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HN3-30L Shortwave Infrared Heater
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HN3-30L Shortwave Infrared Heater

Thank you for purchasing a BN Thermic product. Manufactured to a high standard, this product will, if used according to these instructions and properly maintained, give you years of trouble free performance.

BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - icon LEMBANI: CHONDE LEMBANI ZOTHANDIZA IZI PA INTANETI KUTI MUYANG'SISE GUARANTE YANU PA BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - icon


CHENJEZO! Ndi udindo wa eni ake ndi wogwiritsa ntchito kuwerenga, kumvetsetsa ndi kutsatira izi:
You must check all electrical products, before use, to ensure that they are safe. You must inspect power cables, plugs, sockets and any other connectors for wear or damage. You must ensure that the risk of electric shock is minimized by the installation of appropriate safety devices.
A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) should be incorporated in the main distribution board. If in any doubt consult a qualified electrician.
Muyeneranso kuwerenga ndikumvetsetsa malangizo otsatirawa okhudza chitetezo chamagetsi.

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 imapangitsa eni zida zamagetsi kuti aziyang'anira chitetezo cha zidazo komanso chitetezo cha ogwiritsa ntchito zida zamagetsi. Ngati mukukayikira za chitetezo chamagetsi, funsani katswiri wamagetsi woyenerera.
  • Kuyika kuyenera kuchitidwa nthawi zonse ndi katswiri wamagetsi kapena munthu wodziwa bwino malinga ndi malamulo omwe alipo panopa.
  • Ensure that the cables are always protected against short circuit and overload.
  • Yang'anani nthawi zonse zingwe zamagetsi ndi mapulagi ndi zina kuti ziwonongeke kapena zowonongeka ndikuwonetsetsa kuti palibe zotayirira.
  • Chofunika: Onetsetsani kuti voltage yolembedwa pa chipangizocho ikufanana ndi magetsi oti igwiritsidwe ntchito komanso kuti fuse yoyezedwa bwino imayikidwa.
  • OSAGWIRITSA NTCHITO zingwe zotha kapena zowonongeka, mapulagi kapena zolumikizira. Nthawi yomweyo konzani chinthu china cholakwika kapena kusinthidwa ndi wodziwa magetsi.
  • The unit should be protected by a suitably rated isolator and fuse or type C MCB. An inrush current (initial current through the lamp) can be expected at switch on. This  current can be as high as 12 times the normal operating current, lasting less than 20 milliseconds. This effect can also vary depending on temperature. In extreme cases, a type D breaker may be required.
  • This heater is IP20 rated and is suitable for indoor or under cover use only.
  • The mains lead is made from high temperature Silicone rated at 180ºC and MUST not be replaced without using the same type cable. This replacement if necessary, MUST only be carried out by a fully qualified electrician.
  • Onetsetsani kuti bulaketi yoyikapo ili ndi dothi lokwanira.
  • Do not attach this heater to an extension cord.

✓ Remove all packaging and store it away from children, check the package and heater for visible damage or tampkulakwitsa.
✓ Ensure the heater is in good order and condition both physically and electrically before use. If in any doubt, do not use the unit and contact your supplier.
✓ Only use recommended attachments and parts. To use unauthorised parts may be dangerous and will invalidate your warranty.
✓ Check that the lamp guard is in place, undamaged and firmly attached.
✓ Keep children and unauthorised persons away from the heater, as it gets very hot.
✓ Disconnect from mains and allow to cool before moving or attempting any cleaning or maintenance.BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - fig

✓ Disconnect from mains and allow to cool before moving or attempting any cleaning or maintenance.
X OSATI use in areas where hazardous vapors may be present.
X OSATI pezani chotenthetsera m'munsi mwa potengera magetsi.
X OSATI sunthani chotenthetsera chikugwira ntchito kapena ngakhale chikatentha.
X OSATI kukhudza chotenthetsera lamp, even when cold.
X OSA disassemble chowotchera pazifukwa zilizonse. Chotenthetsera ichi chiyenera kuyang'aniridwa ndi anthu oyenerera okha.
X OSA gwiritsani ntchito chotenthetsera ichi kuti mugwire ntchito yomwe sichinapangidwe.
CHENJEZO! Osakhudza lamp directly with your fingers. Use a soft clean cloth otherwise the lamp may get damaged.
CHENJEZO! Chotenthetsera ichi sichikhala ndi chipangizo chowongolera kutentha kwachipinda. Musagwiritse ntchito chotenthetserachi m'chipinda chaching'ono ngati chili ndi anthu omwe sangathe kuchoka m'chipindamo okha, pokhapokha ngati akuyang'aniridwa nthawi zonse.
CHENJEZO! Ensure you observe the safety distance (see Fig.1) and there is no possibility of inflammable materials coming into contact.BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - fig1


This heater produces a totally dry heat, no condensation, no gas, no fumes and no smell. It reaches maximum heat output within seconds of being turned on. It has a highly  polished aluminum reflector for maximum heat efficiency. It adjusts horizontally while mounted and is Ideal for industrial or domestic applications.

lachitsanzo HN3-30L (B)
mphamvu 3000W
Zolowetsa 220-240v
Makulidwe (W x H x D) 788 × 218 × 100mm
Kunenepa 4.6kg
Minimum Mounting Kutalika 2.2M
Analimbikitsa Mounting Kutalika 2.5M
Recommended Maximum Mounting Height 3.5M
Safety Distance from Heater 1.5M


BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - fig2

ZOFUNIKA KWAMBIRI! The following points should be noted: The heater should always have a minimum clearance of 400mm from a ceiling and at least 1500mm from any object (see table above).
ZOFUNIKA KWAMBIRI! Onetsetsani kuti malo okwera amatha kuthandizira kulemera kwa chotenthetsera.
ZOFUNIKA KWAMBIRI! The heater should ideally be mounted at 30º to 45º from the vertical, whether wall or ceiling mounted.
ZOFUNIKA KWAMBIRI! Bokosi loyikapo liyenera kukhala lotayirira mokwanira.
3.1.1 Remove the wall mounting bracket from the box.
3.1.2 Before drilling, ensure that there are no wires or water pipes in the area where the heater is to be placed.
3.1.3 Use the bracket as a template. Fix the metal bracket to the wall by means of the three holes and appropriate fixings (not supplied).
3.1.4 Refit the heater onto the bracket with the bolt provided.
3.1.5 Adjust the angle of heater to direct heat where required, between 30° and 45° (see Fig.1).
3.2.1 An optional pack containing 4 hooks and nuts is available from your supplier to enable the heater to be ceiling mounted on suitable chains. (Product Code:- HSK)
3.2.2 Insert these 4 hooks into the M6 threaded holes in the back corners of the heater and lock in place with the supplied nuts.
3.2.3 Heaters can be hung horizontal to the floor. If hung at an angle this should ideally be 10º to 45º making sure the lamp remains in a horizontal position to the floor.

Zolumikizira zamagetsi

4.1.1 Please make sure you have read the Safety instructions and you are a suitably qualified electrician before continuing.
4.1.2 This heater is factory fitted with high temperature silicon rubber flexible cable conforming to BS 6500 having a temperature rating of 180°C.
4.1.3 Heaters must be earthed.
4.1.4 It is advised that Type C MCBs are used due to the inrush current present when initially turning on halogen heaters.
4.1.5 Connection to a Switched Fused Spur / Isolator.
a) Connect the GREEN/YELLOW earth wire to the earth connection.
b) Connect the BROWN live wire to the live connection.
c) Connect the BLUE neutral wire to the neutral connection.
d) After wiring, check that there are no bare wires, that all wires have been correctly connected, that the cable outer insulation extends beyond the cable restraints and that the restraint is tight. BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - fig3


BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - switched


Zindikirani: Mphamvu ya infrared lamps in the heater are fragile as such it is important that they are not subjected to any unnecessary shocks or vibration and is not moved when in use. Wait till the heater has cooled down before moving / adjusting.
CHENJEZO! Onetsetsani kuti mwawerenga, kumvetsetsa ndi kugwiritsa ntchito malangizo achitetezo omwe ali mu Gawo 1 musanagwiritse ntchito chotenthetsera.
6.1 Perform Insulation and Earth continuity tests.
6.2 Switch on the heater(s) and confirm that the lamps zikugwira ntchito.
6.3 Ensure each heater aims its warmth into the target area by adjusting the heater angle(s) as required, and then tighten the bracket bolts keeping the heater(s) firmly in place.
6.4 Although the fitting can be tilted between 30º & 45º in the vertical plane, check & ensure that the fitting remains within 10º of the horizontal plane as the lamps are only  designed for horizontal operation.
6.5 The User / Customer should be made aware of all aspects of the operation and safety advice. Keep the instructions safely for future reference.
6.6 In unoccupied premises it is recommended that the heating system is switched off and isolated from the electrical supply.
Matsenga Lamps (if installed) are designed to glow red for a few minutes before dimming to a gentle pink glow.


Zindikirani: Musanaunike kapena kukonza chilichonse onetsetsani kuti chotenthetsera chazirala ndipo sichimalumikizidwa ndi mains supply.
7.1 BN Thermic infrared quartz heaters contain no moving parts and therefore very little maintenance is required other than to ensure that there is no excessive build-up of  dust/dirt on the reflectors or lamps as this can cause overheating and premature lamp failure. Depending on installation conditions, a heater should be regularly inspected, but at least once per year.


Zindikirani: Musanaunike kapena kukonza chilichonse onetsetsani kuti chotenthetsera chazirala ndipo sichimalumikizidwa ndi mains supply.
Lamp used in the fitting is robust and if knocks and shock vibrations are avoided, will last for around 5000 hours.
Lamp Installation (if required) or replacement

  1. If replacing both lamps undo the 4 screws on each end cover and the 4 screws on the centre cover. Then remove the covers (Pic. A). If only replacing 1 lamp remove the 4 screws on the relevant end plate and the 4 screws on the centre cover.BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - replacement
  2. Unscrew the 4 screws securing each guard if replacing both lamps (Pic. B), remove the guard(s) and slide out the end reflectors.BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - reflectors
  3. If replacing lamp(s) unscrew lamp leads and remove lamp(s).
  4. Chotsani mwatsopano Lamp from its box making sure you do not touch the glass part of the lamp, centre lamp to brackets with leads pointing downwards.BN thermic HN3 30L Shortwave Infrared Heaters - lamp kumam'phunzitsa
  5. Insert each end of lamp halfway under each spring clip.
  6. Push slowly each end of lamp with equal thumb pressure fully into clips (Pic. C).
    NB Any inadvertent finger marks on the glass lamp can be removed using methylated spirits on a soft cloth.
  7. Gwirizanitsani lamp leads to connector blocks. Tighten screws.
  8. Re-assemble heater by sliding the end reflectors back into position, then secure the guard in position with the 4 screws.
  9. Refit the end covers making sure no wires are trapped before tightening the screws.
  10. CHENJEZO! Failure to reassemble all the parts and use the guards will invalidate any remaining guarantee and may make the unit dangerous.


Zindikirani: Spare Lamps are available from your distributer.
Please quote the following Lamp codes when requesting spares

Heater Model HN3-30L(B) HN3-30L(B)M
Kusintha Lamp Code RL15GF RL15MF

Haier HWO60S4LMB2 60cm Wall Oven - chithunzi 11 This appliance bears the symbol of the crossed waste bin. This indicates that, at the end of its useful life, it must not be disposed of as domestic waste, but must be taken to a  collection centre for waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is the user’s responsibility to dispose of this appliance through the appropriate channels. Failure to do so may incur penalties established by laws governing waste disposal.
ZINDIKIRANI: Ndi malingaliro athu kupitiliza kukonza zinthu ndipo potero tili ndi ufulu wosintha zidziwitso, malongosoledwe ake ndi ziwalo zake mosazindikira.
CHOFUNIKA KUDZIWA: Palibe mlandu womwe umavomerezedwa chifukwa chogwiritsa ntchito molakwika mankhwalawa.
NKHANI: Your BN Thermic product is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. We will repair or replace at our discretion any part found to be defective. We  cannot assume any consequential liability. This guarantee in no way prejudices your rights under common law and is offered as an addition to consumer liability rights.
REGISTER: Activate your warranty by registering online at ndikusunga data yoyika iyi kuti mudzagwiritse ntchito mtsogolo.

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