DAYLIFF Steam Generator Instruction Manual
DAYLIFF Steam Generator

Congratulations on selecting Dayliff Steam Generator. They are manufactured to the highest standards and if installed and operated correctly will give many years of efficient and trouble free service. Careful reading of this Installation Manual is therefore important, though should there be any queries they should be referred to the equipment supplier.



DAYLIFF ste m generators are high specification units with a number of design features that provide exceptional performance. They are fitted with multiples of 3kW elements depending on size for improved reliability ensuring steam freshness and select table manual/auto drain. A remote control panel is included that gives a digital display of temperature and timer settings with indicator lights showing various operating conditions. Remote switches are included in the controller for cabin lighting and ventilation. One controller may be used to control one or up to 3 units. A demand switch is included that is installed inside the steam room for extending steam release for 30min.
Units are supplied complete with all installation accessories including a steam head and auto drain valve. Provision for auto-descaling is provided.


Kuthamanga kwa madzi: Min 0.25Bar, Max 8Bar

Ubwino Wamadzi: Hardness less than 50ppm CaCo above which regular de scaling is 2 necessary. If hardness exceeds 100ppm a water softener and a cartridge prefilter is required to ensure efficient operation on the water inlet

lachitsanzo Size (kW) Heating Elements (kW) Phase/ Current (A) Room Volume (m3) Makulidwe (mm) Kunenepa (Kg)
DSTEAM90 9 3 × 3 1-39 / 3-13 6-10  


210 370 14
DSTEAM120 12 4 × 3 3-17 8-12
DSTEAM150 15 5 × 3 3-22 12-17 240 460 18


Chizindikiro Chochenjeza This appliance must be connected to an all pole isolator.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza Disconnect the power supply before making any electrical connections.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza Onetsetsani kuti voliyumu yolondolatage for single and three phase steam generator.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza This equipment must be installed by a qualified technician.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The steam inlet nozzle should be set at approximately 300mm from the floor and at least 200mm from wall.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The steam generator should be installed in an accessible place where both the electrical power and water supply can be isolated in an emergency

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The minimum water inlet pressure is 0.25 bar and a maximum of 8 bar, working pressure should not exceed 5 bar.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The steam pipe length from steam generator to steam room should be kept to a minimum, pipes longer than 5 meters should be insulated to prevent heat loss. Steam pipes are hot during use and must be protected against accidental contact.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza Bends and elbows should be kept at a minimum. The pipe line should be kept simple and straight to prevent condensate from gathering and causing blockage.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza There must be no valve or other blockage in the steam pipe.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The steam pipes should be metallic or of any other material which can withstand 150°C temperature, copper pipe is recommended.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza Steam generator should be installed on level ground.

Chizindikiro Chochenjeza The Steam generator should not be in close proximity to hazardous substances

Onani Chizindikiro The size of heater required to heat a particular size of steam room is dependent on type of material used for construction, the height of the steam room and the ambient temperature.


Frame and functions of the Steam Generator
Zambiri Zapangidwe

No. Part Kufotokozera
1 Valve yolowera madzi Automatically controls the water flow (maximum pressure2bar)
2 Kukhetsa Valavu Controlled by controller turn on or turn off to drain water
3 Power Entry The entry route of power wire
4 Control Cable Entry The entry route of control cable
5 Tanki Yopanda Zitsulo Wotcha
6 Kutulutsa Zinthu Reduce the loss of the boiler heat
7 Mlingo wa Madzi Probe Detect the water level
8 Chotulutsa Chotulutsa
9 Mpumulo Wotsitsimula Operates if the pressure in the boiler exceeds 10.2bar
10 Overheat Switch To protect boiler when temperature exceeds1100C
11 Main Circuit Board Malo Olamulira
12 Accesorial CircuitBoard Connect and control the heat element
13 osachiritsika Kulumikiza kwamagetsi
No. Part Kufotokozera
14 Earth Wire Plug Connection for earth wire
15 Descaling Liquid Inlet Descaling liquid inlet (1/2 inch)
16 Kutentha Element Chigawo Chamagetsi

OC-B Controller Display
Chiwonetsero cha Controller

No. Part Kufotokozera
1 Sinthani Chizindikiro Switch ON & OFF
2 Chizindikiro Chowala Push to operate lights
3 batani lantchito Dual function button push to select steam on demand mode or to drain the generator manually when not steaming
4 batani lantchito Dual function button used when steaming to set the time/temperature
5 Onjezani batani Onjezani batani
6 Chepetsani batani Chepetsani batani
7 batani lantchito Dual function button switches the fan on and off also used to confirm
8 Time         Display Window Display the resting and operating time of the steam generator
9 Temp        Display Window Display the detected temperature of steam room
10 Kuwala kwa LED Indicator LED for the lamp of steam room
 11  Water LED Indicator LED for water level .Red means water is filling, green means ideal water level is reached. If the LED is always in red (exceed 5 minutes). Check water supply and if water level valve is blocked.Otherwise the water level inlet valve may be damaged .
12 Drain LED Indicator LED for draining – shows red for manual drainingand green for automatic draining at the end of the cycle.
13 Mode LED Operation mode indicator red is for steam on demand mode and green for conventional timing.
14 Heating LED Green indicates heating is on, red indicates the required temperature
15 Kutentha kwa LED Indicator LED for over heat, red means the steam generator has been cut off due to heat element being too hot
16 Kuwala kwa LED Indicator LED for fan in operation
17 Clean LED Indicator LED shows descaling in operation.

Onani Chizindikiro In order for the generator to operate in steam on demand mode the steam on demand button must be connected.

OC-S Steam on Demand Switch

When the switch is operated the LED indicator inside the switch turns red and steam is generated for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes or if the switch is operated again, the light will go off and the steam will stop. (Notice: Long Press the “Drain/Model” button for 5 seonds, the time display will show ”Long”, then enter “OC-S” mode).

Commercial Mode Instruction (OC-B+OC-S ) 

If OC-B is under domestic model, only the OC-B controls the steam generator .OC-S will not work. When OC-B is used on commercial model, the steam generator will be under waiting status (the time window shows “Long” and on circuit board the LED will be flashing) , press OC-S to operate steam generator , every press will make the steam generator keep working for intervals of 30 minutes , the temperature control will depend on the OC-B controller’s setting.


Steam Room Design

As a guide; For lightweight materials such as plastics and laminates, 1 kW will heat up to 3 1m of air. For dense materials such as stones and ceramics which conduct heat more 3 rapidly allow for up to 2kW per m of air. Hot air rises so restricting the height to around 2 meters will ensure the user is sitting in the steam. For higher ceilings, ensure to increase the power requirement.

If greater power is required one OC-B controller may be used to control two or more steam generators, e.g. if a 30kW steam generator is needed, one OC-B controller can control two 15kW steam generator or three 10 kW steam generators .

Kukonzekera Malangizo

Kukonzekera Malangizo

Kukonzekera Malangizo

The OC-B controller has a working window of 10-240 minutes and 30-60 C. When the time is not set, the generator operates continuously until switched off.

An O-S demand switch may be included in the controller to set working times in regular intervals of 30minutes

Kuyika Zida 

The steam generator should be installed in a dry well ventilated place in close proximity to the steam room. It can be placed on the floor or hung from a wall.

Kukonzekera Malangizo

  • To hang the generator on a wall drill 3 holes 8mm in diameter as below image and use the wall plugs and screws provided.
  • Fix the top 2 screws in place first then hang the generator by the 2 keyhole shaped holes in the back plate.
  • Then with the front cover removed fix the third screw to secure the unit in place.
    Kukonzekera Malangizo

Water & Steam Connection 

  1. The water supply pipe and steam pipe should comply with local standards.
  2. Connect the water inlet valve of the generator to the 15mm mains water supply using a flexible hose with 1/2 inch fittings.
  3. Steam outlet (1/2 inch or 3/4 inch) should use the same dimension copper pipe for ease of connection
    Onani Chizindikiro According to the location it may be necessary to attach an additional length of pipe to the pressure relief valve in order to divert the steam flow to a safe direction should the valve operate.
    Kukonzekera Malangizo
  4. Connect the drain outlet to a suitable drain via a copper pipe with the appropriate fittings.
  5. Make a secure connection between steam nozzle & steam pipe.
  6. Use non corrosive hose with ½ inch unions to connect between the descaling liquid container and the inlet valve; note the descaling liquid container must be mounted at least 500 mm above the steam generator.

Installation of Controller and Temperature Probe

Steam generator controller is water proof and can be installed inside or outside the steam room according to customer preference.

  1. The control panel should be installed at a height of approximately 1200mmm for ease of use.
  2. To Install: drill a Φ40mm hole on wall. Open the front cover of steam generator. Fix the control cable (6 core) and temperature sensor cable (2 cores) to the relevant ports. Put the protruding back of controller in the hole at the bottom of  controller press close to the wall and place back the cover.
    Control panel installation: Screw one end to circuit board ports in steam generator and connect the other to the controller’s cable.
    Kukonzekera Malangizo

Temperature probe installation: The temperature probe is installed inside the steam room at approximately 1.2 to 1.5 meters high and away from the door respective. Use a Φ4mm screw to fix it in place and connect to the wire from the controller.

Installation for Power Supply and Control Cable

  1. Confirm the correct voltage of power supply and the wires.
  2. Remove the knock out for the power cable entry and use a rubber grommet to protect the cable, connect the conductors to the correct terminals. For single phase power use the copper bridge connectors.
  3. Ensure the power supply wire and control cable remains separated to prevent magnetic field of power supply wire from interfering with control cable signal.Kukonzekera Malangizo
    Kukonzekera Malangizo

Steam on Demand Function

Commercial operators may wish to take advantage of the steam on demand function which allows bathers to press the steam on demand button located inside the steam room after which the generator will operate for 30 minutes then stop until activated again. To operate the steam on demand function install the controller inside the plant room alongside the generator then fit the push button supplied in a convenient location inside the steam room and connect to the controller with the cable provided.


Steaming Control 

Once the installation has been completed and checked, turn on the power and water supply and carry out the following procedure

  1. On the control panel press the “Sinthani Chizindikiro “ key , the key has a time-lapse function, long press for 1 second, the time and temp windows will display the data.
  2. Open the water inlet valve and water will enter the boiler, the indicator LED turns red. When the water level rises to the low water sensor level the elements will switch on and the heating indicator LED will turn on. When the high water sensor is reached the water inlet indicator LED changes to green and the water inlet valve will turn off.
  3. After a few minutes of operation the generator will begin steaming, for small steam generator 2-3 minutes and about 3-5 minutes for larger generators.
  4. Press of "Sinthani Chizindikiro “, key again and the controller turns off. The display turns off and steam stops being generated there will also be no data on display.
  5. Press of "Sinthani Chizindikiro “ key once more (temp and time display again) after a few seconds the generator will begin producing steam again. Let the generator operate for a short while until the water level falls to the low water level, check that the water inlet valve opens automatically and the water inlet indicator LED turns red. Cold water then enters the boiler and the steam generator starts to produce steam once the high water level is reached. The water inlet valve will close and the LED will turn green.
  6. The timer will then count down to show the remaining time and when it reaches 0 the steam generator will stop.
  7. Once the steam generator has operated for 10 minutes or more and turns off (manually or automatically) it prepares for automatic drain down cycle. Once the 0 temperature of the water falls below 80 C, drain and flush are carried out and steaming can begin.
    Onani Chizindikiro The water will only start draining once the temperature has fallen below 80 ℃. 
  8. " batani lantchito“This button has 2 functions; if the generator is off this button can be used to drain the generator manually. If the generator is switched on it can be used to select the steam on demand operating mode.
  9. When the preset temperature for the steam room is reached 2 of the 3 elements will switch off allowing just 1 to continue heating to maintain the temperature. Elements will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature to within approximately 2.5 degrees above or below the preset requirement.
  10. Boil dry protection – If the water supply is discontinued the water level indicator LED turns red and the steam generator stops immediately.
  11. The "Chizindikiro Chowala “ button can output AC230V to power the transformer for a 12V steam
    room lamp. Drain Model Light
  12. " batani lantchito“ button has 2 functions; it can be used to power a fan if fitted and can also be used during the temperature or time setting procedure to confirm the settings (see further details below).
  13. " batani lantchito“ button has 2 functions; it is used to set the time and temperature settings and to start the descaling operation (see further details below).
  14. The display temperature can be changed from Celsius (default) to Fahrenheit by altering the settings of the JP1 pins on the circuit board.

Setting Time and Temperature

The steam generator default settings are 40 C temp and 1 hour of operation which can be adjusted as follows;

  1. To Clean set time: press “batani lantchito “ key and the time display window will flash – press “Onjezani batani "Kapena" Chepetsani batani“ to adjust the time, every press increases or reduces by 5 minutes, once the desired setting is achieved press “batani lantchito “ the window will stop flashing. Time may be adjusted from 10 to 240 minutes. Exceeding 240 minutes the display will show “NO” meaning no time limit.
  2. To set temperature press “batani lantchito “ twice. The temperature window will flash, enter the required temperature by pressing “Onjezani batani "Kapena"Chepetsani batani “ to adjust – every press will increase or reduce by 1 ℃ . Temperature is adjustable from 30℃-60℃ , press “batani lantchito “ key and the window will stop flashing.
    Chenjezo Chizindikiro The memory is lost and reverted back to the factory default settings when the power is cut off. 
  3. Auto-descaling can only operate when the steam generator is in OFF mode i.e. the boiler has finished steaming; the water has drained and flushed, the drain LED will be off. Before auto-descaling can commence, a supply of dilute citric acid liquid must be connected from a storage vessel positioned at least 500mm above the steam generator. For the dilution ratio refer to the information supplied with the citric acid.

Descaling Process

Onani Chizindikiro Do not use strong acids or high concentrations as these may attack and destroy the element or other metal parts of the boiler.

  1. To start the process press the “ batani lantchito “ key for 5 seconds, “Clean” LED light will come on and time window display last setting time (default setting is 8 hours).
  2. Onetsani "Onjezani batani "Kapena" Chepetsani batani“ for 5 seconds, to change display into hours, increase or decrease to set the required time, each button press will increase or decrease 1 hour, maximum is 24 hours, minimum is 1 hour.
  3. Once the setting is done the flashing will stop and the process will begin automatically by opening, the inlet valve for the boiler to fill with the descaling solution. The inlet valve will then close and the solution will remain inside the boiler for the preset time.

Flushing and Draining 

  1. At the end of the sequence, the drain valve will open and the boiler will drain and then flush with clean water; when the cycle is complete the drain LED will go off.
  2. Ensure there is sufficient descaling solution in the container to completely fill the boiler – when liquid level reaches set point , the LED on circuit board will light up.
    If during descaling the power supply is interrupted do not operate the steam generator until either the descaling process has been reset or the acid solution has been drained and the boiler flushed with clean water – minimum 3 flushes.


zifukwa Chifukwa Anakonza
There is no display on the control panel w h e n t h e on/off switch is pressed 1. No Power Supply
2. Transformer faulty 3.Main
Bwalo la Dera
4. Control Cable or Port falty
1.   Check power supply voltage.
2.  If Indicator LED of power supply on circuit board is not in red then check transformer.\
3. If the LED is red, remove controller, use circuit board and turn the steam generator If steam generator doesn’t work .then circuit board is faulty, change circuit board.
4.  If the circuit board is ok and the steam generator works normally, Check the control cable port and controller.
The controller is on, Indicator LED of heating is not on and there is no steam being produced 1. Water Supply valve is not turned on.
2. Water inlet valve faulty
3.Water Level Probe Faulty
4. Earth Wire of Boiler and Circuit Board Faulty.
5. Circuit Board Faulty.
6. Heat Element Faulty.
1. If indicator LED for water level is red. check water supply and turn on water inlet valve.
2. Check the connection of water level probe.
3.  Check grounding connection of circuit board and boiler.
4.  If indicator LED for water level is green check
bolodi dera.
5. Check if overheat switch is disconnected
6. Check heating elements.
S t e a m generator is turned on but there is no steam output 1. Main Circuit Board Faulty

2. Relay Circuit Board Faulty

3. Heating Elements Faulty

  1. Replace main circuit board

2. Replace relay circuit board

3. Replace heating elements

T e m p . w i n d o w display “LC” Wa t e r l e v e l p r o b e connection faulty Check connection or change water level probe.
T e m p . w i n d o w display “HC” Water level probe is short circuited 1. Check water level probe connection 2.Check controller if it is has shorted circuited
Water flows f rom steam nozzle when s t e a m generator is off Water inlet valve faulty Clean and change water inlet valve
When power is cut off water continues to flow 1. . Water Inlet Valve Faulty
2. Circuit Board Faulty
Change circuit board or water inlet valve
S t e a m generator is turned off but c o n t i n u e s working 1. Circuit Board Faulty
2. Controller   Faulty 3 . Fau l t y Re l ay s o n ac c e s s or y c i r c u i t board
4. Water Level Probe
Disconnect power supply and contact nearest Dayliff retailer
When steam generator is t u r n e d o n , water comes off the valve Last cycle of draining curtailed due to power loss Turn off the steam generator manually and press the drain button ,when the steam generator finishes draining, the drain valve will close , and then turn on the steam generator.


The single biggest problem with steam generation is the build up of scale resulting from dissolved solids within the water. Scaling can cause the elements to fail, the water level sensors not to function and premature failure of the O-rings resulting in leaksfrom around the elements. The extent of the problem will vary according to the degree of hardness in the local water supply.

It is recommended to use water softener. 

All commercial and domestic uses must ensure a regular maintenance routine for descaling the generator. The frequency of this will vary according to the degree of hardness in the local water supply and the amount of time the generator is used. Check the water for hardness and arrange the descaling routine accordingly.

Faults arising from a failure to descale the generator are not covered by warranty. 

Because heating and cooling cause expansion and contraction it is important to inspect all the water and steam inlets and outlets as well as their pipes and connectors on a regular basis to ensure there are no leaks.

Clean the filter net in the magnetic valve according to the water quality in the location.

Wiring and electrical integrity of the generator should be checked regularly at least once a year.


Udindo Wonse

  • M'malo mwa chitsimikiziro chilichonse, chikhalidwe kapena udindo uliwonse womwe waperekedwa ndi lamulo, udindo wa Davis & Shirtliff (wotchedwa Company pano) wokhudzana ndi vuto lililonse kapena kulephera kwa zida zomwe zaperekedwa ndizongopanga zabwino ndikuzisintha kapena kukonza (pakufuna kwa Kampani) zolakwika zomwe zikagwiritsidwa ntchito moyenera zimawonekera m'menemo ndipo zimangobwera chifukwa cha kamangidwe kolakwika, zida kapena kapangidwe kake mkati mwa nthawi yodziwika. Nthawiyi imayamba nthawi yomweyo zida zitaperekedwa kwa kasitomala ndipo pakutha kwake ngongole zonse zimatha. Komanso nthawi ya chitsimikizo idzawunikidwa pa tsiku lomwe kampani yadziwitsidwa za kulephera.
  • Chitsimikizochi chimagwira ntchito pazida zomwe zaperekedwa ndipo palibe chiwongolero chazowonongeka, ngakhale zikachitika, chidzasangalatsidwa. Komanso chitsimikizocho sichimaphatikizapo zolakwika zomwe zimachitika chifukwa cha kuwonongeka kwabwino, zotsatira za kusamalidwa mosasamala, kusakonza, kuyika zolakwika, kulephera kwa wogwiritsa ntchito zipangizo, Machitidwe a Mulungu kapena chifukwa china chilichonse chimene kampani sichingathe kulamulira. Komanso, kukonza kulikonse kapena kuyesa kukonza kochitidwa ndi gulu lina lililonse kumalepheretsa zitsimikiziro zonse.

Chitsimikizo Chonse

General Terms

Ngati zida zikulephera kugwira ntchito munthawi yake zomwe zidakhazikitsidwa bwino ndipo zikugwira ntchito mkati mwa malire omwe aperekedwa, chitsimikizo chidzaperekedwa motere:-

  • Mpaka chaka cha 1 - Chinthucho chidzasinthidwa kapena kukonzedwa popanda malipiro.
  • Over 1year, less than 2 years – The item will be replaced or repaired at a cost to the customer of 50% of the Davis & Shirtliff market price.

The warranty on equipment supplied or installed by others is conditional upon the defective unit being promptly returned free to a Davis & Shirtliff office and collected thereafter when repaired. No element of site repair is included in the warranty and any site attendance costs will be payable in full at standard charge out rates. Also proof of purchase including the purchase invoice must be provided for a warranty claim to be considered.

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