ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Kuunikira

ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-product-image

  • miyeso :D25.6″H9.8″
  • Kusonkhanitsa : Monroe
  • Mtundu Wa babu : LED PCB 54W 3000K
  • Lamp Kunenepa :32.8LBS
  • Thupi lonse :38LBS

Thank you for choosing our product(s).
Our Company is actively involved in every step of the production.
Our product(s) are designed to be utilized for every application that graces your home or business.
We pride ourselves in providing the most prompt and courtesy service to all of the valued customers. Please find the enclosed detailed instruction and read carefully for proper installation.
If you have any questions, please contact the retailer Where the purchased was made.




  • Before assembling the lighting fixture, please read all instructions carefully.
  • All frame & crystal components are fragile, please handle with care.
  • Required supply circuit : 110 – 130V/60Hz
  • Labeled wires are “L” for live wire, “N” for neutral wire, “E” for ground wire.
  • Never install fixture on damp ceiling, the room should be dry and well ventilated
  • All electrical components must be installed by a licensed electrician and in accordance with the National Electrical Code and the appropriate local electrical codes.

Unpack the Package
Please open the box carefully and check all the items are inside the box. If you have any installation, assembling and missing parts questions.
where you purchase from and any other relevant information ready, our customer service team will provide comprehensive and worry free service to our valued customers.

Frame Assembly Diagram

ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-01

Gawo 1 
Please use the parts list to ensure you are not missing any parts.

ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-02

Gawo 2
Canopy Installation Instructions

ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-03

CHOFUNIKA KUDZIWA: Test sockets with bulb before dressing the fixture.

  1. Use two screws (ZG) to fix the Ceiling Plate (ZA) on the ceiling; which are not supplied and should already be in your box.
  2. Be sure when connecting the wire use electrician approved junction caps(ZE).
  3. Stow the excess wire in the canopy(ZB).
  4. Align the canopy (ZB) with the hanging plate screw (ZE), fix the lamp on the ceiling, tighten and fix it with a M5 screw cap (ZD).

Gawo 3
Frame Assembly DiagramELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-04

Chonde werengani malangizo onse mosamala.
Before you proceed to install, make sure that the power supply is turned off and remains off until installation is complete. Please note that each part has been assigned a number. Please proceed in a numerical order.

  1. Fixed the Ceiling Cover on the Mounting Bracket , then put the screws tightened.

Crystal Dressing Diagram

ELEGANT 3503F26L2BK Monroe Crystal Black LED 26 Flush Lighting-05

Zabwino zonse !
Tsopano mwamaliza kukhazikitsa chipangizo chanu cha Elegant Lighting. Khalani kumbuyo ndikusilira kristalo iliyonse chifukwa idzakhala mawu a chipinda / nyumba yanu.

Kuyeretsa ndi Kusamalira Chandelier Frame
The finish on our chandelier frames and fixture frames is protected by a durable coating of lacquer. To clean, use a clean soft, dry cloth. Do not use any metal polishes, cleaners, abrasives or any substance which could remove the protective finish. Failure to follow these instructions automatically voids the guarantee.

Kuyeretsa ndi Kusamalira Makhiristo
Nyowetsani nsalu yofewa ya thonje m'madzi oyera ofunda ndikupukuta mofatsa, kenaka pukutani ndi nsalu yowuma yofewa ya thonje.

Kuyitanitsa Magawo a Crystal Replacement
Should you require replacement crystals or pins (the metal connectors attaching the crystals), contact the store where the product was purchased or contact us . For ease of ordering, you may use the original crystal trimming instructions provided with this product and circle the items you wish to order, indicating the quantity by writing the number needed adjacent to the circle . You will be contacted with prices prior to shipment. All orders must be pre-paid.

Chitsimikizo Chowunikira Chowala

Mapeto ndi chimango cha chandelier kapena mawonekedwe anu atsopano amaloledwa kwa chaka chimodzi (1) kuyambira tsiku lomwe mwagula. Kampani yathu, mwakufuna kwake, ikonza kapena kusintha chimango chilichonse chomwe chili ndi vuto pazida kapena kapangidwe kake panthawi ya chitsimikizo. Makhiristo onse amatsimikiziridwa ndi khalidwe lawo loyambirira pa moyo wa chandelier. Kuphwanya sikukuphimbidwa ndi chitsimikizo ichi.

To make a claim under this warranty, contact our customer service department.
A written return authorization form will be sent to you with specific instructions.

Kubweza ndi Mikhalidwe ya Chitsimikizo

Returns must be pre-authorized by contacting our customer service department .Returns will only be accepted with a written return merchandise authorization and return shipping charges pre-paid. We reserve the right to inspect all returned merchandise to fully determine the nature of any defect. This guarantee shall not apply to any product that has been changed, altered or otherwise modified, nor shall it apply to any product that has been repaired or altered by anyone other than a pre-authorized facility. We will not be responsible for any breakage or damages incurred during transit, nor for crystal parts or metal frame part that have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident or inappropriate handling. Also, we will not be held responsible for damage incurred during improper installation or wiring by others, nor for damages resulting from a failure to follow the recommended maintenance or installation procedures. This guarantee is issued in lieu of any and all other guaranteed or warrantee, whether written or implied and any and all other obligations or liabilities. Further, we neither authorize nor permit any other person or firm to assume for us, any liability in connection with the sale of our products.


Zolemba / Zothandizira

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