ALBRECHT GPA 27 Station Antenna


The GPA 27 is a powerful half-wave antenna made of aluminum.

Ogwiritsa malo:
The location of the GPA 27 should be carefully selected.

  1. Mount the antenna as high as possible, e.g. on an existing antenna mast. Prefabricated sliding or plug-in masts made of aluminum or fiberglass can also be used. From a certain height this should be guyed. (see manufacturer information)
  2. The distance to other antennas should be at least 3m.

Kugwirizana kwa antenna:
You should use a high-quality RF coaxial cable with an impedance of 50 ohms as the antenna cable. We recommend the robust and low-loss RG-213 cable.

  1. Find the shortest route to your radio system and ensure that the cable is laid straight. Avoid excessive kinks. (Comply with bending radii)
  2. Make sure that the PL plug is correctly connected and measure the antenna cable (before laying) for continuity. If possible, the coax cable should not run together with the TV / radio cable to the radio system.
  3. Screw the PL plug on the antenna cable to the SO-239 socket on the base of the GPA 27.

Protect the screw connection against moisture penetration. Secure the cable running down the mast with cable ties or other aids so that the entire weight of the cable does not hang on the connector of the antenna base. In very windy weather, high mechanical forces occur on flexible masts, which could lead to the connector/cable breaking.

Assembly ndi unsembe

  1. Take the individual parts out of the packaging.
  2. The individual segments are connected to one another with a thread and then secured with two mushroom head screws each.
  3. Put all six parts of the antenna radiator together (see illustration). Unintentional opening of all screw connections could also be prevented with screw locking varnish.
  4. Now attach the antenna to the mast head using the mast brackets provided.
  5. Now connect the three radials to the base part at the lower end of the antenna.
  6. Finally, secure the base / radial connection with the three lock nuts.
    The assembly mast must be earthed in accordance with VDE connection to a water pipe is prohibited!) We strongly recommend that you have the assembly carried out by a specialist company or a master company. Because only in this case is sufficient security against mechanical damage (e.g. the roof) and lightning protection guaranteed. ALBRECHT ELECTRONIC assumes no liability for damage or consequential damage that occurs in connection with the construction and operation of the antenna!
  7. Connect the antenna to your radio system using a standing wave measuring device (SWR meter).

Standing wave alignment:
The standing wave ratio does not have to be set for this antenna. The manufacturer has preset the antenna to the 11 m band.

specifications luso

  • Mtundu wafupipafupi: 26-28 MHz
  • Maximum Performance: 150W Max.
  • Kutalika kwa mlongoti: 620cm
  • SWR: ca. 1:1.5
  • Kusamalidwa: Ma XMUMX ohms




  1. Rotate the base part and the 2nd whip, and tighten the crew.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG9
  2. Rotate the 3rd whip to the 2nd whip, and tighten the crew.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG3
  3. Rotate the 4th whip to the 3rd whip, and tighten the crew.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG4
  4. Rotate the 5th whip to the 4th whip, and tighten the crew.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG5
  5. Rotate the 6th whip to the 5th whip, and tighten the crew.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG6
  6. Fix the position of the pole and hoop, through the screws across the holes to hold the pole.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG7
  7. Tighten the crews to fix the position, then screw the 3 rods as the drawing.ALBRECHT-GPA-27-Station-Antenna-FIG8
  8. Connect your cable to the antenna bottom S0239 connector.

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