drive RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker


Parts of walking device


  1. Mankhwala
  2. Adjustable tubing handgrip
  3. Rear reflector on handgrip
  4. Chiwombankhanga chosweka
  5. Interlock Button for handgrip
  6. Mbali yowonetsera
  7. Kupuma kumbuyo
  8. mpando
  9. thumba
  10. Chowunikira chakutsogolo
  11. Mawilo akutsogolo
  12. Brake adjust screw
  13. Reat wheel
  14. Wogwira Nzimbe

Indication / Contraindication

This walking aid is suitable for a single user with limited mobility. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The purpose of walking devices is to compensate for or at least improve restricted walking ability in users (expansion of range and/or mobility). Persons with restricted hand/arm functions require special adjustments/versions of handgrips or hand rests/ armrests. For persons with balance disorders are walking frames not recommended, this is to be checked by an experiment in an individual case. if it is necessary a companion must be present.

Sope of delivery contents

  1. Rollator Nitro
  2. thumba
  3. Mpumulo Wobwerera
  4. Wogwira Nzimbe
  5. Malangizo ogwiritsira ntchito


Position the Rollator on its wheels. Open the Rollator. Press the tubes attached to the seat downwards until they lock into position. (picture 1) The rollator is correctly unfold when the locking hook is engaged.


Removing / Attaching the Carry Bag
To attach the bag, fold the Rollator a little and push the sliding block from bag into guiding part on the Rollator, unfold the Rollator – ready.


Hight adjustment handgrips
Press and hold down the red release buttons as shown in picture 3. Simultaneously move the handgrip up or down. When the desired height is reached, let go of the red release buttons and the handgrip will automatically lock into the next possible height position.


Breaking / Parking
Pull both brake levers upwards to apply the brakes whilst the rollator ismoving (see picture 4). Always brake slowly and steady. To lock the brakes, ensure the Rollator is stationary and press both brake levers down until they lock into position (see picture 5). To release the brakes from the locked position, pull up on the brake levers.  The effect of the brakes can be affected by abrasion  of the wheels. Therefore regularly test the brakes.


Kusintha kwa mabuleki
To adjust the braking strength, adjust the brake by pressing the screw housing downwards (picture 6) and then turn left or right



Position the rollator on a flat and solid surface. Then lock the brakes (parking position).The rollator must stand and must not slip. Sit straight up and do not lean backwards (see picture 8).


Kupinda / Transport / Kusungira

To fold, pull up on the seat handle as shown in picture


The Rollator can be secured by pushing the two sides of the frame together until an audible click is heard signifying the lock is in place. (Picture 10). Pull the handles apart to unlock.


Malangizo achitetezo

  • Gwiritsani ntchito ngati chothandizira kuyenda!
  • Gwiritsani ntchito pamalo osalala komanso olimba.
  • The rollator must not be used for standing on or as a wheelchair! It must not be used for transport of persons or animals.
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • The use on escalator`s is expressly forbidden!
  • Regularly check the screws and fasteners on the rollator and retighten if necessary.
  • Use bag only for transport of objects and do not overload. Maximum load: 5 kg
  • Do not expose the product to temperatures above 40°C for a long time, as this can cause the rollator parts to overheat and burns to the user.
  • The effect of the brakes can be affected by abrasion of the wheels. Therefore test regulary the brakes.

Kuyeretsa / kukonza

Yeretsani nthawi zonse ndi dzanja ndi zotsatsaamp cloth! Do not use any aggressive detergents!


Chogulitsacho ndi choyenera kukonzanso mogwirizana ndi malingaliro a wopanga.


We issue a warranty of 24 months from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover device failure due to owner misuse or negligence, or normal wear and tear. The warranty does not extend to non-durable components, such as rubber accessories, casters, handgrips, and brakes which are subject to normal wear and need periodic replacement. Subject to technical alterations. Errors and omissions excepted.

Data luso

SIZE        XS S M L
Item No. champagne     724100300 724100000 724200000 724300000
Item No. white- 724200100 724300100
Item No. black - 724200200 -
Kutalika konse 70,5 masentimita 70,5 masentimita 70,5 masentimita 70,5 masentimita
M'lifupi mwake 52 masentimita 61 masentimita 61 masentimita 61 masentimita
Kutalika kwa dzanja 71,8 - 77 cm 79 91 masentimita 84 - 94 cm 89 - 101 cm
M'lifupi 37 masentimita 44,5 masentimita 44,5 masentimita 44,5 masentimita
Kuzama kwa mpando 20 masentimita 22 masentimita 22 masentimita 22 masentimita
Kutalika kwa mpando 45 masentimita 52 masentimita 57 masentimita 62 masentimita
M'lifupi apinda 25 masentimita 25 masentimita 25 masentimita 25 masentimita
Front wheel diameter 24,5 masentimita 24,5 masentimita 24,5 masentimita 24,5 masentimita
Kumbuyo gudumu diameter 20 masentimita 20 masentimita 20 masentimita 20 masentimita
Kunenepa * 6,77 makilogalamu 7,15 makilogalamu 7,26 makilogalamu 7,34 makilogalamu
Max. Katundu  130 makilogalamu 130 makilogalamu 130 makilogalamu 130 makilogalamu
Max. Load Bag 5 makilogalamu 5 makilogalamu 5 makilogalamu 5 makilogalamu
 Zofunika     zotayidwa zotayidwa zotayidwa zotayidwa

Service of Life

Our company assumes a service life of five years for this product as long as the product is used as intended and all maintenance and service requirements are observed. This service life may be significantlyexceeded if the product is carefully handled, repaired, maintained and used and there are no technical limits based on the further development of science and technology.The service life may also be significantly shortened through extreme and improper use, however. Determination of the service life by our company does not represent any additional guarantee.

Lembani chizindikiro 


  1. dzina mankhwala
  2. Nambala ya nkhani
  3. Nambala ya siriyo
  4. Date of manufacturing year/month
  5. chisamaliro: See operating instructions

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Zolemba / Zothandizira

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