EASYmaxx Draft Excluder 

EASYmaxx Draft Excluder


Chonde dziwani!

  • The lining with filling is not washable
  • Before you clean the product, open the zip fastener to remove the filling from the outer cover.
  • Only the outer cover m


Nambala ya nkhani 01396
Zofunika Outer cover: 100% polyester Bag for filling: 100% polyester (non-woven) Filling material: PP filling & approx. 750 g of sand
Dimensions ID of instructions 10 x 90 masentimita
ntchito Z 01396 M DS V1 0922 mh


chizindikiro Tayani zolembedwazo mosasamala kuti zitha kupanganso.

Ufulu wonse ndi wotetezedwa. 

Wokonda Makasitomala

We are delighted that you have chosen our draught excluder for windows and doors. If you have any questions, contact the customer service department via our website: www.ds-group.de/kundenservice


chizindikiro 30°C delicate wash cycle
chizindikiro Osathira zotuwitsa.
chizindikiro Osayanika pouma
chizindikiro Osasita.
chizindikiro Do not treat with solvents.


  • This product is used to cover up the gap between a door and the floor or in a window frame that is not airtight, thus reducing the amount of cold air that gets into living spaces.
  • Designed for personal use only, not for commercial applications.
  • Use only for the intended purpose and only as described in the instructions for use. Any other use is deemed to be improper.
  • Sungani zinthu zoyikapo kutali ndi ana ndi nyama. Pali kuopsa kwa kupuma.
  • The product is not a toy! Do not leave children or animals unsupervised with the product.
  • Store the product only in closed rooms.

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