BEAUTURAL 1-MR08US03 Nthunzi Chitsulo cha Zovala



When using this iron, basic safety precautions should always be followed. These include:

  • WERENGANI Malangizo Onse Musanagwiritse Ntchito.
  • Use the iron only for its intended purpose.
  • Pofuna kuteteza ku ngozi yamagetsi, musamizire chitsulo m'madzi kapena zakumwa zina.
  • The iron should always be turned to the minimum setting before plugging or unplugging from the outlet. Never yank the cord to disconnect from the outlet; instead grasp the plug and pull to disconnect.
  • Do not allow the cord to touch hot surfaces. Let the iron cool completely before putting away. Loop loosely around the iron when storing.
  • Always disconnect the iron from the electrical outlet when filling with water or emptying, and also when not in use.
  • Do not operate the iron if the power cord is damage or if the iron has been dropped or damaged. To avoid a risk of electric shock, do not disassemble the iron. Take it to a qualified service person for examination and repair, or contact our customer service. Incorrect reassembly can cause a risk of electric shock when the iron is used.
  • Close supervision is necessary for any appliance being used by or near children. Do not leave the iron unattended while connected to power or on an ironing board.
  • Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water or steam. Use caution when you turn a steam iron upside down or use a burst of steam as there may be hot water in the reservoir.
  • Avoid rapid movement of the iron to minimize hot water spillage.
  • The iron must not be left unattended while it is connected to power.
  • The plug must be removed from the power outlet before the water tank is filled with water.
  • The iron must be placed and used on a stable surface.
  • Mukayika chitsulo pakhoma pake, onetsetsani kuti pamwamba pake pamakhala pokhazikika.
  • The iron is not to be used if it has been dropped, if there are visible signs of damage or if leaking.


  • Kuti mupewe kuchuluka kwa dera, musagwiritse ntchito ma wat ena apamwambatage chogwiritsira ntchito m'dera lomwelo.
  • Ngati chingwe chowonjezera ndichofunikira kwambiri, chingwe chokhala ndi ampere rating equal to or greater than the maximum rating of the iron shall be used. Cords rated for less ampukali ukhoza kutenthedwa. Chisamaliro chiyenera kutengedwa kukonza chingwe chokulitsa kuti chitha kukoka kapena kupunthwa.
    Izi ndizogwiritsidwa ntchito pabanja pokha.


This appliance has a polarized plug (one pin is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized outlet in only one orientation. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.


Chenjezo: Chida ichi chili ndi maamper-resistant screw to prevent the removal of the outer cover. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not attempt to remove the outer cover. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Repairs should be done only by authorized service personnel.
Zindikirani: If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced by qualified personnel.


in this iron show our commitment to high quality. This Iron is 100% quality tested.

Getting to Know Your Iron


  1. Pamodzi
  2. Spray Noozle
  3. Chivundikiro Cholowetsa Madzi
  4. Variable Steam Knob
  5. Kuphulika kwa Steam
  6. Batani Utsi
  7. Chikwama cha Cord
  8. Kuyeza Cup
  9. Kuwala Kwa Zizindikiro
  10. Kutentha Kwambiri Kuyimba
  11. Tanki Yamadzi
  12. Bulu Lodziyeretsa
    Zogulitsa zimatha kusiyana pang'ono ndi zomwe zikuwonetsedwa.

Mmene Mungagwiritse Ntchito

Izi zimapangidwira ntchito zanyumba zokha.


This product was thoroughly tested by our QA team in our factories prior to shipping. Some residual water from the testing might remain in the unit or the water tank. This is normal and we guarantee this is a brand-new product.

  • Remove all labels, stickers, and tags attached to the body of the iron.
  • The ceramic-coated soleplate doesn’t come with a protective film, which is normal. Only stainless steel soleplates need protective film.
  • Use ordinary tap water for ironing. If the water is very hard, it is possible to mix untreated tap water with distilled or demineralized water.
  • For optimum performance, turn the iron on and let it stand for 90 seconds before beginning to iron.
  • Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered on but not in use.
  • The iron may give off some smoke and emit an odor when first used. This will cease after a short while. It is safe and will not harm the performance of the iron.

Kudzaza ndi Madzi

Tilt the iron and pour water into the water tank opening using a clean filling cup until the water reaches the MAX level as indicated on the water tank. Refill as needed.
Zindikirani: If you need to add water while ironing, unplug the iron from the power supply and follow the above steps.


Temperature and Steam Adjustment


Note: Steam ironing is only possible within theBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-4MAX temperature zone.

Kukhazikitsa Kutentha

  1. Plug in the iron. The indicator light will turn green indicating the iron is in Standby mode.
  2. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to choose the suitable temperature according to the fabric.
  3. The indicator light will turn red, indicating the soleplate is heating up.
  4. When your set temperature is reached, the indicator light will change to green.
  5. From time to time, the indicator light will switch between green and red during ironing.

Kuyanika Iron

Zindikirani: If you’re going to be dry ironing for 20 minutes or more, empty the reservoir first to avoid spontaneous bursts of steam.
To iron without steam, ALWAYS make sure the Variable Steam Knob is closed in theBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-4 Udindo.

Kusita ndi Steam 

  1. For steam ironing, make sure the water tank is filled to the Max level. Do not overfill.
  2. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to choose the suitable temperature for your fabric.
    Zindikirani: Steam ironing is only possible within theBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-5to MAX temperature zone.
  3. Once the selected temperature setting is reached, slide the Variable Steam Knob to the desired position and start ironing.
    chenjezo: Before the selected temperature is reached, make sure the Variable Steam Knob is in theBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-4 Udindo.
  4. When finished ironing, ALWAYS slide the Variable Steam Knob to the position.

Kuphulika kwa Mpweya

It is recommended to use the Burst of Steam feature for dry ironing. Please note to ONLY use the Burst of Steam button within the Temperature Control Dial (BEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-5 to MAX), otherwise the iron may leak. For best performance, press the Steam Burst button at 5-second intervals.


Tip: Use to remove stubborn creases.

  1. Fill the water tank up to the Max level. Do not overfill.
  2. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to choose the suitable temperature for your fabric.
  3. Once the selected temperature setting is reached, press the Steam Burst button to start ironing with bursts of steam.
  4. When finished ironing, stand the iron on its heel and unplug the iron.


Tip: Use for removing wrinkles from hanging clothes and drapes.

  1. Fill the water tank up to the Max level. Do not overfill.
  2. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to choose the suitable temperature for your fabric.
  3. Once the selected temperature setting is reached, press the Steam Burst button to start ironing with bursts of steam.
  4. Hang the garment to be steamed on a clothes hanger. Curtains or drapes can be steamed once they are hung.
  5. Hold the iron close to, but not touching the fabric. It is suggested to hold the iron vertically between 15 to 30mm (0.59 to 1.18 in) away from the hanging fabric.
  6. Pull the fabric tight in your free hand and press the Steam Burst button as you move the iron over the fabric.
  7. When finished ironing, stand the iron on its heel and unplug the iron.

Using Spraying Mist

Tip: For fabrics other than silk, use spraying mist to dampen tough wrinkles at any setting.

  1. Make sure the iron is filled with enough water.
  2. On first use, press the Spray buttonBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-6 kangapo.
    Zindikirani: Do not spray silk.

3-Way Auto Shutoff

The automatic shutoff feature works as follows:

  1. Once the iron reaches appropriate temperature, it will:
    • switch off after 8 minutes of inactivity when the iron is placed in a vertical position.
    • switch off after 30 seconds of inactivity when the iron is placed in a horizontal position.
    • switch off after 30 seconds of inactivity when the iron is tipped over on its side.
  2. Once shut off, the iron will beep 6 times and the power indicator light will flash.
  3. As soon as you pick up the iron, it will start heating again to the set temperature setting. Wait for the iron to reheat completely before resuming operation.
    Zindikirani: If you find that the iron stops from time to time, please try to using with larger movements, as smaller movements may activate the auto shutoff feature.

Kukhuthula Thanki Yamadzi

Zindikirani: It is recommended to empty the water tank after each use to keep steaming clean and to avoid scale deposits. This will also prolong the iron’s lifespan.

  1. Unplug the iron and let it cool.
  2. To empty the water, hold the iron over a sink with the tip pointing down. Water will empty out of the water tank opening.

Automatic Anti-Calc Function

Your iron contains an anti-calc cartridge to reduce scale deposits. This considerably prolongs the operational life of your iron. The anti-calc cartridge is an integral part of the water tank and does not need to be replaced.

Auto-Cleaning System

It is recommended to use the Self Clean function once every two weeks to double the life of your iron and secure long-lasting, powerful steam.

  1. Fill the water tank to the Max level and slide the Variable Steam KnobBEAUTURAL-1-MR08US03-Steam-Iron-for-Clothes-fig-4 to the position.
  2. Lumikizani chitsulo.
  3. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to the Max level and stand the iron on its heel rest. Allow it to heat for about 3 minutes.
  4. Unplug the iron and hold over a sink with the soleplate facing down.
  5. Press and hold the Self Clean button and gently shake the iron from side to side and front to back. Be careful, as hot water and steam will come out from the steam vents.
  6. Continue to press the Self Clean button until all water has emptied.
  7. Repeat the self clean process if the water tank still contains a lot of impurities.
  8. When finished, release the Self Clean button, stand the iron on its heel rest and plug it in. Heat for about 2 minutes to dry out any remaining water.

Kuyeretsa Kunja 

  1. Make sure the iron is unplugged and has cooled down completely.
  2. Wipe the outer surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild household detergent. Never use abrasive, heavy-duty cleansers, vinegar or scouring pads that may scratch or discolor the iron.
  3. Do not immerse the iron into water or other liquids.
  4. After cleaning, steam the iron over an old cloth to remove any residue from the steam vents.

Kusamalira Kwapadera
The Self Clean function cleans the steam holes, but will not remove residue from the flat surface of the soleplate. To clean an iron’s soleplate, preheat the iron to the Cotton-Linen ( to MAX) setting and iron over a damp, 100% thonje nsalu. Izi zimapanga nthunzi yolemera yomwe imasamutsa zotsalira kuchokera ku soleplate kupita ku nsalu.


  • Care should be taken while cleaning as steam can burn.
  • Osapanganso zipi, mapini, ma rivets achitsulo, kapena ma snap chifukwa izi zitha kukanda pa soleplate.
  • Osagwiritsa ntchito zotsukira abrasive kapena zitsulo scouring pads.

Kusunga Iron 

  1. Unplug the iron and let it cool completely.
  2. Make sure the Variable Steam Knob is in the position.
  3. Store the iron on its heel rest. Storing the iron on its soleplate may cause leaks or damage.

Maupangiri a Zotsatira Zabwino Kwambiri Zosita


Every fabric is different and should be treated accordingly. The label inside clothing or linens should contain fabric care instructions that include ironing recommendations. As a general rule, these instructions should be followed. If the fabric is a blend, use a low temperature setting. If you do not know what the content of the fabric is, use the lowest temperature first and test on an inside seam.


  1. Valani bolodi lanu ndi chivundikiro chosamva kutentha. Sambani kapena pukutani fumbi, litsiro, kapena zinyalala kuti zisapitirire ku zovala.
  2. To set the height of the ironing board, stand with your elbows bent at right angles; then drop your hands slightly so your arms are in a comfortable position. Set the height of your ironing board to this height.
  3. Check the soleplate for mineral deposits or scorched material before you begin ironing. Follow the “Soleplate Care” instructions.


  • Itanini nthawi zonse ndikuyenda motalika. Kusita mozungulira mozungulira kumatha kutambasula nsalu.
  • Ulusi wachilengedwe monga thonje ndi bafuta uyenera kusita pang'ono damp kusita msanga, kosavuta. Ngati zauma, gwiritsani ntchito nthunzi yochuluka pozisita kapena muziziike ndi madzi musanayambe kusita.
  • Any portion of a garment that has two layers of fabric such as pockets, seams, collars, and cuffs should first be ironed inside out.
  • Kukanikiza kolala, chitsulo kuchokera ku mfundo pogwiritsa ntchito zikwapu zazing'ono zachitsulo. Pambuyo pochotsa makwinya, ikani kolalayo ndi dzanja. Chitani ma cuffs aku France mofananamo, ndikumangirira pang'onopang'ono ndi dzanja mutatha kusita.

What type of water to use?

Your steam iron has been designed to function with untreated tap water. If your water is very hard (check with your local water authority), it is possible to mix untreated tap water with store-bought distilled or demineralized water in the following proportions: 50% tap water, 50% distilled or demineralized water.
However, it is necessary to operate the Self Clean function regularly in order to eliminate hard water deposits from the steam chamber. Use the Self Clean function approximately every 2 weeks. If the water is very hard, clean the iron weekly.

What type of water not to use?

Do not use rainwater or water-containing additives (starch, perfume, aromatic substances, softeners, etc.) or water obtained through condensation (e.g. dryer, refrigerators, air conditioners or rainwater). These contain organic waste as well as minerals that condense under influence of heat and cause sputtering, brown stains or the premature wearing of your iron.

Kusaka zolakwika



  • Yoyezedwa Voltage: AC 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Yoyendera Mphamvu: 1500W
  • Makulidwe: 28.5x12x14.4cm (11.2×4.7×5.7in)
  • kulemera kwake: 1.3kg (2.87lbs)
  • Mtengo wa Kutentha: 70~220ºC (158~428ºF)
  • Kuthekera Kwamadzi: 350ml (11.8oz)


Kutaya Mankhwala 

Under no circumstances should you dispose of the product in normal domestic waste. This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2012/19/EU. Dispose of the product via an approved disposal company or your municipal waste facility. Please observe currently applicable regulations. Please contact your waste disposal center if you need any further information. This product’s packaging is made from environmentally friendly material and can be disposed of at your local recycling plant.

Thandizo lamakasitomala

US: Kuti mutsimikizire kuthana ndi vuto lanu mwachangu, chonde tiyimbireni kapena titumizireni imelo kuti tikuthandizeni.
Phone: +1 909-391-3888 (Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST)

UK: Kuti mutsimikizire kuthana ndi vuto lanu mwachangu, chonde tiyimbireni kapena titumizireni imelo kuti tikuthandizeni.
Phone: +44 158 241 2681 (Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm UTC)


Does this iron have an anti-drip feature?

Inde, zimatero.

Does this iron have a self-cleaning function?

Ayi, sichoncho.

Does this iron have a steam burst feature?

Inde, zimatero.

Does this iron have a spray mist feature?

Inde, zimatero.

Is this iron cordless?

Ayi, sichoncho.

Is it safe to use steam iron without water?

Yes. Simply disconnect your steam iron, allow it to cool, and then empty the water tank to remove the water from the iron. Turn the dial to the dry/steam setting, if your iron has one, or to the “MIN” setting, if it doesn’t have a dry/steam option.

What are the benefits of steam ironing?

The easiest approach to give your garments a perfectly pressed appearance and feel at home is using a steam iron. Your clothing’ fibres become moistened by the steam from the iron, which makes pressing them simpler. In addition to this, the steam keeps the fibres in place for a longer period of time.

How long does a steam iron take to heat up?

Generally speaking, it takes two minutes for your iron to heat up. You can tell when your iron has achieved the right temperature for the cloth type you chose by looking at the “Wait” and “Ready” indicators.

When should I use steam when ironing?

The secret to ironing is steam because it helps remove wrinkles quickly. The fabric’s fibres are penetrated by steam, and they are kept in place by the iron’s heat. In other words, don’t bank on those pants being as well-pressed without steam.

Can steam iron burn clothes?

While steaming is a mild, danger-free method of removing wrinkles, ironing involves some risk. You risk getting a burn mark if you don’t read the care label on your clothing carefully enough.

Kodi chitsulo cha nthunzi chiyenera kukhala nthawi yayitali bwanji?

Most expensive steam irons ought to last 10 to 20 years. However, there’s a good probability that technology will develop significantly over the next 20 years, so you might decide to update before your iron reaches the end of its useful life.


Tsitsani Ulalo wa PDF; BEAUTURAL 1-MR08US03 Steam Iron

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