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  1. The seatbelt will be installed on the rear screws of the seat STDS850 Seat Belt
  2. Remove one of the rear STDS850 Seat Belt - screws
  3. Take one end of the seatbelt with the underside facing STDS850 Seat Belt - facing up
    HT SEAT BELTdrive STDS850 Seat Belt - screws1 
  4. Insert the end of the set belt between the upholstery and the cross STDS850 Seat Belt - cross brace
  5. Insert the seat screw through the seat upholstery then the seatbelt. It is important to make sure the screw goes through the seat stay that is inside the seat STDS850 Seat Belt - seatbelt
  6. Install the screw back into the cross brace and STDS850 Seat Belt - tighten
  7. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side of the seat upholstery.

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