cellularline MAGSF2IN1WIRK Mag Duo Wireless Charging


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  • 2 USB-C to USB-C charging cable




Connect the cable provided to the mains battery charger and to the USB-C power port of MAGSF2IN1WIR. The blue LED will turn on for about two seconds showing that it is powered correctly.
Place the devices to be charged on MAGSF2IN1WIR, and keep track of the battery charge level on the devices’ displays.


  • Kulowetsa: Kufotokozera: DC 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
  • Zotsatira za 1: 15W
  • Zotsatira za 2: 5W
  • Total Output (1+2): 15W
  • Pafupipafupi gulu: 110-205 KHz
  • kulemera kwake: 225g


  • Use the battery charger only as instructed in the packaging.
  • Must be powered using a suitable battery charger.
  • Protect the product from dirt, humidity, and overheating and use only in dry environments, avoiding all contact with liquids.
  • Do not expose to the sun, high temperatures or flames.
  • If the cable is dropped, ensure it is not damaged before using it again.
  • Khalani kutali ndi ana.

Chidziwitso cha EU chotsatira

Cellularline SpA yalengeza kuti charger yopanda zingwe iyi ikutsatira Directive 2014/53/EU.
Mawu onse a EU Declaration of conformity akupezeka pa adilesi iyi ya intaneti: www.cellularline.com/_/declaration-of-conformity.
Cellularline SpA imalengezanso kuti charger yopanda zingwe iyi ikugwirizana ndi Directive 2011/65/EU yosinthidwa kuchokera ku 2015/863/EU.


(Applicable in countries in the European Union and those with separate waste collection systems).

This mark on the product or documentation indicates that this product must not be disposed of with other household waste at the end of its life. To avoid any damage to health or the environment due to improper disposal of waste, the user must separate this product from other types of waste and recycle it in a responsible manner to promote the sustainable re-use of the material resources. Domestic users should contact the dealer where they purchased the product or the local government office for all information regarding separate waste collection and recycling for this type of product. Corporate users should contact the supplier and verify the terms and conditions in the purchase contract. This product must not be disposed of along with other commercial waste. For more information, visit the webmalo http://www.cellularline.com

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