ELEKRAFT, is an American manufacturer of amateur radio (“ham”) equipment and kits, based in Watsonville, California. It was founded in 1998 by Wayne Burdick and Eric Swartz. The company’s first product was the K2 transceiver; first prototype in October 1997. Their official webtsamba ili ELECRAFT.com.

A directory of user manuals and instructions for ELECRAFT products can be found below. ELECRAFT products are patented and trademarked under the brand Elecraft.

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Elecraft K2 Aux I/O Transceiver Kit User Guide

The K2 Aux I/O Transceiver Kit user manual provides detailed instructions for the installation and operation of the ELECRAFT K2 Aux I/O Transceiver Kit. This kit, which includes the K2 Aux I/O, is a versatile and customizable option for amateur radio enthusiasts looking for high-performance equipment. Download the user manual in PDF format for comprehensive guidance.

ELECRAFT KXIBC2 Internal Battery Charger Module Manual

Learn how to install and use the ELECRAFT KXIBC2 Internal Battery Charger Module with this comprehensive user manual. Perfect for those looking to charge their KXBT2 Li-ion internal battery pack, it's a C/10-rate charger that's simple to operate. The manual provides clear instructions on how to install the module and configure the firmware.

ELECRAFT K-4 High-Performance Direct SampLing SDR Instruction Manual

Learn about the ELECRAFT K-4 High-Performance Direct Sampling SDR. This user manual includes specs and features for the K4, K4D, and K4HD models, covering frequency range, modes, and connectivity options. Upgradeable at any time, this SDR offers advanced technology for CW, SSB, AM, FM, and data modes.

ELECRAFT SP4 Buku la Mwini Sipika Wakunja

Learn how the ELECRAFT SP4 speaker can enhance your listening experience with its excellent sensitivity and deep bass response. This high-quality external speaker complements the K4 transceiver both aesthetically and functionally, with an A/B switch for selecting between two mono sources or two stereo sources when used with a second SP4. The custom-built, wide-range driver and passive design minimize susceptibility to RFI in the presence of a transmitted signal. Read the owner's manual to learn about setup and specifications.