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Ogasiti Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-PRODUCT


Make sure your existing deadbolt is compatible with the August Smart Lock. Only standard deadbolts are supported. Use our compatibility assistant to double-check:
ZIDA ZOFUNIKAAugust Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-1
You will need a standard Phillips screwdriver. Alternatively, we have a network of installers who can help with installation.


The deadbolt is mounted and operates independently of the door handle.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-2August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-3

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  1. Prepare existing deadbolt.
    Affix the supplied adhesive strip over the key hole, securing it to the exterior side of your door. This should hold the keyhole in place when you remove the thumb latch on the inside of the door.
    On some doors, such as those with glossy paint, the included tape may not be strong enough. In this case, you should apply additional stronger tape to ensure that the keyhole stays in place. Use caution. Some types of tape, such as duct tape, may damage the paint on certain types of doors.
  2. Remove your existing thumb latch.
    • Position your thumb latch so that you can unscrew the existing screws on your deadbolt. Remove the screws entirely from the deadbolt and keep them to assist in the next step.
      After removing the screws, be sure to unlock your deadbolt before removing the thumb latch.
    • Your thumb latch may include an additional back plate underneath it. If so, remove the back plate. Use the back plate and the longer screws for the next step.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-8
  3. Select the correct mounting plate and adapter.
    If you know the brand of your deadbolt, please select the correct mounting plate and adapter from the Compatibility Chart on the next page, and then go to Step 4 (page 18).
    If not, go to Step 3a (page 16) to find the correct mounting plate and adapter.

Standard Deadbolt Compatibility ChartAugust Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-9

  • Baldwin and Kwikset Deadbolts installed before 1997 have unique installation requirements, please contact us at 844-AUGUST1 (284-8781) and we will walk you through installation.
  • Compatible only with non-mortise, standard Omnia deadbolts.
  • Commercial-grade Schlage B560 deadbolts require supplemental screws.
    If your Schlage screws are too short please contact us at

Select the correct mounting plate

  • Insert the existing screws in the thumb-latch to help you choose the correct mounting plate. If there was a back plate under your thumb-latch, insert the screws into this backplate instead of the thumb-latch.
  • Slide the mounting plates onto the screws one at a time until you find a mounting plate that allows the screws to fit straight through the holes.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-10
  • Position the mounting plate.
    • Remove the backing from the 4 rubber bumpers and place them on the back side of the mounting plate (the side that does not show a number).
    • Remove the screws from the thumb latch and use them to install the mounting plate over the existing deadbolt tailpiece.
    • Do not fully tighten the screws. Over-tightening can deform the mounting plate and interfere with the operation of the lock.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-11
  • Position adapter and align mounting plate.
    • Remove the tape from the key hole, and use your key to turn your deadbolt to the fully unlocked position.
    • If your lock was not in the Compatibility Chart, select the adapter that fits your tail piece. To do this, slide each adapter onto the tail piece. The correct adapter will have the small nub pointing up.
    • Place the correct adapter onto the tail piece with the small nub pointing up. Tighten the screws until they are just tight. Do not over-tighten. Over-tightening can deform the mounting plate and interfere with the operation of the lock.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-12

Attach the August Smart Lock

  1. Insert the adapter into the back of the August Smart Lock, then position the August Smart Lock with the curved notch at the top.
  2. Pull out both side wing latches. Slide the August Smart Lock over tailpiece and attach to the mounting plate.
    Make sure the back of the lock is flush with the door.
  3. To secure the August Smart Lock, clamp pansi pa mapiko a mbali zonse ziwiri ku mbale yokwera kwathunthu.
    If the latches are difficult to clamp down, then go back to Step 5C and ensure that the screws have not been over-tightened. You may need to loosen them slightly.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-13

Remove battery tab

  1. Press down on the face place and rotate it counterclockwise to open the battery compartment. (Don’t remove the factory seal until instructed to do so during the calibration process.)
  2. Holding batteries in place, remove the plastic battery isolation tab. Make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment.
  3. Align faceplate hooks with the August Smart Lock.
    The faceplate will lock into place with the logo at the bottom.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-15

Install August App

Tsitsani App kuchokera
The app will help you create an account and set up your August Smart Lock.
We suggest that you protect your phone with a passcode in case it is lost or stolen.August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock-14

If you have any questions or difficulties, visit or call 844-AUGUST1 (284-8781)
Lost your phone? Go to to disable the August app running on your phone.
©2014 August Home Inc.


What size dead bolt hole is it compatible with?

Standard deadbolts have a 2-1/8″ hole. The August lock fits in a standard deadbolt hole.

If I walk outside my door without my phone does it automatically lock me out?

No. The lock employs technology that allows it to know if your phone is inside or outside. In most situations you use your phone to lock and unlock the door via the app. Leaving your phone inside would not cause the door to lock

Do I have to actually get my iPhone out to unlock it? Can the phone be off and still unlock?

You can set to automatic mode and the device will use your phone’s location to detect when you are walking up and unlock the door. You can use the device manually by pulling out your phone and tapping the icon to unlock. If your phone is off or dead you will need to log into your account from another device to use or you will need to use your physical key.

Nchifukwa chiani inu mungachite izo?

This is easily unlocked by twisting the outer ring. If anyone can access the mechanism, then that defeats the purpose of the lock. Besides its electronic and not waterproof.

What if i am home and going in and out of the house all day? do I need to have my smartphone in my pocket? how does this situation work?

Yes; as this only works with Bluetooth from your device. If you leave your device at home you can use your regular lock key

How close to the door do you have to be to unlock the door from the inside with the app? Does it work consistently?

Ours opened inconsistently, sometimes no at all, sometimes from down the street, sometimes while we were inside the house. We turned off that feature. Found it horrible and unsafe. He have another brand Kwikset on the front door that you touch to open which we love. Tried both.

lock not found

There is not a ‘key lock’ per se but if you look at the video on the manufacturer homepage then you will see how the item works without a lock and/or smartphone.

if the “owner ” does not allow access and has it locked from their device, but I try to use my key manually will entry still be possible?

You can unlock and lock from a phone or use the key. It can’t be locked so a key won’t work. The device just replaced the knob on the inside of the door.

If someone is on the outside and I go to answer the door Do I need to take my phone with me to unlock the door?

No, you can still manually lock and unlock the door from the inside.

Does granting access require the guest to have an iPhone or Android phone? If they don’t have a smartphone then they would need a physical key.

Yes, they would need a smartphone or a key.


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