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  • This installation guide is provided as a GENERAL installation guide; some vehicles vary and may require additional steps. We do not accept responsibility for third party labor charges or modifications. Exercise due-diligence when installing this product.
  • Sitivomereza udindo uliwonse wa kuwonongeka kwa galimoto kapena kuvulazidwa kwaumwini chifukwa cha kuyika kwa mankhwalawa.
  • Kuyika ndi kugwiritsira ntchito mosasamala kungayambitse kuwonongeka kwa zipangizo.


Functioning OEM 12 disc cd changer in trunk or hatch


Many older Cadillac, Oldsmobile owners will be pleased to know they are able to upgrade audio system to support Bluetooth audio streaming and retain use of the required CD changer. That’s right! No longer will you have to sacrifice the changer in order to add Bluetooth. A 12-disc CD changer is required and remains connected and functional.
Warning: If vehicle does not have a working CD changer, this module will not function.
A Bluetooth wireless connection means no wires, clutter or complicated setup. User simply connects module to factory 10-pin plug, pairs audio device and enjoy music, GPS apps, audio books, internet streaming services and more. (Not for hands-free calls)
See Frequently Asked question at the end of this guide for details.

unsembe: to 10-pin plug at cd changer

Warning: Installation is completed at the CD changer location. CD changer remains connected and functional. If changer malfunctions in any way, the A2D-GM2 will not function. Please verify changer operation prior to ordering.

  1. Locate factory CD changer in trunk/hatch, glovebox etc. (See Fig.1)
  2. Disconnect 10-pin plug (See Fig. 3) from CD Changer socket (See Fig. 2)DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig2
  3. Connect factory 10-pin plug (See Fig. 2) to harness 10-pin socket (white) (See Fig. 4)DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig3
  4. Connect harness 10-pin plug (black) (See Fig. 3) to CD changer 10-pin socket (See Fig. 5)DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig4
  5. Connect/Tap installation harness red wire to 12V ACC (Accessory)supply in vehicle. Accessory supply available when ignition key is in ACC position or beyond. Avoid connecting red wire to battery supply (always on).
    Noteworthy: If streaming is interrupted when headlights, wipers, defroster, A/C; the 12V circuit used to power module is drown down by these accessories. To resolve find an alternate 12V ACC circuit to power module. Also, on rare instances if smart device volume is set too high, it will “clip” and module will un-pair/pair intermittently. To resolve, lower volume on audio device.
  6. Tuck and secure any extra wires away from moving parts and proceed to “Pairing”


Pairing process varies among devices but the process is the same. These steps are done upon initial install and will not have to be repeated. Bluetooth range is approximately 30 ft. (ensure smart device is within range).

  1. Turn Ignition and radio “ON”
    Green LED will flash (pairing mode)
  2.  On A2DP device: Go to Settings, Wireless & Networks, Bluetooth Settings
  3. Select Bluetooth and turn on
  4. Dinani Scan (Sakani) pazida.
  5.  Wait for Bluetooth device name (See below) to appear and select it.
    Green LED inside module peephole will glow steady (paired)DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig5

Zida zosankha

The following options are not required for the module to work as described; however, these two options enhance user experience.
To add remote to order simply tick box on product page

Kutalikira kwina:
Wireless remote is not required for module to work, however instead of fumbling audio device; you simply press the familiar remote control buttons while also keeping your eyes on the road.

Kuwongolera kwakutali kumalola ogwiritsa ntchito kuti:

  1. Kuwongolera nyimbo opanda zingwe
  2. Tsatani mmwamba/pansi
  3. Vuto pamwamba / pansi

Kutalikirana kwakutali

DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig6


Gwiritsani ntchito ma waya opanda zingwe kuti muchite zotsatirazi pa iOS7.0 kapena apamwamba kapena Android 4.4 ndi apamwamba.

DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig7

Zamkatimu zili mkati

DISCOUNT CAR STEREO A2D-GM2 Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module-fig8


  1. Yatsani kuyatsa ndi wailesi "ON"
  2. Load at least one disc in changer magazine
  3. Press “Source” button on radio.
  4. Launch Bluetooth streaming application on audio device
  5. Use radio volume control button to set the playback level. If distorted, lower volume on audio device or if inaudible, raise volume on audio device.
    WARNING! Playlist and Track selection is *NOT* possible from radio. Use smartphone built-in controls and display to access and control audio files ndi ntchito


a. Press “Source” button on radio
(At least one disc must be loaded to changer magazine)
b. Disable Bluetooth on smart device. CD playback is enabled.(Control CD from radio buttons as customary)

To resume streaming:
Enable Bluetooth on smart device settings screen. Wait a few seconds for device to pair,
Place audio device in play mode.
Note: Streaming has priority and remains until smart device is unpaired. CD changer playback is only possible if module is no longer paired to smart device.
If correct operation is confirmed, tuck away any extra wires and enjoy!

Frequently asked questions & Troubleshooting

  1. Does the A2D-GM2 work in vehicles without CD changer?
    NO; A functioning CD changer required. CD changer remains connected and functional.
  2. If in the future I decide to remove the A2D-GM2, will I have any troubles with the wiring?
    NO; the A2D-GM2 does not interfere with the factory wiring integrity and once disconnected, the CD changer etc. will work as it did prior.
  3.  Can I use the A2D-GM2 for Bluetooth hands free calling?
    NO; the A2D-GM2 does not support Hands-Fee calls
  4. What should I do when the phone rings?
    Audio streaming is muted by the phone at which point you may answer call on handset as you would in portable mode.
  5. My vehicle model/year is listed but my vehicle does not have a CD changer. Will the A2D-GM2 work?
    NO; the A2D-GM2 requires and retains factory CD changer. Will not work without it.
  6. Why did I not receive installation instructions?
    All available installation guides are available in digital form (pdf) and not included with shipment. We encouraged you print, view and follow these detailed instruction for a successful install.


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