira malire a chipangizo chamagetsi cha Class B, kutengera gawo la 15 la Malamulo a FCC


Zogulitsazi zitha kugwiritsidwa ntchito momasuka m'maiko awa: Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France ndi Iceland.



Kuti muwonetsetse chitetezo cha inu nokha ndi ena, chonde onani malangizo awa.
Have regular maintenance performed. Although your TANDEM X20 HD protects the model memories with non-volatile EEPROM memory (which does not require periodic replacement) and of a battery, it still should have regular check-ups for wear and tear. We recommend sending your system to your FrSky Service Center annually during your non-flying-season for a complete check-up and service.


Kugwiritsa ntchito batire wokwanira (DC 6.5 ~ 8.4V). Batire yotsika idzafa posachedwa, ndikupangitsa kuti muchepetse kuwongolera komanso kuwonongeka. Mukayamba gawo lanu louluka, bweretsani nthawi yanu yotengera, ndipo mkati mwa gawoli tcherani kanthawi kogwiritsa ntchito. Komanso, ngati mtundu wanu wagwiritsa ntchito batiri yolandirira yapadera, onetsetsani kuti imalipira kale nthawi iliyonse.
Lekani kuwuluka kwakanthawi mabatire anu asanatuluke. Osadalira ma radio akuchenjeza ma batire ochepa, omwe amangofuna kutetezedwa, kuti akuuzeni nthawi yoyambiranso. Nthawi zonse yang'anani mabatire anu otumizira ndi olandirira musananyamuke.

Kumene Mungathe Kuuluka
Tikukulimbikitsani kuti muuluka paulendo wodziwika bwino wouluka ndege. Mutha kupeza makalabu azitsanzo ndi minda pofunsa ogulitsa omwe ali pafupi nanu.
Nthawi zonse samalani kwambiri ndi malamulo a malo owulukira, komanso kupezeka ndi malo owonera, mayendedwe amphepo, ndi zopinga zilizonse pamunda. Samalani kwambiri pakuwuluka kumadera omwe ali pafupi ndi zingwe zamagetsi, nyumba zazitali, kapena njira zoyankhulirana chifukwa pangakhale kusokoneza kwa wailesi pafupi nawo.

Kumunda wouluka

Pofuna kupewa kuwonongeka kwa zida zanu zapa wailesi, tsegulirani ndi kuzimitsa zamagetsi munthawi yoyenera:

  1. Kokani ndodo kuti musamangokhala, kapena musasokoneze injini yanu.
  2. Tsegulani mphamvu yotumizira ndikulola wotumiza wanu kuti afike pazenera lake.
  3. Tsimikizani kuti kukumbukira koyenera kwasankhidwa.
  4. Yatsani mphamvu yanu yolandirira.
  5. Yesani zowongolera zonse. Ngati servo imagwira ntchito mosazolowereka, musayese kuwuluka mpaka mutadziwe chomwe chayambitsa vutolo.
  6. Yambitsani injini yanu.
  7. Lembani cheke chathunthu.
  8. Mukatha kuwuluka, bweretsani ndodoyo kuti izikhala yopanda pake, yambitsani kusintha kulikonse kapena musasokoneze injini yanu.

Mukapanda kutsegula ndi kuzimitsa motere, mutha kuwononga ma servos kapena malo anu owongolera, kusefukira kwa injini yanu, kapena ngati muli ndi zida zamagetsi zamagetsi kapena zamagetsi, injiniyo imatha kuyatsa mwadzidzidzi ndikupangitsa kuvulala koopsa.
Onetsetsani kuti chotumizira chanu sichingathe kuzimitsa. Ngati itagundidwa, ndodoyo imatha kusunthidwa mwangozi, zomwe zimapangitsa injiniyo kuthamanga kwambiri. Komanso, kuwonongeka kwa transmitter yanu kumatha kuchitika.
Pofuna kusamalira ndege zanu ndikofunikira kuti izioneka nthawi zonse. Kuuluka kumbuyo kwa zinthu zazikulu monga nyumba, zipini zambewu, ndi zina zambiri ziyenera kupewedwa. Kuchita izi kungasokoneze kulumikizidwa kwa ma wailesi ndi mtunduwo, zomwe zimapangitsa kuti muchepetse kuwongolera.

  • Osamvetsetsa tinyanga tomwe amatumizira paulendo wapaulendo. Kuchita izi kungachepetse kuyendetsa kwa wayilesi pafupipafupi ndipo kumatha kubweza kuwongolera.
  • Monga momwe zimakhalira ndi ma radio frequency transmissions, malo olimba kwambiri opatsirana ma siginolo amachokera mbali zazitsulo za transmitter. Mwakutero, mlongoti suyenera kulozeredwa mwachindunji pachitsanzo. Ngati mtundu wanu wouluka umayambitsa izi, sungani tinyanga kuti mukonze izi.
  • Osawulukira mvula! Madzi kapena chinyezi zimatha kulowa mu cholumikizira kudzera mu mlongoti kapena pobowola ndodo ndi kuyambitsa ntchito molakwika kapena kulephera kuwongolera. Ngati mukuyenera kuwuluka nyengo yamvula pa mpikisano, onetsetsani kuti mukuphimba chowulutsira chanu ndi thumba lapulasitiki kapena chotchinga chosalowa madzi. Osawuluka ngati mphezi ikuyembekezeka.


FrSky akuwonjezerabe zowonjezera ndikusintha kwa ma wailesi athu. Kusintha (kudzera pa USB Port kapena khadi ya Micro SD) ndikosavuta komanso kwaulere. Kuti mupindule kwambiri ndi transmitter yanu yatsopano, chonde onani gawo lotsitsa la FrSky webtsamba la firmware yatsopano komanso chitsogozo chosinthira timitengo tanu. (

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