eden 16030EDAMZ 5 Pattern Rotary Sprinkler Head


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Spray Coverage and Distance Adjustment
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Adjust the range tabs and angle cap to change the spray coverage (from 5° up to 360°) and spraying angle to water just where you need without wasting water

Spray Pattern Adjustments

Depending on your watering needs, you can manually select from the various pattern settings:eden-16030EDAMZ-Pattern-Rotary-Sprinkler-Head-FIG- (5)

  • FLAT – The flat pattern will provide a flat wave of water.
  • FAN – The fan pattern disperses water in a wide fan shape.
  • MIST – This pattern is useful to cool down a small area.
  • LARGE – This pattern covers the maximum area.
  • MULTI – This is a combination of the Flat, Fan and Large pat

Level Adjustment Indicator

Move the angle cap to control the distanceof your watering area. The higher level will create a higher arc for greater water coverage. The lower level will reduce the watering area. Convenient indicators help you remember your settings for next timeeden-16030EDAMZ-Pattern-Rotary-Sprinkler-Head-FIG- (6)

  1. HIGHER LEVEL (1-3): Adjust the spray upwards for maximum distance.
  2. MALO (0) Adjust the spray in between a dispersed and concentrated watering area.
  3. LOWER LEVEL (3-1) Adjust the spray downwards to reduce the watering area.
40 PSI Large Mipikisano Flat zimakupiza
utali wozungulira of utsi 39 ft (12 m ) 37 ft (11.5 mamita) 29 ft (9 mamita) 27 ft (8.5 mamita)
Zolemba Area Mpaka 4860 sq Ft


4470 sq Ft


2730 sq Ft


2440 sq Ft



  • Zogwiritsa ntchito panja ndi madzi ozizira okha
  • Do not spray near electrical connections
  • When not in use, rinse the tool with water to remove most of the dirt, dry your tool, and store indoors

CHENJEZO: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65 Chenjezo.ca.gov
Zapangidwa ku Taiwan www.edengarden.com

Zolemba / Zothandizira

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